not so imaginary

it isn’t impossible to attempt this. it still is a malformed idea though. I am thinking of my summer jaunt about and the more reasonable aspects of said. I have picked an idea and an anwe that seems to be forming up into a dream as I say possible. I have something of a spiritual need to do something interestingly different. so, Durango, Colorado.

Durango is in about the south central spot of the state. it’s perennial attractions are far away freedom which might mean skiing and outdoorsiness. it also might mean the hallmark picture of the narrow gauge railroad from durango to silverton. there is a college there it’s in state so heh you cant get much further from home yet still be home :D.

first, the transportation is possible and interestingly expensive. to me sounding via tmno or whatever limited daily service advanced purchase is about one hundred and thirty five dollars round trip

there is a taxi if I cant walk the one and a half miles from bus terminal to inexpensive hotel pretty much directly on the animas river trail.

there is also roadrunner service between durango and ignacio colorado. ignacio is a small town with a casino. if this doesn’t sound tourist trap like, then one just is ready for a joyous wallet lightening.


while I’m not fond of the nineteen hour something trip there with a nearly twelve return incdicating a serious layover in boringville… there is something of a point to the place. I like riverr walks and vistas some now 😀 I don’t mind the notion of bowling and swimming after some mini golf versus straight gambling bliss. I don’t mind the notion of what? the himilayan grill for biryani? I don’t mind the scariness of being unsettled considering this as a me only visit… please remember that while I have toured the country I’ve never had a destination without a person to visit. I’ver never had to wonder if it’s exactly everything I’ve been tantilized by or well hyped but not well executed. I haven’t had the hell ever of finding something anything …breathe in… breathe out…… to do. there is also that scenic train….although I will post a review… or should I say rearview of that adventure…

I rode the train on 8/12/14 with my 6 year old son and my 11 year old daughter. On the return trip about a mile from Silverton there was about 5 girls flashing the train with their shirts raised up. There was also 1 male with his pants down mooning the train. If that is not enough nudity, coming into Durango there was another 3 episodes of males mooning the train along the river. I realize the train company cannot control the actions of others however when a call was placed too the Silverton and Durango police I was informed that the train company did not report the incident. I know if this was my business I would have the train personnel calling the authorities immediately when these acts occur. The response I got from the Durango railroad was it was not their responsibility. If you have small children then I would think twice about spending a couple hundred dollars on this nudity filled ride.

I can’t help thinking this review will generate more business than it warns off. darren was not bewitched.

I cant say I’ve much more to wondeer about attractions wise than a tour of the libraries of the two towns and perhaps a shuttle to farmington nm as the real point is, an old gf did school in durango. I did once in my I should up and move somewhere consider ignacio but dismissed it for lack of transportation unfairly. I really can underline the ambiguity of traveling by myself for myself to see whatever i can maanage…. which sadly wont be naughty nudity damn you darren for getting my hopes whetted… as I know better to think I can see such. but again ambiguity everywhere as it’s damn costly nowawdays… about a month of earinings to even get there for a not really weekend that I havent even included doing anything like eat. so in a way I guess I have to show you pictures to bait me and you into considering this.
from a bing search on a map of durango
the actual intertown shuttle.
various incarnations of this site for both words and map. I didn’t quite get a map but I did note the shuttle picks up from the same station as greyhound which is usefull.

various mapserching via mostly bing.
addresses, lodging. distances from town dropoff and that animas river trail and a place I can afford…to stay in.
plus a picture of that trail that lead to solidifying the torture of the review and yet location value of the lodging.
that zall important map point. the comparison is for days end hotel with directions to durango transit center. main avenue I think to west eighth aventue.
how I found that nudity filled ride comment and much of the transit info.

Bowling & Arcade

ignacio’s casiono. bowling? the pool is also pretty.

evidence of taxi search point denver co to dependindurango co monday sept eighth throughthursday sept eleventh. roughly one hundred thirty five smacks.

a picture of the fancy train.

animas river trail image

downtown durango image for the sites and sights to consider sucking in with my eyeballs.

depending on actual bus route, pictures also to be took in
pagosa springs from pueblo to durango

fourth down on left a fall mountain scene with fog.
ouray colorado which is along the route from grand junction colorado to durango.


witty rhymes with?

it’s just like used underwear, it doesn’t really matter how sanitized it is.

as you might guess, today is going to be one of those days. but while I’m enjoying cynacism again, I did actually achieve something already….as in achieve something useful.

