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window shopping winnowingsom columbiaz




the fresh ones were high in vitamin D @ 39% rda and also from Columbia  “pichuberry”


(expect a fragrant apple with a tad of sours)


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6 responses to “window shopping winnowingsom columbiaz

  1. Ooh….lots of links! I will check some of them out now…and some later.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. As you know, I am not into smoking (I tolerate the steam cigarettes because I either can’t smell them, or they smell like pot pourri), but I never knew there was a ban on clove. I would imagine those would be harsh on the lungs. I do remember some kind of flavored (special word for these) things sold in a headshop in PA that someone was trying in order to help himself quit tobacco cigarettes. He went back to hand rolled Turkish.

    I guess soon the steam or vapes will be gone or rarer due to some kind of crack down. Next, I suppose, will be incense. I mean, who knows what burning those will encourage. *shrug* At least cloves smelled like Thanksgiving.

    I hope I am not on the list when I see a Pente game. I have been recently fearing games in high degree. I don’t like facing the decline in my skills as I get older. 🙂 I still have a draft of something I started for you months ago after you sent your calendar recycle notes. I am horrendously bad (blame Mother … heh … long story there but suffice it to say I’d get Christmas on my birthday and my birthday whenever; recently, nothing, and when it ever was something maybe a nightgown … the best were when she drew huge sketches on canvas with colored pencils of the pictures I liked that she found on the Internet). Badly distorted but so was Picasso.

    Enough of the blame. I need to whip myself out of it and finish it.

    Your birthday is only 4 months away!!!

    • Yes’m my birthday is indeed coming 40 this time.
      the pente I think is combined with the unseen mastermind if I find a version cool enough to be odd enough to add to a younger sort’s collection for those long nights impossible odds keeping my eyes to the keyhole. I honestly hadn’t hit upon what makes me think immediately of you yet aww on your momma, heck even I remember only vaguely when your b-day is 😀 hence your gift gets combined 😀

  3. theinfiniterally ⋅

    I was more excited when I thought they were cheap love cigarettes.

    • be honest, if you even remotely mean this 😀 you’re admitting to falling in love with your own great jokes 😀 we tell the very best of them. here’s one very GUY oriented 😀 a sure winner on bar night chasing tail. “-to female-do you have pet insurance? (oh but why funny person?? (bat bat of the eyelashes encouragement)) because I’m about to wreck that pussy.” *josh would like to point out that one should look out for the deductable. 😀 cheers mr bear, 😀

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