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3rd round gift procurement madness.

I don’t have to which is why I hope i think to…give gifts that is.  the wine rounds are over.  I signed up for this contest to win a free bottle of fancy scotch.  I’ve been investigating teas now for an hour in between rum and smokes.


I was pleased the power of choice in a herb related gict got out along with a phone minus it’s charger so the card will be worth something.  the wine was well received and they crowed so I heard some 😀  nice to know I procurred prizes.  and now?


I’m looking up tea.if you think I know a lot aobut tea wellll maybe I do – I sure like it.  has me investigating a variety i currently think about their apricot black and maybe the cranberry apple one too along with perennial favorites like the lapseng  andthe extra fancy grade formosa oolong.  however 75 in tea is like going to teavana or some snob ass mall store where you worry they might smash you in the face with the lid claiming to waft the scents your way :D.


david rio fuji apple is also hard again to find those of you near enough san francisco show get me some because you love me ::D  makers of the long island cola rum vanilla and mummys passion intrigue ;me and yet I think I have to buy by the case from them if I trigger pull but oo lala that was and can be again a fine treat a tea tasting like pop or a fruitty mummy tea or get that shite away from me rum vanilla which I don’t but others oaften do like.


I believe the gilway sugars come in…oo sorry back to marktwendell for that.  the gilway sugar cubes come in the shape of the card suits… so yet, you can be a bit sissy and fire up your motorhead ace of spades and drink a cup of tea with an spade shaped sugar.  utterly rediculous?  good 😀 I try.


one other likes the idea of clove smokes and craft beers but my favorite her aunt works for bugger so no breckenridge vanilla porter.  I may have to break down and have samuel smith’s help a feller out with a fine raspberry beer 😀 or oh god a round of the illegal in the usa hence you might have wondered where they went, clove cigarettes. 


if one isn’t afraid of things to come and go in life and thus special order ouch the cost but oo the special, you too might find treasures half aworld waiting for your business away.  that’s got some nice stuff ev en if I already knew about the ron zacappa 😀  is absynthe. if you’d like one I have had.  yes I’m well aware this stuff is outragiously priced when you consider the 39 euro deliver anything now start shopping?  eek.  but, it is good and then as even now this stuff is worth every penny yes for a 200 ml bottle youch! it’s good but lol 80% alcohol by volume don’t you worry this stuff will light you up. for the kaleidoscope is another offer.

what’s some of youre neat places for trinketry?




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3 responses to “3rd round gift procurement madness.

  1. you cant get me any david rio fuli apple it’s no longer on market. bugger. HOWEVER, take yoe a peek at this lusciousness!

  2. Clove cigarettes are illegal? Do you like the tea in tea bags? My Sanrio store disappeared and was replaced by an olive oil store. Olive oil and tea in the malls. Trying to “get it”. But I do like William Sonoma despite that I can’t afford them. Gifts. Time for me to start thinking about giving again.

    • 🙂 yes cloves are largely illegal as only peppermint/menthol is allowed thus none of that fancy ass flavors to hook children. olive oil store? 😀 you are! a lucky lady! believe this or don’t but you can with a simple pull of spanish olive oil get a lemony/grassy toned one that is great with tomatoes leaving the punch of spices for bruschetta with a sprig of basil is nummy. the only way I can say it in a word is spanish olive oil is WARMER. next you can go through the evoo’s and pick a floral one from southern france which can make a fine round of balsamic and oil just make simple bread pop! yes that means you can make a simple cheese onion sammich and die and go to heaven first bite. I had to use williams sonoma for pink pepper once but now I’ve savory spice shop. one of the herbal teas davids has is a cinnamon pink pepper you might find spicy floral. I’d like you to remember that as you can finally eat and drink on that upcoming shift change 😀 🙂 think cherry snowcone 😀 I’ll be trimming that list in the next blog so as not to be spending 40 per person which even with early 😀 christamas type shopping is too much. I am on a mission gift because my interests are WOW and somehow I have to prove this. 😉

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