I meant to chatter about apples.

memorey is fickle and mine is no different in that I forget conveniently and edit when I like ๐Ÿ˜€ but
last evening let’s say
a half rack of saucey ribs the saucy being sugary bbq, one slice of pizza 4 beers and pretty much a nap as surprise that’s too much, there was a 1/4 of a hoagie roll as made to be garlic bread I mean the bottom ate , not toasty so not much and left it conveniently to be bbite nabbed by house brown dog as white geronimo dog don’t dig not meat things
I know in there I also had to have had about 50 calories worth of altoids. and for now I cant remember anything more coloric.

the evening before was 2 beers and I may point out that’s over a far longer period but the numbers of damnation are all anyone wants to read and snap judge so, ๐Ÿ˜€ this also mean a small pizza half veronese which was herby and or gross. the herb left mom thinking it salty when it wasn’t it was just that hot smack of too much herb. this was with water and later two sausages of the standard italian hot bulk pack kingsoopers kind in sauce for spaghetti I missed. I’m sure I should count the other 3 beers before the night was done too and the standard sized lunch where in I skipped the entire meat offering so a side of broc and mashed potatoes with a butterscotch puddin. this means now we go to my only good night after I mention the two creamered cinnomon coffees at the visited home and one half hot choc and another half hazelnut coffee mix at work

saturday I made it into another lunch at work with a single hazelnut mixer it was later to absolutely no more tha 2 beers as you might remember I had plenty celebrating the downfall of scottish independance the evening prior…saturday hurt more than usual. I think I got taco bell for the way home. which would have been a tostado, another one with that lava whatever sauce and a burrito supreme. a half glas of mango tea green which wasn’t so good. I know I walked from 8 blocks south to 22 blocks south which is about 2 miles or double my usual day’s effort I think I had the spicake for lunch too…. don’t show mr d that ma’am b made a better spiced up ๐Ÿ˜‰ and i seriously lament the switch I consider at work to dinner there versus lunch as ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t seem to resolve a timing thing otherwise but it’s like giving your pal one in the neck to switch from his fine food to anothers.

I’m not absolutely sure, but I’m fairly sure this all adds up to about 1800 calories a day, the reason is that more than this is a longer nap. this also means that the pizza and ribs were not surprisingly 3 hours nap worthy, and thus had to be over 70 grams carbs which hit like bricks when they comoe… even the half slice this morning not kidding half a slice remains of what is a stuffed or doubled not double doubled crusts 12 in pie cut for six portions or 3 starving boys/men or isx gals watching their figure…a little anyways. it’s just I know that over 30 grams at a shot carbs I nap, 60 some with a lunch is 2 hours and more is just more. this is not scientific but this is precisely how I monitor whats going on. you might now note by numbers i court AA. yes I actually like beer other things wine less so as it hits harder and yes I lament a pie and ribs at 51 bucks as the ribs went to two people me and roommate pal and I’ve half a pie left I cant say I adore. it’s just like making a corned beef roast and having someone pick the last of the corned beef out and voila the vegetation just rots. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t ordinarily mind jimanos but that was NOT the pie to buy, spinach vegetarian minus the onions…should have added bacon. at the very least but they don’t put enough spinach on./in.

2.10 tax , 2/.35 delivery 10 for a full slab of ribs so more than on male could eat them, and a pie just at 20.35 is then discounted brought it all to 42.62 but the pie was in the 30 minutes to fourty zone and thus I was first delivered to straight out of the oven, so 31 was the final it’d have been less if I’d cash on hand but sometimes we dont and thus ccard tips are always claimed as they’ve paper the government sees so it 39% off ccard tips ala government hence cash is king. something about it not being earned income but a taxable thing at the yummy rate. but again as I said pay well you get good service. and all said and done, this about all I remember of my weekend to now in food. later this is useful because all my doc wants to do is drop the booze and smokes to give the meds more room physiologically to work better longer… I of course take this with a lifetime of before i drank being asked if I was drinking every time I hit the clinic for diabetes med/check so I’m like why should I quit living to take a yucky pill that for the best of science stil randoml as all diseases can deprive you of the only good cheat you carefully saved for only for the numbers to say suspiciously timed no you cant TODAY tomorrow when there’s not party or gathrering sure…tomorrow never comes as it’s only a later today.

