I woke early after going to bed early. I mean oh god fifteen early 2 after a sunset slumber. Okay you care so deeply you’ll yawn with me. the point is the boooks. I couldn’t for courtesy’s sake tromp all over and fire up the computer with the blarring light at the sleepers, so I tromped around loudly for smoking outside…remind me to wd-40 my hinges again :D, and puuled an array of books down. plop. right there on the floor. opened a window for freshness and… read some.

the bible, god’s word or man’s – a jehovah’s winess book
muslem societies in african history
another african book-
a poetry book…sorry, not a glaze special
wendle wilkie’s one world
four screen plays discussed by someone apparently important. (t2, thelma and louis, etc)

okay so I’m not obviously in my room or I’d remember the titles spelled better or actual titles period. here’s what I got.

again, for thefirst time.

hidden ruth hidden secret, like a door I opened with regret… I’m paraphrasing badly. I didn’t like that poem much.
the bible is not an ordinarily preserved book. however, from the very first picture listed of a man of incorrect ethnic origin show with finger to scripture some taller woman the good word, I wanted to defrenistrate. pardon me lately but one thing about the way things should be is somewhat sensitive with me – there is “god’s” way interpreted a zillion ways to another man’s advantage. sure as h.e. double hockey sticks hasn’t been mine and I’m not even the brunt bearer of the sexes I’m male and thus religion seems to be more open to me!

Iopened the lichen book and saw apretty hinterland of namibia, africa – coastal. deseert country yet high enough humidity to support lichen well and quite beautifully. as I read this the intriguing possibility of the old tale of manna from heaven perhaps! being lichen and thus the bible being one more point dull boring reality true versus magical mystically powerfully true was a thought.

the musliem societies show a lot of anti muslem. I mean the whole of the blak out of info conveniently negates “what do you know, the ancient city of coldoba…spain…had x amount of public lighting while london was still a village. arabs weren’t and aren’t always backwards. I especially loved seeing how the justification of slavery trade was pricipally made and it’s enjoyably damming. for it seems sadly that he’she of whatever land by fundamental beliefs or lack thereof is the only justification for slavery the non believer is…fair game. however it would appear that after awhile its really only he/she who others THINK is a non-believer that is ….fair game. minor issue.

don’t worry, the christians get it in the neck too and look far stupider to boot.

the screen play book was me reading how the writer went on about thelma and louise. I haven’t to date seen that movie but I do know it had a defining type of impact on what would open the nineties. this was geared more towards the writing aspect of the words and why what can work works but what tends to get people the shrift fast…poor writing. you who read me may well know I’m challenging and or a complete mess with minor moments of properly presented communications. but how the passion of the project went on was important to me how that person breathed a story to life and sold it.

I share now with you that, I am touched at how people struggle to be who they are against convention or even social approval. I share with you the picture of the namibian hinterlands lichen. to dream if you will of a simple chakalaka with bread by the seaside sunset. the recipe follows the picture but the compressed concepts is easier.
as time will take this down, this is a picture of a lichen field with a dirt road through said. namibia africa.
this is a recipe for chakalaka and it is far far too complicated to me so I offer you?

one can rotel…mild medium or hot as you choose
more garlic and onion as you choose to taste be they fresh or otherwise.
tin of baked beans
small can tomato sauce, the 60 cent kind.

heat and eat. serve over bread or grilled meats as you’d like.

or in short, all this is a long thing about what happens when I’m up with little to do past twiddle the pages.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “I’m FLOOORED.”

I get an image of you having to step over sleeping bodies spewed everywhere. There’s always a lunatic on the verge of coming into power. Some make it for a little while. Thelma and Louise was similarly about how lunatics cross the line of communication and into force. Where the line is drawn demarcating lunacy and not lunacy is the rub. Slavery, rape, self-defence, over-kill and lichen. What do I remember about lichen and poetry. Omg. Might as well have been a hundred years ago.

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