bucket list.

“Madadayo” is playing on and off at present. a fine japanese film ….yes…subtitles… of it’s story of a beloved teacher who finds his books salable and moves into a career as a writer. he will however always be beloved by his past and present students. soon a yearly party is arranged even during the war years to celebrate a question… “madadayo” not yet. the response of these parties to the theme that he isn’t dead yet. I remember and delightfully await his cooking party prior to the parties where he serves up a pot of something dreadful sounding to the guests and makes a few jokes. there is something about our beloved characters that adds to our days. like perhaps the sign …that will without fail to keep people from peeing on his alley wall… scissors.

I’m fresh done with “we cant help it, We’re men.” a red green show special. wherein the toilet tank beer cooler was glorious as to emptying the melted ice…just flush.

this is preceeded by the new movie I just got at the big lots, “the tv set” a show about where we go to haave our dreams cancelled. as you see from the above I didn’t find “”the stunt man” with peter o’toole which is the movie answer to the tv’s set’s theme of the way so many things aren’t what they were intended originally to be….

I did find my snag in the story “reading lolita in tehran” as we’ve moved into James which reminds me I haven’t read all the classics nor seen all of them but GOOD 😀
you should have seen my surprise at the so many things I forgot I bought or even still posessed as I pulled out my movies after the tv set was finished and another belt was required… of movie magic not wine… I over did that last night because I failed to eat before the what normally is allowable but not without food it isn’t amounts. oops. yes, I defend that statement in this paragraph… emotions are fleeting when one selects one or a little of the magic moment wears off..

this is entitled bucket list because so much out there is our thoughts or at least mine that I’d never live them all so why not the best of these thoughts? there I go judging the merit of my thoughts turning them into dreams to say one is better than the other. what is so useless and non life-fulfilling as a day of darkened ominous clouds wherein I forgot to post my schedule and I awoke to what was that in the tub ? what is so much grander of a day of living wherein I foresake fine film viewing to do what only matters in the sunny times a walk to the fine smothered burrito that I probably cant have just yet as I blew my calories budget again with a real soda twice…. I mean what makes the buritto the bucket list dream of saucey green chili with just a note of vegetation bright spot tween the river of cheese melted upon what one chose to fill the tortilla with be that beans and chicarones…fried pork skins… or perhaps beef… maybey the other options cowardly no not lion chicken. why is this any more value than a forced slog about the bnk balances dwindling to see “the world”

I have been to chester west virginia, just over the river from east liverpool ohio. ohio is boring as states go as all there is is slightly cheaper jug wine and the local sports teams to get madly excited about. but imagine now that i have stepped from the vehicle to take one picture that I have many years since lost of a metal bridge so common in the fifties isgh of architecture ish and I effed up the shot it leans, it’s crooked!” I at least was excited about the museum of pottery that turned out to be closed. I took a crappy photgrpah in west virginnie weeee! I saw sights of rolling pastures and farms like that of puzzles in ohio and dang near turned my ankle in west virginia. I was alone for much of my experience of chester west virginia. making bad photography and somehow wasn’t in ohio. later ohio was visiting a hotel room I got as I picked the wroooonnng place and somehow am reminded that makes no sense of how I lost my carton of orange mint kamels due to a foul of in my bags arriving with me but not the unlabled multiple bottles of hdrocodone that I didn’t want thanks to indiana law not allowing customer/passengers to switch their own bags … I mean yep to get oops robbed… memory is tricky because while I’m sure i had this experience… of that I’ve no doubt, I took a bus from knoxsville tennessee in this particularl run up to ohio. one doesn’t go through indianapolis via this direction.

