Delusions Of Sanity

I’m having just thaat a nice after coffee moment where I congratulate myself on such sane thoughts after admitting much of what I’m after is the opposite insane.  My tarot moment treats me like nathan after king david with heres a little thing you forgot THE TRUTH.  I have to get my month chores done as it’s pay bills day…woot, spend piles of money so fast it’s insane how unfulfilling it is after the excitement wheres off….please don’t make a sex joke here….

the following link has pictures and the kstc or my question is keep staying the course? in case you don’t know my thoughts.

I wrote more but delete it not because I cant share but this is topical not some expose josh entirely meant to embarass me ten minutes from now when I figure out I said that.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “Delusions Of Sanity”

Not that queenie. “Embodiment of calm?” hahahaha. I’m more like a hurricane than a mist. But you? It’s in your draw, and I hear how you make reasoned and well-thought out plans for your future. When things don’t pan out, you make a lasagna. 🙂 I learn from you.

I know very little of tarot. It’s interesting that you do. I haven’t got quite the patience to learn yours at the moment.

Wait, why am I the only one exposing myself? This always happens.

lol, the only tarot site working that I know of is mysticgames was the last but they went to jesus. I really wish bad cookie would come back it’s much fun to get a foul fortune to start off the day laughing at fate. now I do and I don’t know tarot/runes/iching/basic palmistry,etc I get a LOT of reversed runes/cards which might mean a prevailing negativity to me or nothing at all. Mom has one of those birthday books so once in a spell we get the year’s destiny if’ we’re good children… and thus I’ll tell you I sure was excited when one of my destinies was to be involved in a love triangle 😀 turned out poop. i was but not the fun way, my ex ldr who switched to my then friend dumped him to be in a love triangle and I had the joy for him to tell him when it was over as in the good partner gave up and the lameo showed the rat bastard relationship status change to have her be all without it brightened my pal up that such shennanigans didn’t last but honour does. I prefer runes to ttarot probably because i like shiny things and runes really are neat to throw. yes if you sunday church do avoid them s but if you stevie wonder where you put no power to the sayings 😀 then well it’s a mildly neat way to pass a moment.

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