I broke my eyeglasses screwdriver from it’s hold on my keychain… it spent most of its life stabbing me randomly. I know this means if it’s not repaired it’ll soon enough be lost and that I don’t want I like that 2 bucks well spent. I tell oou this because I puched the keyboard and did a mischief to one of the keys. it was a simple enough matter to pop it off as it was not put on correctly and then as I popped it off find the new spiderweb full of dog hair to wipe off and proceed installing it again correctly and magically the keyboard was instantly recognized after days of irritation. all because the right tool was in front of me the whole time.;)

I loaded flash onto my recently redone laptop that had a lil of the sugars that were before. I can game letter post and a whole lot of whatnot on it. it is however a bit annoying to copy and paste as otherwise I cant use those particular keys. @ 1234567890 fancy this are very helpful with logins and passwords and such but the real tragedy loss of that top row is the backspace… despite what you read of mine, I use that key ALOT. and oddly the comfortable cntrl key which is the left side one? dont work to just add insult to injury. still that last post of furtherence is made upon the fancy skills I have with computing to work around what otherwise is useless.

I played bologna again – a mark knofler tune pardon me if i’m a sinner and spelled his name wrong. I am amusedd even if the song isn’t exactly uplifting. excepting in that others know of your sruggles and that is sometimes all that is needed is someone who undertands. I played it on purpose because while jesus isn’t the operative player in the message but mlm’s salvation product… the feeling I have is mlm suck some of my soul away because at heart it’s really only our fault we’re not successful as if we’re lazy… and I know all to well other factors contribute to our success. yet just like BAD church, I wasn’t saved because I didn’t believe. so, bologna again. or, that is my fear. I’ve years and many opportunities I’ll fairly say I’ve never. lost money on an mlm. never. but by the same token nor have I done much more than bust even. bologna again.



I’ve my two dressers assembled and in my closet. this replaces the one long girl dresser often with mirror that didn’t fit by inches. the dresser are simple black with silver hardward knobs. the background is the original room paint offwhite with a new deep tan main room color… in other words, it’s not a lines colors perfect match but, the two dressers fully open within the space provided so I have room for all I need after to store 😀

the computer I’m on is in its second intensive round of testing as I debate its value as a gift. as you will see it works but a few keys dont more than the original e key now it’s the entire numbers row which includes the backspace key which forces me to highlight and retype to correct errors. I also have to google search numbers to login my accounts with numbers highlight and then copy/paste them. this is at least what I paid for in that its running windows seven but otherwise I do not believe it liked my mid july have to work sick…not contagious mind you just sweriously ill.

I have thus achieved a day where I have gotten the significant part of the gift of my space to those in need paid to myself. thank you them and universe. 😀 they both have found time to help themselves as well. I do think however the pretzel snack mix has gone off 😀 that was the smell vegetable makes when it’s rancid. icky. but yeah there is such a thing as a food bank…that offering however wasn’t edible. 😀 I’m thankyou because I’m helped and maybe I’m useful to the larger world.

I also just back from protandem I believe it’s called a milk thistle/tumaeric and three other ingredients in a health and wellness supliment that might be the next best thing in wealth too. yes I sat a seminar 😀 it’s amusing too as 😀 the gal inviting me was a very little girl when I got my first shot at mlm’s with her father and his amway business. I also must lok it over for the how to get a grasp on the hell mlm’s can be as an opportunity in that I’m no different, I’m not against money but what a racket it is to do the business. I will note though that I never lost money….at leasat with her father.s

so, tomorrow is ship thi more than s puter out. someone hopefully needs it more than I. get my insurance paid. enjoy the afterglow of losing huge at dominos sixteen games to six. and consider a trip while I’ve means to consider my putzing about. make corned beef and cabbage roast which will require some beer…and some more beer for my try at wellness as I honestly think I’m betteroff approaching this from a position of I think it works for me you may choose to try said for you…or 😀 hey, if I stay healthy at my current conditions bummer, but if I gain, well thats the magic, diabetes, hypertension, goat but not from rich foods persay just poorer kidney function, psoriasis, I mean cut my drugs down a little and you can save me a ferrocious ammount of money. 😀 I don’t know but I think this time like always I searve myself by it being something I want version it could be something it is a pardonably better way for me to proceed. nice but not without good thoughts either



chair lock has me. no, not smoking whacky-tobaccie! I just cant bring myself to go on about the only mission I’d want to do which is win the lottery. considering I didn’t do that yesterday and I’m fairly easily led down the garden path of it’s a chance!!! pardon me while I’d rather consider the munchies. 😉

