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here’s the birdie!

hamburgerstand stumble vs. whitecastle crawl.

what are some of your moment in moo? I’ve a few…thousand πŸ˜€ stories to share.

do you remember when you noticed you never could duplicate the macdonalds signature taste at home? do you remember the foam container that if they were thhhaaat harmful, we’d never get chinese takeaway or bar leftovers with them…. do you remember that first bite dribbling all over your shirt or blouse. do you laugh at me for thinking it’s time to croon jimmy buffet’s “cheeseburger in paradise” yet you’d feel right at home if it was on at the neighborhood haunt?

do you remember laughing when bk tried making the bigmac ripoff the big king? I feel heartsick for having tried that chicken version lately and no longer being the purist I once was.


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6 responses to “here’s the birdie!

  1. WP ate my comment. Suffice it to say, BK is puke.

    • it didn’t used to be πŸ™‚ that’s what was sad, macdonalds was always better fries but hit and miss mostly miss burgers but consistant ! wendy’s never grabbed me as much as the fries were perpetually lame til the change but now the place is even less distinctive. carl’s junior/hardy’s are blasted difficult to get to so my chances to rave are lesser although nevermind the overpriced burger of the two, its the carl’s jr. fried zucchini slices that get the warm mention. a/w is just not this area but once in a while it’s nice to thumb my nose at the kfc combo of the two and get a burger with mashed potatoes πŸ˜€ sonic…BLOWS but they’re the only consistant place to get a footlong hotdog/chili cheese dog which is novel to me and desireable since I can’t con my seven elevens to order gootlongs for my locales. taco bell interests me more as it’s sometimes actually healthy which is something none of the above can ever say. dapt’n whoever and or skippers long john silvers well no offense but if i wanted fish sticks I’d make them. and still by the proponderance of the evidence or choice, it’s wendy’s that overall wins with the healthy menu and I mean that as I munch my taco bells far more often I just like tostadas more than a chicken nugget and salad. that doesn’t mean I’d not lie and say the joy wendy’s brings isn’t greater it’s just divorced from my habits .

  2. I have the McDonald’s recipe for a cheeseburger.

    • I looked that up but this is a rare time that no amount of reconstituted dehydrated onions … ionion/galic powders seem to match as there is sourcing as well as the potassium bromate perfect buns they use with that how do they get such disctinctive/thin flour… I have made a wonder consistancy bread exactly ONCE in my life. I can duplicate the ketchup sour just using old ketchup and dill is dill is not dill they have got to be cheapest possible dill pickle slices crinkle macd’s not crinkles bk etc πŸ˜€ and the new american cheese they have is so so red because of over use of annato colouring… but that signature taste just isn’t easily available as it’s not a cheese slice from the store size nor consistancy. but perhaps I’m over complicating πŸ˜€

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