so for about the heaviest consumption of alcohol over a week I’ve had in ages about the usual intake of food but not quite the right types timed, a bummer choice it half turns out , a fine chance at new things /places and you’ll likely note I actually don’t cook much if at all anymore lately. hence the popcorn thing I mean I’m not far away from able to do that ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve just had no space to my own forever and less time to be my own forever at the outcome that it’s just more convenitent for me to watch my diet out than in. that’s what having nonstop guests 11 of 12 months in my space has done, I wait like we all for work to be that break we all know is coming but when ๐Ÿ˜‰ only to devote more to it than it deserves for the favor, the come home to no space too hot cramped no time to production up dinner… wake up and go back to work half dead tired because parties never happen on an other night but when I’m due in the next day…random sickness work through that, random sugar illness just when If I’m ill I might as well fire myself as unreliable.. I cant tell you how many times sugar bites me this is odd because nowadays people think sugar equals booz yet calorically speaking booze is far nicer well beer is wine’s mean. spiritus are flat out cruel but guess which is more and more expensive..sprits cheap, wine often a bargain over beer and beer often thee most expensive and most swiftly sucked down.

otherwise beer’d be cheaper than wine at the lower end of offerings but again its just hey thanks for the beer.

so back to the apples thing, I suposeI’ll try to make me some blued ones. yes transparent on purpose so the reds would purple and the greens with blue would be a nice french coloured blue.

but moreso to mock jackie blue that seventies song..with snow white.

ooo oo apples blue
snow’s stepmom cookin up somethin new
just one nibbl bite
and its sleep til true prince kisses you.

yes, I’m back to feeling a tad malevalent ๐Ÿ˜€ naughty me. and now for another diet pepsi, as you can imagine my week of intake must be paid for somehow with..less naughty room ๐Ÿ˜€ but I want something! just oddly not more beer at present

the word is that I can get jello into the candy for the apples but it’s a real candy coat of sugar candy with jello then more for flavor than other things

How to Make Candy Apples Any Color!!

that’s pretty apple land and the discussings of how to do it right all make marha proud.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

21 replies on “I meant to chatter about apples.”

Wanted to stop by before I ran out of time. I’ll come back later to finish. Apples. Going to Oktoberfest. Will keep you posted on the food. I heard there will be apple fritters/struessel there. Booze is no good. Your doc is right. I might try a good German beer. I might not. Depends on my carb intake for the day. I look forward to your listening to the booze-free idea, or at least the considering moderation one. You might also feel a little less depressed. Be well.

๐Ÿ˜€ thank you now before you forget heffeweissen. I can see you enjoying that sassy spiced snap of a beer. if you can find the benediktener version or celebrating that… more power to you. in short wheat rather than rye make these HALF or heffe Whites or weissen wheat is White there elderweisse is whatever elder means and white… the thing about this heffeweissen is that bluemoon is pretty close if wimpwater of the taste profile but again there just is NOTHING like the dark roast wheat of benediktener which uses thus less spices/peels to achieve a beer note. hope you try.

I can only drink gluten free beer, which is to say, NOT beer, but something sort of related to beer, made from non-beer ingredients. So I drink wine.

let there be wine then ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m sure you might even enjoy a cider or it’s more wine sounding cousin calvados which even has the courtesy to come in a wine-like with cork bottle! bonus feature of even a wine price! ๐Ÿ˜€ okay so heffe weissen is out for you, as would any wheat beer. this by it’s very nature means that the clear beers which are all wheat beers flavored and colored to become something between zima to smirnoff black …malt beverage is your give away. are out… but what about non wheat beers? I could understand if it’s a gmo thing, but a large majority of beer has no wheat thus no gluten. would you laugh if I said that the rottenest thing I heard about gluten sensitivity lately was that those who suffer are…glutards?? you can guess the dumb 80’s pun on a word we dno’t use outside of mmusic anymore. but anyways that’s me question. what about that non-wheat beer?

oh yeah, cider. I drink cider too. Love cider. It’s more like wine coolers than beer, though. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and hops, and malt is made from these things, and even non-wheat beer (and Zima) has malt in it. Gluten-free beer is made from sorghum and tastes a lot like cider.

not sure I’m following you…….I think it’s so strange (but so helpful to me) that so many people have a problem with gluten, suddenly.