I ordered up a Jimano’s stuffed pizza pie, itty 12′ whallop with some cheesy garlic breaad. the pie is again, stuffed with bacon spinach and tomatoes. it is in the top three if I could think of three pizza places 😀 I still adore pino pizzeria which isn’t a delivery shop that I’m aware of as it is a wine bar/ pizza parler. yeah, frank the pizza king and pizzahut and papajohns exist as does a sit down italian hole in the wall Rico’s which does have good pie, but these places just don’t get me often…for just pizza. 28 not including tip though is a tad ouch. I look forward if I can get the idiot whiners to consider papa murphy’s take and bake as an option as that’s nearly 1/3 off!

I heard from mom’s doc about him wanting to have a chat up as mom showed a flag on his intake tests. it’s weird to have to consideer your folk’s functionality even if that is precisely what I do at my job. never you worry, flags are just concerns needing a look/see they’re not the sky is falling and nor did I tell him I worried like that. I don’t think I should past trying to edge mom soon enough in her time to a situation where we can monitor more easily like her living wih one of us kids…but again, not interested she is and thus 😀 it’ll be awhile.

tomorrow’s work. for those who notice I can have a blizzrd of questions of the devination offerings, while I cant claim to win the lottery and try of course not to rush off to lose at it either 😀 I’m due for the water to turn into the lake so i-ching says where concerns become lessened into joy. I will have rules and must abide by that but, I look to have a blessing in the sun.

🙂 fifteen minutes to the pizza pie 😀 mmmmmmmm. how do you rate your food offerings close nuff by?

another in the line of disappointing tarot turn outs — I’m not to win the lottery to chaase the old dreams. on this note I also got a rogue call at 3 am the other day at least I was in spirit sleeping yes in reality but partying it up and off 😀 so, the yes no oracle as I’ve no reliable fun magic 8 ball one 😀 hint, for your joyous time wastings, is the latest in them as they go by fun devination sites. tarot runes mmmmm, iching yes now and other pleasures to answer with more confusion the unanswerable. it says I’m not en rougte in directions I understand or currently forsee.

so, wild ideas that lead in directions I don’t forsee.


aruba jamaica oo I want to take the kokomo….

according to wiki, aruba is a dutch posession/influenced heavily place off the hurricane paths in the carribean. it is a desert island which is walkable but as with many a paradise not perhaps all in one day. the beer most likely available according to my understanding of popular dutch offerings is heineken and grolsch.

no I’m sure having listened to allll that bogus bore-o-rama things like the hampson lindt cycle on how to make an air liquifyer, followed by knowing just how much area it takes to charge a battery aided system to run such that ammounts to a big a/c unit set to have a shot at liquid air also is useful. knowing I personally cant go past cruising speeds as I just cant react fast enough thus limiting me to a bike/golf cart type of living is useful to know. knowing inexpensive motors for utilizing compressed air are also useful to know…. for you see I might like to putz about the place ala low emissions motored assisted laziness….powered by sunshine. is this cheaper than a simple overpriced moped NO. is it potentially cooler because it’s free seeming fuel as once equipment is in hand, there is no I need gas money, just a couple of shiny days…. it could feel like god provides again.
hurt my feelings! that’s sure one ugly place to putz about in a sissy helmet on a weirdo mobile having a garage fully able to weld… a skill useful in life… tubing to cobble a plate and metal tube frame to hold a tank and a motor and whacks out monkey handle bars and banana seat doings to make such a contraption look distinctive! if ludicrous. ah. I could play the beach boys some more with I get around!

another less defined journey is to not chase people or even company but calvados and ciders ala england france.

this would mean rhs wisley is on fish and chips and thenfrench picnicing ala bottle of booze.

reminds me more of a town in canada than the highlightlight of northern france’s normandy/ cabouge but that’s just me…maybe even a beirgaarten in germany tourist traps 😀 I can imagine the cussings right now in canadian and french.

this isn’t the bicycling paradise of a airpowered island hopper/ chopper gone whack seventies! this is a tricycle bike with a basket in back to carry the picnic cool and chairs.


window shopping winnowingsom columbiaz




the fresh ones were high in vitamin D @ 39% rda and also from Columbia  “pichuberry”


(expect a fragrant apple with a tad of sours)



3rd round gift procurement madness.

