in a weird way I never quite felt seperated so having a reunion seems the wrong word… but sis does live half a state away and we do not gather often. Mom by virtue of life insurance with a company called forrester’s has now had us to the basketball game and now the local amusement park Elitch Gardens. – today being amusing.

we start the day at IHOP or international house of pancakes which I haven’t attended one of said it seems since my friend crazy lady passed away in ’10 I got the half order of potato pancakes and an order of canadian bacon. hot tea of course as I’ve done far to much coffee bean favoritism πŸ˜€ this year. amusement park concessions were a crap draft, a “basket meal” of bratwurst and doritos. a mango margarita made with actual tequila. another margarita for sis ala watermelon which I got most of that got sipped it wasn’t me favorite, a can of beer which seems easier to hide from the children as it was close to kiddie land…and a fire roasted corn on the cob. yes a fine fine waste offifty clams I rode ever area of the waterpark but one’s slides by proponderance of evidence half the attractions were not open in water. I was thuroughly lathered and sprays with sunblock and still was done by three-thirty…tooo much sun but I don’t think I actually burned… I did get enough sweat of ala sunblock in my eyes despite attempts to not do that. I did seriously think I could avoid a complete dunking on a water slide which was not true so bye bye half a pack of smokes which hopefully is the third and final calamity in store for me the others being losing an entire cartridge of brand new ink for my printer at 20 clams, my electricity going entirely out last night but first with half house but no refrigerators scramble emergency… and the usual minor slices that come and add up to where did tose benjamins go?… and this was all capped nice off with thee slowest proceeding rest of the day on a puff here or there which wasn’t bad and far too much of magic mushroom’s pizza heh, oh alright, the place is really called the mellow mushroom…- yes I did enjoy the decor of the glowing mushroom places of the dining room and the pie not so bad…. they were a pesto based hawaiian with banana peppers – not adoring pesto I found it nice as bacon moderated the taste to I might order it once again in life….without serious complaint :D… the made to order mom – bacon mushroom and pineapple in a red sauce…. a greek pizza with only olive oil on the base served with tzadziky or however it’s spelled sauce for dipping. – I tried a bite of the last round for the seperate couple… redskin potato pizza which is predictably likely maybe hell I didn’t menu it… potato, onion in a cheese with a white sauce base. diet coke and limes.

I work the next three days which is nice mind as I get more money. this last check was sundries. and my only saturday off in an age.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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a bevvie of behinds – bobbling along their ways – at one with imperfection.

up five stories, waving subtley back and and forth, is not comforting.

according to signs, I’m too old to have any fun, …according to signs.

He can’t stand a loss
He’s always cross
His name is Ross… my [boss]
I love my boss
I love my boss

her brain are apple sauce
giving morals a toss
I’m at a loss, yes CROSS
those clothes are dental floss.

He isn’t full of fluff and gloss
He gives me work and many chores to do
My model, like Ben Cartwright to Hoss

it back to adam and eve’s leaves and moss
there’s attractive and what whores would strut
what’s to model? it’s dental floss!

And though he pays me minimum wage
It’s all I deserve at this stage
Some union hack said I should ask for more
I answered with suitable rage

so I hear it’s all about coming of age
oh it’s just some pesky new phase
one has the rest of life to avoid the light
I don’t CARE if it’s all the rage!

it’s dental floss!
it’s dental floss!
It’s dental floss.
a standard not to be crossed.

I love my boss
I love my boss
I love my boss
I love my boss
One day I came to work too late
I’d had a FrΓΌvous luncheon date
My boss he summoned me to speak with him
I sweated, awaiting my fate

tomorrow you’ll be working popping out of a cake
swearing you’d be somewhere with bigger titties fake
oh not for some honourable him
but some no count unemployed flake.

He said “you’re done!”
He chased me two blocks with a gun
But my dear boss let me apologize
In hindsite, there wasn’t a gun.

life isn’t always fun!
no I don’t approve of that bum
oh sure in twenty you’ll appologize
or just blame it on wine vodka and rum.

He’s going out now with my sister
They go real heavy on the sauce
I’d like to tell him watch out mister
But he’s the boss

13 dont need no mister
change out of that floss
no I’m not being hitler
your brain aint applesauce.

My friends they say that I am clinging
Ask why I’m carrying this cross
Who knows what club-med will be bringing
From dear old boss

keep up the sass and ears will be ringing
hell yes, I’m something cross.
next time shopping alone you’ll not be mingling
your standards wont so easily be tossed


who needs to buy the cow when the milk’s free
as guys think responsibility means on flee!
nevermind for one that is from the good book
just open your eyes and take a look
you’ve today with all your tomorrows to pay
quite a high price when it ain’t love but a roll in the hay.
I used to the ire
as idiocy conspires

(spoken by Jian)
Bosses through the ages prove
They’re the ones who make it move
Bewitched would have an empty plate
If it weren’t for Larry Tate
Clark Kent reached the highest height
With the help of Perry White
And if we may be retrograde
Speak the name Reuben Kincaid
Now the other workers all say “Wow!”
When I roll over and I shake a paw
My boss is my brother-in-law
-oh boy did she throw a cow
not speaking for just how long?
I doubt highly I’m far wrong.

its dental floss
its dental floss
it’s dental floss
put on something less hot.

I love my boss
I love my boss
I love my boss
I love my boss
From the Liner:
1990- Whistle while you work.
Lyrics taken from this page

Sounds like the water park was a lot of fun in spite of your losses. Try Banana Boat Sport. I know all too well about the stinging sweat of sunblock dripping in the eyes, and I’ve found the BBSport to be the least offensive (like no sting at all).

it was lifting, yes πŸ™‚ as to the pretend it was hell on earth or expensive wanh, well no and yes, these places aren’t inexpensive πŸ˜€ you just went visiting your own.

I found some fun words and fun times here!
Even if I am loopy!
I had a minor surgery on Monday. I’m sore and tired and healing and loopy doopy now!!! πŸ˜€
Hope your work week goes well!
HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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