I don’t think I do.. but I was looking up how to more carefully ascertain which and how badly one is sensitive to gluten ๐Ÿ˜€ why not I had to make sure you weren’t fibbing about the rye and stuff…I thought only wheat really had the evil. that delves further into what I was readin which is just one component not gluten persay, but fodmap not exactly gluten only malabsorption of gluten containing product to more specifically isolate dietary distress ๐Ÿ˜€ just was curious. so I reads some. I started with wiki gluten then fodmap after the sensitivity and then this gem of detecting once and for all time where to really look into the issues… as in allergy versus celliac is two seperate things with the same similar symtoms yet different triggerings and such not. ๐Ÿ˜€

well then, apples ‘n’ onions is a dish almanzo wilder adored in farmer boy of the little house on the prairie series of books. I’ve alternatingly done up and lost and redid a bunch on how odd it is but the new world of commerce shows that it is a poor thing to consider things like “cider” a source of income… yes old as what gets a person to these places of apple heaven is just that cider and doughnuts or to some the hope of adult cider. yet commercially speaking there just isn’t enough juice to make that particularly viable a business so believe it or not the gift shop sells other apply delights or relating coordinating material and or the tourism of the moment. that was odd to me as I had to read 3 orchard set up books to get finally to a reasonable price for a dwarf setup which I figured wasn’t impending death from climbing accidents awaiting me. so I found that and the costs then proper outlay of investment and expected yields by averaged numbers from more than one source. and voila it was obvious that with taxes I’d make maybe a grand or two on making booze from abouts more if I made hard cider but said was far less stable and then something as simple as pie filling blew me away for it could make a place almost self sufficient…there would stil need to be toursim for 33% income and stabilization of funds but it was literally almost self sufficient versus booze pissing away resources. so pretty soon I investigated more and the diversification being largely beyond me annoed me as I don’t know by practice how to make lye from apple wood and pummice or which is a better choice apple chipping for bbq lovers or soap making which is at least a longer lasting product…not productwise iself but think about this things must be packaged and no one buys the old beat up bag. life is what you got now versus what you could have… so it was odd that this all said I came back to marketing 101 and learned that it isn’t the one thing to be sure that sells a place but literally there is something of value associated in the hook of one thing to get us moving…apple and onions is afine accompanyment to pork even chicken and yet the history of wh I learned this is only anecdotal for the dining table or tours… apple pumice soap is great for showing eviromental awareness and savvy to make the most of even waste but in this new world, soap is becoming a no bueno for human use past display/scent. but apple blossom honey and or handcream might just stoke that up… and apple booze/brew is magic for male enticement which leads straight to smoked porck chops with apples n onions country green beans and mashed. all with maybe a applejack coffee for the ma’am and a few ciders for the fella she shops the gift shop for soap to look pretty maybe both stay overnight and thus the theme hotel is where… ๐Ÿ˜€ the money is so long as one understands the 3 year life of that changing and reinventing thuroughly after that time as such is enough to get those who want the same experience in or repeated but more than this times move on. yeah, a lot to think about but that was what I read there just wasn’t money in the thing itself only the romance of the idyllic of the thing. yes this got me to the four types of apples bitter sharp bitter sweets etc and how to balance this for this or that unique product along with how m10 and m12 rootstock make what difference or why pears grow where apples do even possibly together on the same trunk stock. why it is important to make looks renewable over time yet we all know tree themselves move very poorly if one is into production from them! but now why not that apples are pommes or related to roses or how you can see the blossom supposedly in every apple core. how apple is a fancy malic acid with other sugar alcohols to make that flavor which conveniently is the same malic acid in dr peppar. how calvados is where the person wanting to make bank must aim to call their spirit of apples because applejack otherwise is out of favor really as apples are somehow low low class where someone couldn’t even afford beer low class..which because beer is overdone cider came back with college snobs trying to be different. yet classic as all this stuff is the basics of apple pie amerrican as it is ๐Ÿ˜‰ it but cinnamon and sugar and apple and rarely changes… the sugar crumble top or lattice top or full on pastry top or none at all are variants on the same theme and those crabby apples are just being small about it as that’s all it is is small apple. there is often no difference in taste. apple cider vinegar is again an obvious by product if the good stuff doesn’t sell. yes there is a cynaide glucosidal sugar in the seed of apples. yes johnny appleseed did develop the further from newengland midwest. yes, fiber will help keep one regular and thus the doctor away….but like all fruit it is but one part of the diet! apple butter isn’t in favor either and that stuf’s good! apple pectin is good for jellies and one source of it. apples sadly have a nasty side of being a risk of e coli bacteria transmission from farm/orchard to market. yes, most fruits and veggies have a dab of wax on them to allow a person to rub it shiny to be a buying it even if apples have their own wax. crab apples make a fine applesauce ๐Ÿ˜€ around 10-120 percent of apples by weight is juice within commercial yields. I suppose I could come up with more apple knowledge but nah…past apple fritter fritter is to fry the same as chow is to do that with chinese things medium apples are about 80-100 calories and larger 100-110calories or so in the most oft seen varieties and info I reed nutritionally