I don’t have to which is why I hope i think to…give gifts that is.  the wine rounds are over.  I signed up for this contest to win a free bottle of fancy scotch.  I’ve been investigating teas now for an hour in between rum and smokes.


I was pleased the power of choice in a herb related gict got out along with a phone minus it’s charger so the card will be worth something.  the wine was well received and they crowed so I heard some 😀  nice to know I procurred prizes.  and now?


I’m looking up tea.if you think I know a lot aobut tea wellll maybe I do – I sure like it.  has me investigating a variety i currently think about their apricot black and maybe the cranberry apple one too along with perennial favorites like the lapseng  andthe extra fancy grade formosa oolong.  however 75 in tea is like going to teavana or some snob ass mall store where you worry they might smash you in the face with the lid claiming to waft the scents your way :D.


david rio fuji apple is also hard again to find those of you near enough san francisco show get me some because you love me ::D  makers of the long island cola rum vanilla and mummys passion intrigue ;me and yet I think I have to buy by the case from them if I trigger pull but oo lala that was and can be again a fine treat a tea tasting like pop or a fruitty mummy tea or get that shite away from me rum vanilla which I don’t but others oaften do like.


I believe the gilway sugars come in…oo sorry back to marktwendell for that.  the gilway sugar cubes come in the shape of the card suits… so yet, you can be a bit sissy and fire up your motorhead ace of spades and drink a cup of tea with an spade shaped sugar.  utterly rediculous?  good 😀 I try.


one other likes the idea of clove smokes and craft beers but my favorite her aunt works for bugger so no breckenridge vanilla porter.  I may have to break down and have samuel smith’s help a feller out with a fine raspberry beer 😀 or oh god a round of the illegal in the usa hence you might have wondered where they went, clove cigarettes. 


if one isn’t afraid of things to come and go in life and thus special order ouch the cost but oo the special, you too might find treasures half aworld waiting for your business away.  that’s got some nice stuff ev en if I already knew about the ron zacappa 😀  is absynthe. if you’d like one I have had.  yes I’m well aware this stuff is outragiously priced when you consider the 39 euro deliver anything now start shopping?  eek.  but, it is good and then as even now this stuff is worth every penny yes for a 200 ml bottle youch! it’s good but lol 80% alcohol by volume don’t you worry this stuff will light you up. for the kaleidoscope is another offer.

what’s some of youre neat places for trinketry?




if the morning sun says…

juice newton was it had a song angel of the morning with the line if the morning sun says we’ve sinnedthen it was what I wanted now. Let me just say 😀 that’s true enough as line’s go. last evening was a fine time for a tail spin of perspectives…no, I’m not ready to leap tall buildings like superman this morning but I do have coffee.

the dog ate the corner out of the couch. BUT it’s the corner most of us push against the wall so whtevs…. it’s not like I was particularly surprised or heartbroke…. but somehow I didn’t have the oomph to say that cliche… this why we cant have nice things 😀 😀

I looked into my cup not seeing the tea leaves of my latest fortunes but an empty mug of coffee oh boooo! it really is sad to feel like two people for a moment one tellling the other oh wanh get up and make another pot. 😀

I’m disappointed heheheheh that I didn’t have me a good growler of an evening to have a hard morning…not although, if the brew on broadway…BOB wasn’t interested in bottling it’s russian imperial stout… just imagine what an evening that could have been! half a gallon growlers are at 9% abv BEER. of course this is why I have the ability to type now after good rest and no reason to hate my actions for their consequences at present

all the animals are extra lovely lately, I hope this doesn’t mean I’m way ill and don’t know it 😀 and they’re just being annoyances 😀 but such is the challenge of perspective or per glasses/spectacles per views as in there are many. and?

grand day to you. I’ve another whole free hour before mst get after getting ready and to and doing w.o.r.k.


on the list yet.

