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self improvement slippage.

I can’t remember shite like I could even a month ago. I have entirely succeeded at my makeover me plan of relying on blunt pattern to drive my existance. “going with the flow” I am not supported in me making critical steps forward within these little details of daily minutie. I am however not losing ground just the feeling I’ve left my soul somewhere else.

today’s movie portions was finishing the other half of “the lower depths” by akira kurosawa. I like how this movie unlike the bundled french version of the same let it not end happy/resolved but “real” the play is russian which has a taste of what is available to those of us who get translations of chinese novels where we know it’s just not going to end happy.

crime and punishment – dostoevsky
russian 1860’s ish lit.
rice – tsu tong
chinese modern

I’m saying I enjoy some media that isn’t glowing and or uplifting but “real” I don’t enjoy REAL crime per say and such but that doesn’t mean I don’t cringe at what is agatha christie in this modern age or

omar the wizzard of persia. 30’s crime drama

I would like to put in a word now about pendantry

to become president under US constitutional law one must be:
a citizen of over 35 years of age, having resided in the usa 14 years at least and furthermore having been born a natural citizen as in within the usa’s states.

the pendantry here is one cannot be president without being elected.

this is somewhat purile as argumets go. but it is an amusing question from within the game mindtrap.
a thuroughly useless game for to play with those of a functionally 3 year old mindset/abilities when even I after the day of being calm cool and collected am not edgy mind-wise and or sharp…. 😀 but perhaps you’ve little hooligans in your house who want to know it alllllll

like trick questions of how much dirt is in a whole 3 x 33 x 99999 as in who cares the pointbeing 0 x anything is 0 unless 0 dividng 0 equals 1. or some silly junior high advance algebra crapinski like that.

I fell for it oh the cussing!!!

well it is time to return to what movies I’ve remaining and more beer. because I have cancelled the miracle pills autoship and provided critical information about how to reason with me and others of negative opinions because I got a random call of great importance to be invited to a meeting on this miracle pill and it was a delight please lets be kind, it’s just that I feel I’m not advancing socially into this new me but just a rarely used miracle mark for the suckering , I’m becoming forgetful and I wasn’t ever the most logical. why didn’t I skip to the chase and did up the dirt prior to purchase. or simply say rather be dead in aplague pit because free tends to cost a whole lot how much no thanks. bummer if this ias the new microsoft mega oppurtunity as even snake oil can be but most mlms are just I work you get paid. or yeah, I’m pretty but Iwant to control some of the joy of together meaning I’m instantly and forever avoiable and suspect so far so big surprise I’m as grandly datable. I wonder for this moment of lower ebb that I’m… slipping.

I know I’m re-angling. I know I’m learning. it just that I’m asked to question my path. hopefully this isn’t too long a trial.


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