ah. now i get the soap link. ๐Ÿ˜€ so, starman, are you REALLY thinking of doing small orchard?? maybe i need to keep reading (thy next comment). give me a sec.

๐Ÿ˜‰ I did, I hadn’t any reason to but remember oklahoma around 2004 so I did also remember this george jones song, oceanfron property in arizona and wanted to be slyer than that so I figured the haha would be oceanfront property in oklahoma.
now imagine with me that one acre of land is a precious enough thing but take that and remember those miniscule feet aren’t anything with the power of a sissy popgun .22 the standard safe range of that is 2.5 miles in alll direcions. not many munitions can do anywhere near that but safety range mean just that, safety. I know this is MEANT to be long winded so go get you a piece of paper ๐Ÿ˜€
acre 208 ft by 208 ROUGHLY
square mile 644 acres ROUGHLY!
4 square miles almost accomadates the simple safety range requirement of munitions discharge providing there are clear lines where one cant fire outside of…AND there are high boundary hills surrounding all directionss boundaries.
now take the 4 acres and make a square in the center of that the middle of the “cross hairs” of boxes in the middle.
colour that box blue as it’s now a lake. get the dark pencil out and draw a square where you can now put an islad in the middle of this “lake””;) ocean” and make it the shape of a kidney bena. the lil la being the littler c-shaped sorta side for smaller waders and swimming and whatnot… you know a beach. put a promintory beyond this for to make sorta sure that one can do silly things like skinny dip.
now on this kidney bean islad there must be enou shllows of water for safety living, but beyond it some of the deeper waters for big kid dumb kid living like cliff diving not real high as I’m personally afraid of heights. 10-20 feet at max with deep safe water and shelves for secluded hiding seeing the world. ..
now the otherside opposite would be a morning thing and gardening and the required slop for leach field/septic. and the big side is terracing and shaded
yes I am aware of sun paths.
now oddly the deepest channel is on the long side of the terraced to water and there is a reason for a graduated hill for to allow water to fall and rise… in the artificial ocean.
now remember most areas oklahoma ks,pts of nm etc are a great big old underground salt field. so without damaging the nature but instead using it to a degree, this lake would be partially saltwater. and the deeps and the salt sorta etc mean my favorite meal eel can thrive. so cancrayfish/crawfish not likely full on shrimp. this allows a bounty of the seafood I like along with mussels.
this also allows the only entry to my ocean island to be a bridge over a big ole moat or a ferry. oklahoma freezes but not sufficiently to garuntee ice skating to the land shores. but coilage can cover this and artificially safe up a skating thing and a neat long sled hil to the ocean side.
now the islad has to have fields of photoelectric collection as there is a deeeeep earth assisted power ssystem of thp. thermal heat pump. it is likened to how a bridge needs only a volkwagon beetle motors worth to raise the bridge like the one you saw in chicago’s movie the blues brothers.1979
this means steam and a/c both
now lets skitter over to the hundred and something feet high surround the property hills obviously this land is well away from MY island and upon a lake and is both secluded and right up some folks ways to live. now as is the water isn’t quite potable directly, but is easily processed to be so so like enclave community self suffiency water/ heat and power. and a whooper view for a mile or more whic even blind me can see some of but that again a rolling hill world be prety. this means the city can almost be next door! and you cant fully see or hear it.
inside the hills you can hunt as the marsh system great for ducks a tasty dinner ๐Ÿ˜€ is miles away from any home or recreations. this means also you can…. rice, lotus/water garden..and collect russian asparagus. and also thuroughly process the negligent living even if the lake isn’t meant to be a sewer. most people are thoughtless so one must plan ahead.
gently sloping hills are fun to farm and orchard so prior to people the hills would have a selection of views / trees in stands.. maples for their fire red aspens or ilk for the solid yellow and others pretty too scrubby pines because anyone aiming incorrectly wouldn’t want to say land a stray missed shot outside tthe land and have all their privilagd living ruined. but even a simple scrub of pines is turpentine pine tar and other things worth having about for harvest.
thus all the salt wanted is about so is arrangement for citified style livig and the dumb lets get whiskey’ed up and shoot a few off the front porch.
now the island can be an orchard idylic and nifty value travel
secluded high price homes suck out the expenses of development but also make something true and sinister… tax assessors assess the property value not my deed of purchase so having secluded areas of rivate gated homes with tourism optioned away from those not wanting it but needing that to have small good shops to visit that they do not fully support is important.
peanuts blue tabacco’s or coffee’s brown, and flowers of all ilk grasses meadows, 1000 acres of managed wildlife area isn’t much but 500 acres water isn’t either but 8 years growth of stocked water producing trees meadows in bloom and thus all veggetation rested means? open season.
to walk to my shore by dawn’s frosting light.. that might be nice
to point over to a meadow knowing it’s a million bees making the bestest honey. to know the smoke rising over that way is so and so smell the pine he picked… need a bit of pitch to blend somegravel and shore up the falling area over there
to know that it’s near time to cask the batch of applejack?
as for a mile wide lake, and draining creek well this cools the surrounding areas to avoid encouraging tornados rather well ๐Ÿ˜‰ knowing the gulf many leagues away is gently being pulled underground to replenish the lake and making the salt mound grow but soon that will be turned into it’s compnents and sold off. but first the anual salt sculture fest.

