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for those of you who remember the 2008 USA presidential election whereby John Mccain was the main proponent of Brarrack Obama, whom ultimately won with a message of CHANGE…ahh the memories of the lies we believe…. anyways names are names and now imagine that I want to assimilate myself into a story of togetherness and the Lady I chase ‘s main brand is… Mccain’s vegetables of southwestern coatal Australia… it’s amusing to me to McCain once more.

for those of you who do not really know much about me, I’m a failed Jehovah’s Witness that thus many times did do the internal church early education in professional public speaking… as well as, the required education of one F and One earned C in highschool’s same program and Second College Try’s A in same after a few years of Telephone customer service work. Somewhere along he way i had the confidence to speak such silly things as “if It’s Thursday night Cold Shower night, if You aren’t cussing, It isn’t cold enough! – let’s face it boys, you all stink including me so I know the water heater broke and thus it’s straight from our well cold as the rocky mountains, and while you’re old enough to enjoy a coors, I’m not allowed to serve you any and wouldn’t as then we’d all stink for diffrent reasons. so one at a time ME included, we shall all brave the mountain waters and so as to be more delightful to the ladies be clean and fresh as we are refreshed by the way it shall be. Thursday night cold shower night, if you aren’t cussin it isn’t cold enough. I ask you to remember please to limit your blasphemes against the lord’s name but if a few f bombs come out or perhaps a holy s bomb? so bei it. Who wishes to get it overwith to make serious love to their covers upon completion?”

8 men braved the cold water’s of my leadership to bathe in the shower despite the broken hot water heater.

so now, imagine me on a whim as a store demonstrator – which for my mind is the shoppes just on the north side of Perth Western Australia, Australia. there it is Coles groceries. which I know only what their shop online site offers, and that is thigs like McCain’s brand vegetables. of course this can mean bird’s eye or green giant and I could be chasing your cute behind American Ma’am. but for now and years it has been 260,000 mesages traded with this perth perfection.

okay, you took too long so here’s rotten #2 while you continue to decide. I’ve hit upon a novel way to improve your odds of meeting me, shoppe demonstration. green beans many mccains ways! frozen green beens lock in the nutrients of their freshness and by themselves are a hearty side. but lets face facts, the ten thousandth green been side is boring til I tell you they’ve a drug in them that makes a person happy. then you’d look again at them with renewed interest. but even then they’re just boring the ten thousandth and second time. now, how to cook them is required and then the cornacopia of yummy new ways to have the same old same old. motor on up to mccains new ways to remain happy and healthy! we’ve got to talk nuts. some of us just need to be a bit nuttier . so how about fancying up the green beans with butter and almond slices for a classic on french cuisines of green beans almondine. or perhaps your brood is pickier so we must pecan. firecracker green beans are just a bit of diced away from a fantastic celebration of health and tastiness exploding the colours in your mouth with bits of tomoto capsicum and onion with the texture crisp of pecans.
if your male neanderthals can do a darned thing without meat present, lets of say that’s a crock! and bust out the bacon and here we go stewed breen beans with bacon, perhaps onion and more.
even simply adding a bit of butter makes the ordinary become extraordinary and their you have it, five ways to keep healthy with mccains flash frozen fresh green beans. flavor seeled in the frozen section for the freshest one can get without grandmas’s garden.
it is at this point or any you may holler that I’m who? mackaboy? well aren’t I just all kinds of naughty!
would you fight a mob of housewives to hug me ?

day #2 of the greenbeansaganza is I’ll bet you never thought to bake them! breen beans can be just as delightful from the oven as they can the rangetop. holiday and party fuel ideas abound with mccains green beans. let’s start with the manly mention of meat! with the doctor’s tell us to make sure lean protien is the stuff of life and living. take a fine black forrest hamls ice or too many now gotta love that MET and roll this up with some smoked cheddar courtesy of boar’s head in your deli and mccains flavor seals green beans. and all of this in a burrito shell and oo la la with the olive oil or butter paint the otside for a crisp fountain of beans… perfect for any party. but what about those wintery nights chilly and bleak? why not celebrate them well with creamini mushrom and mccain’s green bean casserole? you’l nead to fry your mushrooms in butter delightful enough to torture a soul in heaven with the delights of healthy.. yeah oops nearly said a naughty word. this is made up with then the bechamel or country gravy available by scratch or the packet eaisle mix with milk. back in with the mushrooms and all of this into a casserole lined and mounded with mccains fresh from the field frozen green beans.. you’ve options you can coat with crisps crushed or all the way decadent with smoked gouda cheese.. also available in coles fine deli. this may break your mother in laws heart because finally unless she’s here now, just can not compete with the magic that is mccains

