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not so imaginary

it isn’t impossible to attempt this. it still is a malformed idea though. I am thinking of my summer jaunt about and the more reasonable aspects of said. I have picked an idea and an anwe that seems to be forming up into a dream as I say possible. I have something of a spiritual need to do something interestingly different. so, Durango, Colorado.

Durango is in about the south central spot of the state. it’s perennial attractions are far away freedom which might mean skiing and outdoorsiness. it also might mean the hallmark picture of the narrow gauge railroad from durango to silverton. there is a college there it’s in state so heh you cant get much further from home yet still be home :D.

first, the transportation is possible and interestingly expensive. to me sounding via tmno or whatever limited daily service advanced purchase is about one hundred and thirty five dollars round trip

there is a taxi if I cant walk the one and a half miles from bus terminal to inexpensive hotel pretty much directly on the animas river trail.

there is also roadrunner service between durango and ignacio colorado. ignacio is a small town with a casino. if this doesn’t sound tourist trap like, then one just is ready for a joyous wallet lightening.


while I’m not fond of the nineteen hour something trip there with a nearly twelve return incdicating a serious layover in boringville… there is something of a point to the place. I like riverr walks and vistas some now πŸ˜€ I don’t mind the notion of bowling and swimming after some mini golf versus straight gambling bliss. I don’t mind the notion of what? the himilayan grill for biryani? I don’t mind the scariness of being unsettled considering this as a me only visit… please remember that while I have toured the country I’ve never had a destination without a person to visit. I’ver never had to wonder if it’s exactly everything I’ve been tantilized by or well hyped but not well executed. I haven’t had the hell ever of finding something anything …breathe in… breathe out…… to do. there is also that scenic train….although I will post a review… or should I say rearview of that adventure…

I rode the train on 8/12/14 with my 6 year old son and my 11 year old daughter. On the return trip about a mile from Silverton there was about 5 girls flashing the train with their shirts raised up. There was also 1 male with his pants down mooning the train. If that is not enough nudity, coming into Durango there was another 3 episodes of males mooning the train along the river. I realize the train company cannot control the actions of others however when a call was placed too the Silverton and Durango police I was informed that the train company did not report the incident. I know if this was my business I would have the train personnel calling the authorities immediately when these acts occur. The response I got from the Durango railroad was it was not their responsibility. If you have small children then I would think twice about spending a couple hundred dollars on this nudity filled ride.

I can’t help thinking this review will generate more business than it warns off. darren was not bewitched.

I cant say I’ve much more to wondeer about attractions wise than a tour of the libraries of the two towns and perhaps a shuttle to farmington nm as the real point is, an old gf did school in durango. I did once in my I should up and move somewhere consider ignacio but dismissed it for lack of transportation unfairly. I really can underline the ambiguity of traveling by myself for myself to see whatever i can maanage…. which sadly wont be naughty nudity damn you darren for getting my hopes whetted… as I know better to think I can see such. but again ambiguity everywhere as it’s damn costly nowawdays… about a month of earinings to even get there for a not really weekend that I havent even included doing anything like eat. so in a way I guess I have to show you pictures to bait me and you into considering this.
from a bing search on a map of durango
the actual intertown shuttle.
various incarnations of this site for both words and map. I didn’t quite get a map but I did note the shuttle picks up from the same station as greyhound which is usefull.

various mapserching via mostly bing.
addresses, lodging. distances from town dropoff and that animas river trail and a place I can afford…to stay in.
plus a picture of that trail that lead to solidifying the torture of the review and yet location value of the lodging.
that zall important map point. the comparison is for days end hotel with directions to durango transit center. main avenue I think to west eighth aventue.
how I found that nudity filled ride comment and much of the transit info.
ignacio’s casiono. bowling? the pool is also pretty.

evidence of taxi search point denver co to dependindurango co monday sept eighth throughthursday sept eleventh. roughly one hundred thirty five smacks.

a picture of the fancy train.

animas river trail image

downtown durango image for the sites and sights to consider sucking in with my eyeballs.

depending on actual bus route, pictures also to be took in
pagosa springs from pueblo to durango

fourth down on left a fall mountain scene with fog.
ouray colorado which is along the route from grand junction colorado to durango.


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3 responses to “not so imaginary

  1. It sounds like a lovely trip.

  2. Yay! How wonderful!
    Cool state, city, photos, and trip!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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