or in short ma’am now I’ve never thought about an orchard or many of them ๐Ÿ˜‰ just imagine the wold howling in the aspens after his moon.

i love it when you go all ‘land architect’ on me/us! i shall turn away from any perceived sadness that thee does not think some of your dreams are well worth manifesting. how is it that we do not see that we live inside the Mind of a Creator? oxoooooooooooooooo

as to the “architechture of land,” I flubbed a notation. if I have the picture of you having about a 100 foot tall hill with trees bordering a interior with a chunk out of that interior for a lake, I need more like a 370ft tall hill to limit aim over reasonably safely. I don’t dig up that kidney island idea often. my others are and I am sorry not to have dedicated time to sketch them for you reasonably acurately, are: the sloop shaped apartment village, the because the last time I thought of it was a cindy #2 of ohio, Candadian viewing lake erie artisic retreat/studio fully listing and employing such things as a wheel char accessible but more robinson crueso style rope pully second floor bedroom overlook studio thing, and my favorite for why there is the above description in the first place, a city ploot 1/3 block miny pond 3 story home under water allowing the bare minimum enviroment for eels in freshwater. and a few tasty big fish too and maybe mussels. but that was the plac now becoming something else as they’ve dropped that old hospital largely.. don’t think i forgot just drat I’ve not got to sketching lately.

oh I suppose I should say, bobbing for apples was a funny way to mock the real life water dunking that evolved into waterboarding as no real good torture ever truely goes away…which was a die or confess technique from witchcraft indentification but the whole burn the witch bitch rhymes how surpriseing that even if it’s dog related and just as insulting in it’s own right, but such was the fun and games as people were murdered for the safety nope spectacle and business of it all… there I think I covered about as much as I can apple

Apples conjure up all kinds of images, and memories, for Eve. ๐Ÿ˜‰
I’ve never met an apple I didn’t like.
I’ve never eaten an apple recipe I didn’t like.
Now I’d like a caramel apple.
I hope you enjoy this apple-y month, J-Man! And all the other good eats and drinks you will partake of!
Applesauce HUGS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
PS…I wonder if people even bob for apples anymore ???

not sure bobbing as an event occured at one party for adults only somewhere arund 08 I think last for me and then it wasn’t for mainly apples which annoyingly have little to sink a tooth into without a hand behind to do a fruit in.
applesauce hug… aw man youre just all kinds of saggin aren’t ya ๐Ÿ˜€ think bad furniture disease joke where the chest fell into the drawers and can I connive you into apple butter hugs ? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ just remember I’ve literally never seen a picture of ya so don’t go thinking I got psychic or nothing ๐Ÿ˜€

now to consider moving the keister to the popcorn and jello before todays gone ๐Ÿ˜€ but first white castles.

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