day of done… :D

Viking rougue and his wife – the fabric store along with vlad of ukraine playing the left channel, were my dining companions as guests of the same establishment, Bayou Bob’s where in we’ve cheered the downfall of scottish independence and discussed the topics of interest over a cajun delight of probably not doctor approved fare. I left courtesy of of the couple without the need to pay my tab and $100 richer for words i meant ” do NOT let anyone make you feel lesser for who you are.” Please understand I had discussed my weird journey to faith and where I am in this life and thus mentioning the good Lord, so if if anyone thiks I needed the cash for mentioning the Lord, that should hopefully always! be NO. (and thus, please let me thank HIM for the purest blessing, in cash no less, for feeling a moment validated for who I am but the cash ain’t mine and is to the nearest “church.” Also, may I be honest to say that many believe in me, so thank them for just the moment to help me on my way in general, but a kindly note of mention deserves this recognition – My supervisor with whom I will be fair I alternately am temporarily am convinced is Satan because she bedevils me to be a better person, is getting a thank you most kindly for all her honest lessons and hope to class me up. as always, thank you to my family and home and again why not, the Lord..) **I left hoping to be shot down to meet my only rare romantic interest who is on monday tests of death deadlines and couldn’t lose a day drunkly. a side note to my lady waitress, it is not often I enter any place to a whomp on the behind… thanks. I must ask pardon that I’m a stuffed fish in finery. I’m taught to consider my mark.
another asside was my first major attempt at work to ask for a combined effort of departments to carry further a theme was a well attended event. I point out today is the dawn of modern flight thank you to the French, specifically the Montgolfier Brothers and their hot air balloon. no, the actual manned flight despite my early research is not for two more months roughly, but the possibility was put fourth this day 1783. Verseilles. I was gifted the chance to put this out as educative interests ala video and demonstrations along with a followthrough French Themed Lunch. My local Library system gets zero thanks as they had my materials in transit thus unavailable at any branch evver til after I needed them. I have a computer and lugged it to work youtubed to disk and all. and remember y first words allll day were just that … not likely to happen…I’m glad it came together without so much as a stitich.
Since those who know me well will ask,
opening gin and tonic ala bombay courtesy lime.
two? one would have sufficed, gingr ale and dewarss
one lunchbox
aligator tail fried.
peach colber ala mode Chelsea offered up such wthin a smile of melting icecream
red beans and rice by the cup
a crawfish pie – I point out I’ve not had crawfish more than one whole time in my life.. and even then such was popeyes fried chicken which kinda dont count. *as ettouffe then and mcNO, the puff pastry pie? aww yes.
not a cheap dinner typically so to get a dinner drinks and all and a tip for being myself thanks to some careful encouragement rather tends to make my life.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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