rediscovering literature.

I told you I’ve had trouble read now for many years. I really did once devour books of any type and with glee. I do not have the drive to as often and yet that old stinky sock feeling of comfort of not being able to remove my nose from a story has returned.

I told you more careful readers that I’ve attempted many books but I think I only finished illusions by richard bach this year barring me actually reading over my own notes.

I’ve picked up “reading lolita in Tehran.” this book is of literary discovery within what we called a supressive society. I normally cant read utter depression and connect with the smaller joys without a dark sense of humor. I.e. I do like a bit of classic russian literature even if the craps too long. but here I am actually hoping for the characters to delve into a meaningful experience I don’t believe I’ve often experienced, the joy of wanting to share with others our letest discovery. there neve were long nights of heady passions of discussions with others about education. sure I have this here outlet to be zanily me. i do get responses. but it is rare to share a common experience. to connect. perhaps I am hooked and keep turning the pages.

I also am at a profession loss lately for reinventing the wheel which isn’t a great idea considering my culture and the resistance to change….yet the mood is less and less participatory. I do take joy someone bops a ballong that normally wont. and a few isms i can get them to repeat of who they are. I have upped my campaign for interest to seemingly no avail after months. that lone aspect is a bit of a disappointment despite almost genuine enthusiasm on my part combined with a daring to try little new things….which means my progress isn’t fast but if I don’t lose patience, I will likely succeed. read above now and see if i seem again to connnect with my passions and remember however useless they are as professional activities, the enjoyment of reading and discovery still can be mine and I am trying to share this although, tv watching literally is still held in more esteem as a known habit versus mr likely to read something inappropriate ‘s literary hours. “the master came unto us born into the holy land of indianna. raised in the mystical hills east of fort wayne” this goes over like a fart in catholic heavenly church. the line is from ricahaard bach’s illusions.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “rediscovering literature.”

Indiana is a bit like that especially at a Pizza Hut. It’s a rare connection to share “heady passions of discussions” with others, but here at least it doesn’t have to feel like a war. There’s no volume. If you get a chance check out Cracked After Hours for panel discussion of the heady sort. YouTube. I think you’d like them.

I loved “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” although I read it years and years and years ago. But it stuck with me. Even my coolest, art-iest friends don’t enjoy being “serious” in a discussion, which is unfortunate. I need to find some nerdier friends.

considering I have read the thing, I didn’t get this big sadistic thrill that what happened happened …it just was and not particularly pleasant nor excitingly shocking… remember though I most currently to then had read go ask alice- anonymous. I don’t always get all tittered about “real life” nor drama for drama’s sake.

“goes over like a fart in Catholic heavenly church…” Best line I’ve read all day! 😀
You have lots of fun hobbies, J-man, and read when you feel like it…or write haiku about reading… 🙂
I’ve always loved to read…but lately I’ve been doing a lot of writing and not reading. I miss reading…but will get back to it soon.
HUGS without words!!! 🙂

I liked the tagline … music BEYONND words. for the sunday morning showcase of all things softer /solo on the radio.
I like the pursuits I’ve chosen to follow. of course looking back as one might, it’s clear they cost me some avenues I find annoying. like I’ve been told as I remember camp and the throw away loves… still dislike hearing about any “summer love” that I have far more going inside me than some. I can. read. 😉 tell that to my heart on that one dark night brooding :D. but I suppose it’s true. damn it. 😀
I’m suddenly suspcious of you but I’ll put the fingr on why soon enough… don’t worry, if I brood on that subject, I’ll ask emaily questions. I’m more interested in my wine though.. a pleasant box wine chablis. heh the only thing it seems I’ve gotten from my 2 days oof new fangled supplimental thingums is more gas. so
airy hugs… I’m sure you’ll carefully avoid the wrong breath.

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