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witty rhymes with?

it’s just like used underwear, it doesn’t really matter how sanitized it is.

as you might guess, today is going to be one of those days. but while I’m enjoying cynacism again, I did actually achieve something already….as in achieve something useful.

I broke my eyeglasses screwdriver from it’s hold on my keychain… it spent most of its life stabbing me randomly. I know this means if it’s not repaired it’ll soon enough be lost and that I don’t want I like that 2 bucks well spent. I tell oou this because I puched the keyboard and did a mischief to one of the keys. it was a simple enough matter to pop it off as it was not put on correctly and then as I popped it off find the new spiderweb full of dog hair to wipe off and proceed installing it again correctly and magically the keyboard was instantly recognized after days of irritation. all because the right tool was in front of me the whole time.;)

I loaded flash onto my recently redone laptop that had a lil of the sugars that were before. I can game letter post and a whole lot of whatnot on it. it is however a bit annoying to copy and paste as otherwise I cant use those particular keys. @ 1234567890 fancy this are very helpful with logins and passwords and such but the real tragedy loss of that top row is the backspace… despite what you read of mine, I use that key ALOT. and oddly the comfortable cntrl key which is the left side one? dont work to just add insult to injury. still that last post of furtherence is made upon the fancy skills I have with computing to work around what otherwise is useless.

I played bologna again – a mark knofler tune pardon me if i’m a sinner and spelled his name wrong. I am amusedd even if the song isn’t exactly uplifting. excepting in that others know of your sruggles and that is sometimes all that is needed is someone who undertands. I played it on purpose because while jesus isn’t the operative player in the message but mlm’s salvation product… the feeling I have is mlm suck some of my soul away because at heart it’s really only our fault we’re not successful as if we’re lazy… and I know all to well other factors contribute to our success. yet just like BAD church, I wasn’t saved because I didn’t believe. so, bologna again. or, that is my fear. I’ve years and many opportunities I’ll fairly say I’ve never. lost money on an mlm. never. but by the same token nor have I done much more than bust even. bologna again.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 responses to “witty rhymes with?

  1. Hmm…”witty” rhymes with “bitty”, “ditty”, “mitty”, “quitty”, “sitty”, “titty”…oh! šŸ˜®
    OH! Now I know what world rhymes with “witty”!
    I hope your day went well…better than thought.
    I’m for bologna.

  2. it’s Friday again. So hopefully a better day ahead. Hugs

  3. The only person who gets rich is the person at the top. They get there by starting it themselves.

    I’m thinking bologna sandwiches, myself. Mmmm.

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