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an hour

tonight was Blondies for poker as in free poker. I was the first out but it took an hour. yes, a tip or two and please read out the cards for blind old me you. and I still was the first out as lol, my sister showed me once how people read my hand off my cglasses or with me in a crowded table…. but in fairness I don’t think I lost to chicanery just bum luck. I’ll go again.

I of course lost on the way home hitting the wrong button at the store fore a clear /void and then lost a bag of groceries tween there and home to boot so, thank you universe and there is a u in the the line thinking of that particular grocery store nothing on sale at all not even a 3% reductions on the use their card. and a double wait for techincal issue at the store for a double loss wee.

so 😀 now that you saw me smile and it disappear, bbq is at 4-6. I’ll be out collecting chips and smoked salt along with pecans or the most miserable trip for 4 items even for inconvenience sake and

munster cheese
onion as in yellow sweet
romain heart lettuce
to dress:
chuck burgers I’m short a pound for 1/3 patties 12 so there’s that 😀
onion or king sized honky bus

wavy chips
cheddar / sour cream chips
veggie dip ala sour cream

I have the rotel on hand for firecracker beans
so rotell
butter and any lef over minced onion

fire roasted corn

paper plates if they’re not yet all gone.

so about 14 bucks to round out the mix.. or 80/6 or 13/xx a person
not surprising as nothing whatever was on sale.

not including grill gas which needs filling wtch asshole will be late home tomorrow as it’s required and in his car. or in reality how to blow a bill without even trying not including the beer.

despite the burn at the store fuck you you worthless cunt way to make the customer unhappy.
I’m grilling.

lost at poker not a huge surprise. hmph.

ayone like a beer?


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

13 responses to “an hour

  1. if you even think I’m remotely annoyed, then you’re first right. I hate losing at the supermarket ANYTIME. but, if you think it’s oh woe is me then you you don’t ever ever read me. I’ve a fine bbq coming. I have hellpt with food and gas which is for me a delight. I never seem to get ahead immediately. but cut me some! slack. I asked and I got a yes in cash. positive movement.

    I’m listening to the following:
    rachmaninov’s prelude in g minor
    eric carmen – never gonna fall in love again
    (please note that there is a rachmaninov symphony not prelude that in the second movement is the entire them of the flutes for the pop song.
    gino vanelli – living insidemyself
    patrick hadley, a simple song

    hang not bang drum & hang drum) in hd whatever.

    and I’m dreaming of roasted corn.

  2. I don’t know how to cheer you up but sending you hugsssss

    • oh lol – that’s what beer and a nap are for. I let a lot go with naps 😀 although last night I had many a dream about I’m sorries of a naughty nature.

      • it’s fine if it was enjoyable, i meant the dreams lol. have a good day ok? hugs

      • I will, tomorrow is collect my check and or sins 😀 at work then light laundry as I’d like clothes. I’ll be making as in prepping burgers
        I didn’t get the fancy salt due to horrid time constraints but I did get something known as liquid smoke…mesquite no less!

        so mesquit burgers a splash of said smoke and some sea salt and this formed into patties so that they’ll be seperatable for cooking and frozen. there is some gouda cheese or was it muenster, if you’d like a more jimmy buffet….if you miss the joke jimmy buffet sings cheeseburger in paradise. this leaves a day or so more for the corn which also is grilled….mmm roasty corn on the cob. I picked up some pecan pieces so I can have firecracker green beans… frozen beans as folks like them more It can be the broad italian kind but I vastly prefer blue lake. this is steamed up with a bit of water but before fully done, shock beans in water add boullion cube of chicken or a chicken ramen flavor pack then when it’s boiled down some, a can of diced tomatoes and green chilis or capsicums as might be your areas’ saying dry roast if you’d like the pecan pieces or scoop tomatoes to side and pat of butter in middle til its sizzlin and then nuts and after a lil roast, stir then stir in beans to bring green and to temp. make sure servings are colorful with all the bits. the can be as mild and or as hot as your prefer. then I’ve chip dip going ma’am sour cream with a instant soup mix knorr vegetable as it has more carrot in it which makes the dip. this and potato chips or as you’re british influenced perhaps a lil still crisps. there is lettuce tomato and onion with dill slices and ketchup mayo mustards of choice on either grilled onion or sesame king sized buns. this of course makes me happy. even to dream of dinner.

      • thanks for making me starving!!! you are too kind to me lol

      • oooooo ma’am, since you weren’t around I had to drag mom out to the karma asian fusion place for dinner at the happy hour which turned out to be so much stuff we shared one dinner and seperate soups and appetizers and still went home with half of my dinner 😀 I’m a naughty boy 😀 I got the other guy at jasmine asian grill oh god not another black bean anything!!! black bean sauce chicken. pineapple cream cheese wontons with a sweet herbed green sauce, andveggie egg rolls the wonton skin kind with cabbage carrot with hot mustard and a really dense sweet and sour reded to the hilt sauce probably plum with extra red food color. this with a tsingtao beer and a free second sapporro. happy hour without tip was 27 or 7 bucks cheaper than the non entree night I first found them 😀 and oooo was the service good 😀 you’d have felt welcomed 😀 all of this in a place with industrial style finishings and a smart paint that was deep toned colours and understatedly elegant yet upbeat. hint, while not a show stopper place it’s the kind of place you can spend light and heavy and still leave happy. and often impressed some too.