I’m skipping the poetry festival as I’m thinking I’m already feeling too poetic anyways.  I may have a minor shot to catch an evening after work tomorrow but that too seems better spent round dead done errands. 

I didn’t collect rocks from one significant place as it doesn’t and hasn’t existed for years and is repaved and tracked with lightrail west to golden, co.  I didn’t have any place to park that wasn’t dead obvious and well…. it isn’t exactly legal nor safe from what I saw to poach anywhere near.

I got a simple phone to replace the one i still cant find as I see no reason to pay ten cents a minute and struggle to make my budget with it’s temp fill in which was re-carded half used and given to my barber.  that’s one of my errands to finish which is before it’s dead to get it’s charger to him.

speaking of the barber I did also get him a please dont get yourself tossed this summer to live with me bribe his lady pal of a neato with herb vaporizing smoking device mostly for the herb lifestyle with wax and herb and blankity – blasphemy my goodness! it was double from what I remember doubled again $10 effectly for a fancy quarter ounce which for anyone who doesn’t know is moderated partaking for a silly week! holy crap that stuff went up.  40% tax sure hasn’t helped.

Igot my phone paid as I said and replaced so unfortunately I have to wait a dayish to fix the other change to my billing amount and pay the other half.  my bill went down to every other month $75 ish versus the two smart phone plans at $100+  so yay there.

I stopped into the recycled paint place to put in my request for 2 gallons black as they were temporarily out today.  in about 2 weeks I should have my dead black no grey satin paint for my splash wall.

target sears are paid as is my bank loan.  I’m a tad closer to that eventually being done if i keep after not having so many nickler”s dimers of bs to bleed me.

its 8.01.14  the day it was obvious 3 some back that what was in the fire burnt to a cinder.  swiftly after this I was very lucky to meet a couple on their way about the country meeting many even if my moment was fifteen minutes or less …if you think I’m mad I’m not, I unfortunately have a high recall of events and they all fit something into my thoughts…thus perhaps you can guess why I think I’m best served poeting alone in my thoughts and feelings this evening afterall  I’ve one lime left for a couple of cuba libres ala ciet soda/rum/bitters/ice.  zero it says on the cans 😉 fairly poetic 😀 ain’t it? zero liberation?  I mention this as if you read the tarot I got to remind me of what I was dumb enough to ask when I always did know anyways despite trying to drown in the river denial…how come that never works?…I’m reminded of the obvious.  I can want my other “half” yet that inherently means they’ve a choice too.  while it’s unfortunate that lottery winnings are too few my way, it would change the point even if I stepped on a landmine rocket me ripped apart from what I’m used to to see more after that…  it’s still a choice and not one wholly mine.  it still requires me to give in a connecting way…let’s face it kind words only hint at the power of life not make it until one is there and BAGGAGE like other relationships aren’t neatly finished as we must take people as they are… well, I’m not keen onthe multifold risk of instant forever again and always heartache wishing after chasing after someone not done with another….too damn much risk…tear.. of the obvious without easy wads of make choices easy cash this is only me fighting for one more heartache of no, no thank you afterall.  all the slights say somethings to have a nice day seem that whatevver was cooled to be what real tangible hope is there?  don’t get me wrong I’m still an idiot interested in a international coffee but today right on time seems poetically timed to prove?  it can be why not?  but it’s a doubled risk from already a struggle to heaven or hell to keep anyone.  honest appraisal says my gains wont be but a smile stolen from another to spoil what I ain’t getting.  so pft. another pissed hope and struggle for love or glory seems to await the endgame of heartache.

on a light note. there is beer.  I’m not dead broke and I’m clawing closer to a whole of of my little don’t matter anyways dreams come true.  grand day to you.


Delusions Of Sanity

I’m having just thaat a nice after coffee moment where I congratulate myself on such sane thoughts after admitting much of what I’m after is the opposite insane.  My tarot moment treats me like nathan after king david with heres a little thing you forgot THE TRUTH.  I have to get my month chores done as it’s pay bills day…woot, spend piles of money so fast it’s insane how unfulfilling it is after the excitement wheres off….please don’t make a sex joke here….

the following link has pictures and the kstc or my question is keep staying the course? in case you don’t know my thoughts.

I wrote more but delete it not because I cant share but this is topical not some expose josh entirely meant to embarass me ten minutes from now when I figure out I said that.