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day of.

I’m due to run my lil’ party on the inaugeration of modern flight today at work with a themed lunch YAY France1 after. I filed my request for library materials well in advance and they were of course not available after four pm yesterday and they open at ten am this morning good luck on whether they’re available bang on time or late. And, who is to say anyone will show up? Ah, nerves.

this is my first ask for the permission to try and obtain more than one angle of support for what I do which is activities. it is allll right if it turns out not to run to form. it’ll even be “ok” if people forget on purpose. I’m curious if there is any room outside stupid holidays I never did celebrate to get excited about… I have a suspicion the answer is no. I’m thus a tad non-traditional.

looking up celebratory beers ala australia as any long term visitor to said or those I think can’t hide their residency, seem to say different beers other than foster’s exist there and no one really drinks fosters there…they may while here or “abroad” but not huge at home. so, australian rules football league afl has their grand final on 27th september lat late late here saturday night in mountain time. friday that is. I thought I’d see if I could find beer. the answer is I can. I can find prickly moses, hoag or boag of tasmania and of course foster’s but largely nothing else. I was momentarily excited as victoria bitters is known as carlton’s and I’d heard mention of that and seen a victoria beer in the coolers about the beer supply…nope that locally available victoria is a crown import of mexican beer. andthus nothing is largely available in known beer that match experiences with anyone I’ve heard of in pz. and why pay the double rate plus double again to have old stale beer shipped my way?

brakfast was half a combination dinner from last night of burrito and chili relleno plus the whole can of pepsi… then two cups of coffee black. I was so hungry I wanted that before the lights went on so oops I didn’t do my fasting level. last evening was another beer so three on the day, half a combo dinner beef/bean smothered with lettuce tomato, taco about 1/2 fluids 8 oz of which was sugar lemonade for the tea. a bag of good and plenty 5 x 140 or 125g sugar, 8 more oz in wild cherry pepsi, a platter bags of chips/salsa so four oz chips corn, elsewhere I’ve my email of the beginning of the day dietary intake not exactly a hallmark day of proper dietary choices but um, I’m after the actual log lately. we’ll just see how much the sinner i really am.

we will also see if I am to expect support ever either. as I said, it DOES NOT MATTER that it may be no. I’m simply checking. might as well sort out some ….



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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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  1. It sounds like things are picking up for you. Very happy. 🙂 You are awesome!

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