well I’ll be buffaloed 2

it’s the seventh dayinto the stuff. protandim. if you want to try it it, it’s relatively harmless/helpful but at 1.5x a pill not including shipping, it is priced to steal a coffee from you daily. the same coffee that can be 3 children saved on the children poverty helpline or christian children’s fund . the same 500 a year that isn’t even a shitty weekend out anymore. the same 625 that is a cheap computer when yours just broke. the same 500 that literally is a brand new cheap major appliance you pick up yourself. a brand new couch. the same money if invested in baseball card the first year of your kid’s birth is about 3 grand over time to cover a real cheap international vacation for the brat in 20 years.

all I got was gas. I will check my blood work and see if I lowered any appropriate target number which I doubt as it raises one up front that make none of the other seem so likely as it raises uric acid production. uric acid is emergency first and it’s raised so here comes the stiffs FIRST nevermind if in a few months other elements of healthy living go down I fucked myself FIRST. just take more and keep trying… fine so long as I’m not paying….well not really. I can remember to take it and thus my other pills and potions. so there is this plus. but at 51.52 a month? I’m better off paying someone a dollar a call to text alarm me of this. I paid less for my phone.

I’m sure that ˆ wont be more virial. I’m sure I can spend more money at a gym better than with this stuff. I’m pretty much certin I get and got nothing but the affore mentioned gas and a few numbers I’m better off not raising out of my experience.. I didn’t have to take insulin but as i said before I get those times on my own drinking heavily but less than usual. I did get to walking more and more often but frankly eff that, I’m not paying for me to do everything and this stuff NOTHING but take money/credit for my hard work.

at least with the essential oils snake oil thing, I knew it worked then did the math of 10-15 drops per mililiter across 15 mililiters is 225 doses lasting 2 hours ish which is why your mean western pharmaceuticals charge millions for their six hour pills….it’s 3 less doses requiring a nurse. or lose of living time. thus even essential oils are a far cry from a good pill, patch or injectable, inhalant etc. yet at least they tend to work. this stuff claims health miricals this protandim and all it offers is gas and you off your own fat ass afterwords to do the real work of MAKING it work. not useless, just dubious in value and horribly overpriced in my oppinion. and worse it comes with risks I gamble my life on to have only to feel robbed.

thus protandim is not going to be my fountain of youth. I will be my own at the devils’ price for what I’d get being honest anyways. if you want a literary allusion

a russian tale I forget name and origin goes as follows, a man will be rich if he wears this coat and doesn’t shave or cut hair for 7 years. he’ll always find money in his pockets should his hands ask for it but 7 years if he makes it as a pariah he’ll be? rich. needless to say this is a life lesson that few of us dedicate ourselves this much to any goal and it’s no longer 7 but 10 anyways to be an overnight success… but anyways with all the struggle and toil we gain our aims. the devil need make us no deal as we’d get it ourselves by ourselves and never overnight but after due process.

so 7 days is now seven years laugh. a few pennies is gone aw boo. I stink …great company I am but metformin was two step tango bathroom mix worse fluid. and good for whoever 3 people made their few cents off me.

I probably wouldn’t be so mad if I didn’t smell and poetically have just as good of performance on the real people poker tables but by by ten grand a table buy ins 3 for 3 minutes I mights as well admit I suck worse than a 4 year old sugared out adhd at card ooo shiny! bye bye pile. of . chips. but that’s the truth and my mood. all I have is foul winds for fifty plus pissed away here comes a three day weekend working while others have a life as I give two three day weekends per every day off I get. I get two a year. never actual holidays. I work them all.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “well I’ll be buffaloed 2”

Hi Josh. I’ll be working Monday, too. I’m sorry about the stinky stuff. Did they offer a money back guarantee thingy? You give a great negative review. I will avoid the stuff. You are a very, very social person, and I can only imagine how hard it is for you to miss your friends and family celebrating a 3 day weekend with picnic food and games. And beer and stuff. I wish I knew it could help you feel better if I mentioned about your helping the old people feel better because you will be there. I know my spirits brightened when I saw your comment.

as I said 😀 my largest problem wasn’t the weekend of work nor the gas but losing at poker 😉 I’m not kidding, it does annoy me that I have this stuff that wont turn out to be a life changer in the time I have to dedicate to a trial with hope and results. I knew I literally had a week to get some notion of how I’d feel if any different which really isn’t fair… but life is life and I have to know prior to autoshipment points leaving a week for everything. you know I did the same for humana my insurance with a solid week when their phone neglected one detail in info gatherig meaning my card was auto booted took 2 tries to get the number to the lady on the phone and now I risk my prescriptions being expired prior to being filled which is like paying for that for nothing all because of wait 10 days for anything to post. yeah right hassel and magically it didn’t like I didn’t pay nor try. but again. details are geared to be annoying. now thanks for the feel good I plan on some tea as I can get up my balances and make sure I maximize my little moneys as that’s the name of the game… remember that there fanncy flavors? I think I want one 😀 and unlike before ma’am where I could remember forever every slight, this job is a blessing in that I come home have just enough go to bed forget dang near everything and get up on time and do it again… this overall has a rythm that while not entirely healthy is far better than what I had going which was heartbroke right on schedule after the lil seasons in the sun of internet living up all night disappeared. sure I got numbers game popular on xanga and I remember how well it was a thrill but it was just buzz if one is popular people came if not they didn’t and most of it was robotic search engine traffic ;)…and or the luck of the timing posting just as eaern standard time had a chance.

so, this gas was somewhat like petrol? would you hold it against me if I imagine you motoring your way down the sidewalk to improved numbers. (I am poking fun with you, not at you.)

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