for those of you tired of me making everything always about meat and or cheese, lt’s us discuss a nother fine way to make magic that isn’t meaty. enchiladas! up til now we’ve covered easy peasy ways to make mccains into fabulously fantanstic fn new ways to enjoy our health. now lets skip about the world to soak in some seriously stolen stuff enchiladas are a baked dish similar to the burrito shell fountain but this time with the new world of corn. new world hah, you always show up to see someone else there! but this time imagine yourselves deep in the hills of mexico and a family of far too many to feed and all y ou have is the pil of mccains fresh frozen green beans and a few pennies to make what magic may be had. take a pile of corn maze tortillas and fill them and roll them and oven up while you straightn up for a feast of fine times with the whole family outlaw inlaws and all. take some mushroom, onion bunch if you can and tomato fry together and this all layers one! in a casserole with green enchilada sauce courtesy now of old el paso and the new mexico of your soul is now ready to take on veaganism. again the american magic of swiping mexico from the mexicans is dump cheese on it but if you don’t do the dairy consider this here soy cheese the will delight those of us still needing something from the world left behind for health. and voila feast your eyes on fourty five minutes to clean everything and set the table and do one more run through your hair and sneek a slug of vodka courage to face them people again. green bean enchiladas serve with a lil guac made with pico de gallo and thus you’ve an entire meal easily vegean and voluptuous.

and that perhaps I have a bit of schmarm in me for store demos

the last of the five baked alive is pot pie
I am sure I can achieve a third day with other veggies too but now hows about that… would you laugh catchng me in the bargain bins?
run that twice an afternoon and twice a week with a free for all mix medly ons unday and voila if I’m happy enough the store’s out of a pallete of mccains and they’re on the horn to get e a paying gig.
and surely there is at least one nice lady who keepss on showing up
however if you do, I’ll jut say youre a piglet for veggies

her respnses boded smiles and perhaps a smack too. but sorry, they’re not for you. and hey sorry I cant spell or type. :D.

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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 responses to “McCain’s

  1. It is cold there. I heard you had snow. 8? That’s a lot of men. I haven’t had green beans in a while. Lately it’s been broccoli or mixed veggies (…hmmm, yes, with green beans). Sounds like very creative recipes.

    • no no snow, it was sunshiny and upwards of even 80 over the weekend with thursday friday before being in the 40’s 50’s chilly.
      thanks I was hoping it sounded like you could envision me hootin it up in a corner of the market. and thanks I was siezed to say those things as I’ve made them. they are good unlike my better than usual haunt for dinner ala mexican which was disappointing. las delcious…it was too lost deliciousness. :X

  2. theinfiniterally ⋅

    Only a truly avante gardener can appreciate McCain’s.

    • ๐Ÿ˜‰ remember, my traditional tested politics however odd this may sound is centrist republican/conservitive. it literally took “private things or whatever howeard stern to save me from a ditto life of loving the rush limbaugh…. my highschool friend literally had a ollie north poster behind his door ๐Ÿ˜€ I mean. …. I need/ed help. bad.

      • theinfiniterally ⋅

        so…you cut the master of puppet strings?

        We grew up with an avid interest in politics, including the Limbaugh radio and TV show. Meh. Things usually make sense within the perspective they make sense in. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • aint that the truth ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I will admit I’m sheople in most political things. it’s simply easier to have a lil heartburn about things going down slightly wrong than to argue the entire political spectrum of offerings line by evil line. this is largely TO ME because it largely doesn’t matter which side wins as to the outcome being very swiftly moderated or infultrated as the policy is implemented. the relatively current example is that of mandatory insurance which is NOT how the program was billed to be…it was sold as insurance available for all not some…now it is implimented as mandatory insurance for all with fines of compliance which sure does change the tone of the promise of change ๐Ÿ˜€ … don’t get me wrong better something than nothing… but still bad heartburn on implimentation!

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