if the above paragraph makes no sense for lack of a point, consider that I mean, How the hell am I going to kow just what will touch me when it rarely is the beauty of the tourism pamphlet? I mean to say that I remember visiting the glenwood springs colorado and walking into town and being reminded of a thought that not everything was as it is corporate now…the spaghetti tasted like the stuff you can’t believe you ordered from the pizza hut when I never did put two and two together that pizza sauce is like spaghetti sauce or that pizza and ber weren’t a menu item combination that even seemed appealing at ten… now it’s tough to get a good relationship going with the right delivery driver to just pick you up a six on his or her way. I mean that spaghetti that just is tastelessly bland even compared with chef boyardee. you can’t tell me that this is a lesser value of experience than seeing it snow while one is in a giant pool sized hot tub. the second is a legit picture in my head but having your sister then like a preteen tell you those two over there…damn the ooptics not working…not… were having sex. I mean I have to say that whole idylic thought is still polluted by that just as it was odious visiting the amusement park to see by signs that I’m literally mentioned by conditions medical to be too old to have any damn fun there. which is just like hearing that warning of the put a lil pep into your pole cialis for men commercial saying only my doctor can tell me I’m healthy enough to have sex. I’m saying that seeing 47 1/2 girl in line after the obviously 50 inch boys getting someone to try and toss him off the ride? I may not see clearly but one head was above the rope railing and one clearly wasn’t. but he hell of others is all the teens enjoying themselves. kissing of all the horrendous things. believe me I am occassionally glad I’m blind… I missed on purpose i suppose a lot of things.

I do get a kick out of the meaningful moment however full of shite i is where alf garnet in one of his more recent specials says it’s bloody patriotic to smoke whatcha think pays for all the healthcare? a good growth industry. I guess the point I’m making about bucket lists is fairly clear… right this moment I’m somewhat cynacle of them.

it’s just another motel room. as I dream still of a quaint bed and breakfast being the endall be all of romance. I am reminded of what has gone before and very very much of what is… this is the double edged sword of ideals versus experience.

there is presence. there is the tea ritual of japan, the geishas of a few generations ago having a different meaning in tradition to that of escourt/companion. there is the ritual of what about some fresh ground coffee as mitch spins up the battery powered grinder in “city slickers” to cause a stampede. there is crepes fried again with a butter granmariner sauce that is rather heavy rich pancakes but just as I bought the stilton with blueberries cheese to widen my experience food I realized the thought of stuffed crepes and the cheese on the expensive ritz? it aint doing it for me. nor was walking by the el teppehuan mexican restaurant to see it closed just when I wanted to go tween busses only to realize that I went home to get blitzed on chablils without dinner which is very easily done to be reminded of the bucket list I failed to post of my schedule for next month. I will have to drag myself into work.

bucket lists. presence. dreeams and the undeniable pssst! reality here. yes, I have walked into a bar and ordered not a room full of the usual beers but grandmariner…. I’m just a stand out I suppose I also like this notion this week now of movies wall to wall versus dragging my bank account down the street of bankrupt to get unfulfilled elsewhere. I have a feeling I should turn the movie back on and shut up save for pouring another wine to say of course last night ended with this morning’s hangover! jimmy crack corn and I don’t care. bottles will never be superior scientifically to cans. did I mention how depressing it is to try to get a sip of water only to spot the only fly in the room discovered my water cup?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “bucket list.”

You’re generous 😀 thanks ma’am. I warn you off buying more than one round of blueberry stilton… unless you can convince me that I’ve stuff crepes to make 🙂 or french toast. 😀

😦 Sorry about the fly. I just finished a short book on how imagination is what makes genius besides a higher IQ. I think you have it, especially in your ability to create food and food thoughts and turn them into ambition. As for bucket lists, you have a point. The idea is to live, not to be constantly facing the finish line of death. All the living is supposed to make us forget. Ahh, but the memories of all that living. And speaking of Grand Marnier, I’d drink it for the look of having something in a snifter. We’re talking decades — maybe two.

Ew on the fly! 😦 Poor you! Poor fly! 😦
I take every day as it comes…live what comes my way…and I can always find the joy and adventure! 🙂
Keep living, Keep dreaming, Keep writing, Keep making the world a funner place, J-Man!
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS….some day I plan to kick the bucket! 😉

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