      • hey, why should I tried Asian cuisine far away there?! But I am interested in pineapple cream cheese wontons….
        And I prefer local beer as its easy for me to get Tsingtao here!!!!!!
        But glad to know you enjoyed the dinner. Hugs Hugs Hugs

      • WHY? oh but that is the very heart of the point! its neat to see what passes for the actualizzation of our thoughts about the world. American culture fundamentally differs from other ways in it’s heart. take the lightness and sophistication of many asian things that are prized for the lightness and subrtlety and here we have flavor blasted everything with a big club wham wham. you’ll note that neither is wrong persay jst different….in moderation of course. like fried chicken is higher fat and yet way way tasty southern lovin’ but perhaps one might leave it at a chicken wing and some sides and thus remain healthy despite having had a “heavy” meal…. yet the heavy handed culture sneaks in that one wing is good but three is much more tha two blah blah bring on the pig ttrough buffet! but why asian here when you obviously have it there?
        to learn by action not theory that here it can be a new idea of flavor you’ve not had that is actually good…if not exactly to your notions of the world.

        as to beer, you’d cringe at some of the lack of freshnessness that is an importedd offering knowing by memory what’s good from your local. sure, I get ya about local beer but remember i grew to beer before the big “craft movement” with coor’s products as pops worked there and thus that light taste is my prize versus the syrups of craft beer or sludge. I am happy to try stuff but often it just leaves me wondering why bother as in I do not want sludge….yet lol read above and my food is over did yet I like light sophisticated seeming beer by nature. 😉 many others are he other way about

        what i would call light would interesting to hear you point out is WAY heavy. perhaps. what therefore would you gain? well a chance to wonder at the differences and try something new but maybe find a pineapple prize in it.

      • hey, I am not looking for anything differences when travelling. I am looking to experience as a local. Don’t like tourists stuff…….
        No matter it’s good or bad. Still, it’s local :P:P:P
        You know. That’s me hehe.
        Hugs from hong Kong. No matter you feel differences or not lol 😛

      • baking my words like moose turd pie with a purdy lil bow on them? hugs. I say compare you say enjoy local… 😀 heheheheh

  3. theinfiniterally ⋅

    Where’s the piana? I always think of Geoffrey Rush in Shine when I think of Rach. I’m not musically educated.

    I naively feel that you are certain to win some at grocery stores, too. Which is just lemon juice in the wound, isn’t it? Sorry. I hope the grub makes you forget all about it.

    • heh, I’m often given the shrift from those who don’t like the way i lean. for instance, don’t take this personally but I don’t bu the gluten free lifestyle…outside of diagnosed celiac disease it’s a needless complication and or a blatant example of carb-phobia. now this said I’m happy if suchw orks for a anyone and try to be excited about food in the ways that matter to others. 🙂 I’m also not against gmo foods as I doubt I’m 100% capable of making sure I don’t eat something non gmo. this also goes for organic as well which often is not bright tasting. but again if that works fo a person I try to care about them not the ideology and get excited about food. a similar thing is the backlash against western medication which often is ill driven and ignores the actual problem it seems in favor of a powder. I’ve thus sold a lot of dietary suppliments and of course had some too. outcome, I went the rest of the way diabetic and it would appear that nothing stemmed that onset march. 😉 at least the doctors credit side showed differences in “numbers” not outcome.
      now some wait til death’s door to visit the docs prefering to spend the last cent on a robitussen and gough out intrnal organs loudly for 2 weeks instead of getting a simple pneumonia vaccination that lasts three years of all colds are just that colds and the next 2 seven years where at least you’ve a good hope of cutting the damage down to a nasty cough not loss of organs cough just nasty…. but oh no, nevermind that as proof just cough it all out so i get sick too. thanks.

      but such is thoughts. I’m not widely listened sir. I have some notion of classicaal music. I played a violing porly through to highschool. fancy violin p layers playing classical. I like metal because I’ve grown up in repressive enviroments like being raised to be jehovah’s witness and if nothing short of rebellion can find rebellion there you be. I know two or three bands from the 80’s and woe researching themed parties like was my idea then now turned to a less intensive arm chair travel notion, be aware I’m just likely to find things.
      loudness japanese band lost master of puppets to that tape trade i think I won but I replaced the metallica album.
      sonata arctica is a finish band also quasi hair metal sounding metal and i found them simply seeing which and what was to offer. moon sorrow didn’t grab me. sonata did.
      because of this I know how to make miso soup the right way and my way. and have even more of respect for potato pancakes. and know what oganberries are.

      please note what you may have forgotten once I remembered. of course not the same things! but such isn’t always the case as I forget now. badly. on purpose. I don’t think I like my job as all I seem to do is be useful to others at the waste of my desires. and other less than thrilling thoughts. but again rock solid habits and no memory is more useful to me now so i am. I begin to stagnate as I remember the old but have nothing new day to day. or at least I see evidence of this but hopefully you say you don’t agree.

      thus all this changes my attitudes as I am myopic past some simple one that are getting more shown of ME.. which bothers me as in a way it is clear to me no house no trust fund will make me attractive in that sense to going from signle to not single. but such is necessary to movements chosen….or at least useful. so

      while I’m into the metaphysics and other bunk and listen to gold and or junk I like food but some of my opinions surely have stunk… I’m me. you’re you.

      you’re not as bad off as you think if you think like I see of you. listening to music requires you like some of it 😀
      my books are debunked now and again 😀 or maybe my info works for me but is illadvized for anyone else! 😀 I don’t pretend to care so much anymore..

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