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I feel special

I feel special. why? I just placed holds on my upcoming activity to celebrate the anniversary of flight, september 19th. this is also the date that one will have a shot at hearing something interesting…whether or not Scotland votes to become independant of England again.

the montgolgier brothers bring us modern flight with the hot air balloon in 83/84 of the 1700s and these facts are book form which is orderin a book about the brothers and that subject… and a dvd albeit childrens level of hot air ballooning in the midwest complete with the map sites and even FOODs of the areas. okay not expecting magic at 23 minutes and a book I get 5 passages out of, but, this is my first major activities request with a coordination of the building in that I asked for a french themedd lunch to underscore the feeling. if it’s any note, this can show I can build upon themes and how I’m likely to divine my ways of doing so. if it’s the same old usual boring at least its a chance to build with…a chance to cut my teeth.

scottish independance holds little interest to me in that of the peoples/plight of it all. I’m not saying there isn’t any interest… there is and it’s to me this… whether in our modern times a country demanding a switch in the same old same old to chart a different corse…but doing so bloodlessly…again nothing new…but doing so eaccepting the bill that is coming for services rendered. this is a time when the young may want their power but whether they accept the bill to date is worthy of my interest because

a favorite of this area is senator mark udall anti campaigning saying in political lampoon of an old guy crazily grabbing everything off the shelf then saying this young girl’s got it… to which she says pay for it yourself.

this is why scotland intrigues me. will they do just that, pay for it? wee shall see because if they do this sets up the most powerful reality of all which is to accept whats there and while demanding a new course, honouring their responsibilities. if the scots choose the bill, this is when you can honestly look up and pay attention to REAL change… not this promised obama shite. real change. I care about obamacare and liberal politics as my bread is buttered that way by the way. but it’s surely fair to say it’s nothing more than the seemingly shame old shite again business as usual in the name of change. if scotland accepts responsibility and still votes freedom! I vote braveheart! for popcorn and a movie… but I warn alll of you against scottish ale that shite gross. scotch might be a bit much…heh as in cost but I might just be out after an ancient age bottle of swill called scotch and gingerale.

as to the special again? I wonder still if this can be imagined or seen that I might prove in actions my little abilities and the desire to be that more. I hope there is a real bit of more of scottish. I know there’s some french coming after my lil programme.


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8 responses to “I feel special

  1. I don’t know much about Scottish folklore (though I have Scottish blood in me), but the story of Boudicca and how she almost drove the Romans completely from Brittania is interesting. Enjoy your balloon party.

  2. theinfiniterally ⋅

    I am AFRAID to look at the issue of Scottish independence. I suppose they opted to not, right? Highly dubious of any country allowing a kind of meaningful (monetary) independence.

    • from all I read, it would have been a moment of uplifted social revelation as you surely know the youngsters riots and all about the disintergration of benefits they’ve to pay for others and not likely to get themselves really has them jumping on conservative bandwagons everywhere…so not feeling hippy free love ๐Ÿ˜€ but that’s what scottish independance could have meant… could have. it could have meant they were serious about their own course to the point of actually paying for it responsibly. it wasn’t a surprise scots independance failed. because the attitude displayed out there is not for paying for whats spent/promised and working to their fair try… it’s stop robbing you old fuckers!

      • theinfiniterally ⋅

        It seems to me this ties in to one of my recent points/posts (which you may or may not have noticed): in order to make lasting charitable (so to speak) government work you’ve got to grow the charitable heart. If we rot away what makes a thinking feeling compassionate human being, it will be irrelevant what laws we put into place. The later inhumanity we have bred in the meanwhile will simply sweep it all away.

      • you can punish a person for lying but under law you can NOT compel them to tell the truth. Yeah, I knew you’d read into this… it really is sad that attitudes are a choice… I post on on fb wherein some erroniously tie in a stereotype to those whome love personal body art and inexpensive potato products…. this being falaciously linked directly to child abuse/neglect huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰ this was a grand time to lay out evidence and oppurtunity to the contrary… it’s rare but this time said thought is not a great one to reblog. I had to write one of my blogs on fb so it’s a straight do up for both. slow computer blues some days :D..

      • theinfiniterally ⋅

        You certainly cannot legislate morality. But you certainly can damage the human spirit with legislation. You can encourage idiocy and corruption. You can do a lot to rot out the heart of the people. Or so it seems to me tonight. Ask me another night and you might get another answer.

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