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on the list yet.

I’m skipping the poetry festival as I’m thinking I’m already feeling too poetic anyways.  I may have a minor shot to catch an evening after work tomorrow but that too seems better spent round dead done errands. 

I didn’t collect rocks from one significant place as it doesn’t and hasn’t existed for years and is repaved and tracked with lightrail west to golden, co.  I didn’t have any place to park that wasn’t dead obvious and well…. it isn’t exactly legal nor safe from what I saw to poach anywhere near.

I got a simple phone to replace the one i still cant find as I see no reason to pay ten cents a minute and struggle to make my budget with it’s temp fill in which was re-carded half used and given to my barber.  that’s one of my errands to finish which is before it’s dead to get it’s charger to him.

speaking of the barber I did also get him a please dont get yourself tossed this summer to live with me bribe his lady pal of a neato with herb vaporizing smoking device mostly for the herb lifestyle with wax and herb and blankity – blasphemy my goodness! it was double from what I remember doubled again $10 effectly for a fancy quarter ounce which for anyone who doesn’t know is moderated partaking for a silly week! holy crap that stuff went up.  40% tax sure hasn’t helped.

Igot my phone paid as I said and replaced so unfortunately I have to wait a dayish to fix the other change to my billing amount and pay the other half.  my bill went down to every other month $75 ish versus the two smart phone plans at $100+  so yay there.

I stopped into the recycled paint place to put in my request for 2 gallons black as they were temporarily out today.  in about 2 weeks I should have my dead black no grey satin paint for my splash wall.

target sears are paid as is my bank loan.  I’m a tad closer to that eventually being done if i keep after not having so many nickler”s dimers of bs to bleed me.

its 8.01.14  the day it was obvious 3 some back that what was in the fire burnt to a cinder.  swiftly after this I was very lucky to meet a couple on their way about the country meeting many even if my moment was fifteen minutes or less …if you think I’m mad I’m not, I unfortunately have a high recall of events and they all fit something into my thoughts…thus perhaps you can guess why I think I’m best served poeting alone in my thoughts and feelings this evening afterall  I’ve one lime left for a couple of cuba libres ala ciet soda/rum/bitters/ice.  zero it says on the cans 😉 fairly poetic 😀 ain’t it? zero liberation?  I mention this as if you read the tarot I got to remind me of what I was dumb enough to ask when I always did know anyways despite trying to drown in the river denial…how come that never works?…I’m reminded of the obvious.  I can want my other “half” yet that inherently means they’ve a choice too.  while it’s unfortunate that lottery winnings are too few my way, it would change the point even if I stepped on a landmine rocket me ripped apart from what I’m used to to see more after that…  it’s still a choice and not one wholly mine.  it still requires me to give in a connecting way…let’s face it kind words only hint at the power of life not make it until one is there and BAGGAGE like other relationships aren’t neatly finished as we must take people as they are… well, I’m not keen onthe multifold risk of instant forever again and always heartache wishing after chasing after someone not done with another….too damn much risk…tear.. of the obvious without easy wads of make choices easy cash this is only me fighting for one more heartache of no, no thank you afterall.  all the slights say somethings to have a nice day seem that whatevver was cooled to be what real tangible hope is there?  don’t get me wrong I’m still an idiot interested in a international coffee but today right on time seems poetically timed to prove?  it can be why not?  but it’s a doubled risk from already a struggle to heaven or hell to keep anyone.  honest appraisal says my gains wont be but a smile stolen from another to spoil what I ain’t getting.  so pft. another pissed hope and struggle for love or glory seems to await the endgame of heartache.

on a light note. there is beer.  I’m not dead broke and I’m clawing closer to a whole of of my little don’t matter anyways dreams come true.  grand day to you.


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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 responses to “on the list yet.

  1. oh and I cycled the dog who got to come and got the one roommate a cablebox for tv in his room.

  2. oh and my 8 bucks on brand new started tickets the ones that never win? turned into $27 for gas and lunch later for mom 🙂

  3. I spoke with someone from your state who thought it was going to Hell in a hand basket. She was quite worried, but did come across as a lune (loon?). Does the place really look like the basement dwellers in their 30s and 40s still living at Mom and Dad’s house? As to your loves, be open to openings, especially in the unattached willing. Not trying to sound poetic. Just bad word choice. Avoid the taken if you’re one for marriage to “the one” (and not into polyamory). It’s hugely complicated and rarely bonafide. Would you want someone who leaves (or never leaves) loose ends “just in case”? In the end, it sniffs of just being loose. If not that, but confused about how to eat a cake and have it, too. Regardless, Madam Bovary is an interesting story. Looking forward to your poetry.

  4. foreigner sung of head games… I lose at my own against myself. hmf. as remember I’m not wrong persay, I know what I said above is accurate – I have had a lessing and cooling and all that shinola. it’s simply perspective to that drives this to read as a wall of jericho crumbling as if ordained by god. i give me with you reading a for instance, sure I could show now and no, I’d not necessarily find what I want but so what, coffee and a swim in the ocean maybe a ride about the close country? what’s wrong having a friend on location where I’d like to go? to treat it like my world’s over cause theirr’s no shotgun wedding to attend o arrival is rather dumb and not forward thinking…maybe my friend exceeds me in being a pain in the bottom???? I don’t have any swirling words and i didn’t either drink too much so:D I did good

  5. You should always write poemy poems and get your poetic freak on! You’re a good writer! 🙂
    What is a poetry festival?!
    Happy Whee-kend!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • 🙂 aww thanks. a poetry festival… well something festive and poetry 😀 ziggies’ has one julie cummings who took addditional employment who otherwise is a middleschool teacher and involved in the national poetry society so as they like her she gets to throw poetry night wednesdays every other and on her birthday weekend/close the yearly poetry bash of poetry stuff…. regionaly known poets local greats, many workshops for to get deeper into the stuff and open and :pro” mic moments 🙂 sunday isn’t a whole day but after a smorgasbord of poetry alllll wheee!kend the sunday bunch is a nice recap with nice breakfast. and as for the poemy/non poemy feelings, I really did come home tired then crashy then saddy then nappy then this afternoon a whole day after the kaboom of my yesterday perspective I took a moment up from a nap and would you belive this rarity? my sugar on this combo of med/diet is low. 🙂 so is my bloodpressure by comparison too but oi is it a punch in the who stole me energy . but nevermind that no whinging 😀 I’m in no need of hospital and thus soldier on! I’m FABULOUS. ;)hugs. 🙂

  6. ordinarybutloud ⋅

    a dead black no gray satin paint for a splash wall. Wow. Also. Who knew a person could feel too poetic. 🙂

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