right round babies, right round

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I’ve somemeade ala honey wine with pinot noir.  who’s against bribery?

I got a fine salami pizza first.  diavola.  in between on the connecting bus was the nfb blind summer program.  It amusing asking what ya learning blah blah,,, yeah? who’s learned their cooking isn’t quite mommas? (faces fallll many muttered no’s 😉 ) I mentioned I found work, something simple like right behind the driver is a slips box for slips with the number on them  for salient comments bad or good All rtd’s denver that is have them. 

made popcorn the junk master tried stealbng some lol the nice nurse said something cheeky in response to what I said….  I’m outta here hopefully you have the best night of your life…but I already had the besst night of my life…with just the right hinted leer that means I can not respond… done in!

yes, for the rind summer program learning i have a talent for getting grease on the cieling, making bad coffeee  22 years ago at 17 where i could avoid getting ink all over the phone leaving with a good evening with the required style they wanted not buheye, asta la vista.  whatever.. I noticed the line of work was helping those with cerebal palsey get work… stop your belly aching get on your bike and ride so what you had a seizure and fell down full speed get up and move!

….  I am not surprised I started with the high blood pressure then, that was stressfull as if I’d have managed to have gooten canned I’d have gotten tossed out of that program and thus no sex ever as I waited sure but met gal pal of said day and age and mmmm 😀


well tomorrow I will enjoy the deaf cow at work who is my favorite as in if ever there was an instant hint of go eff yourself this lady gives me that look.  most deaf people actually don’t get on with me well. wrong personality opposites or something.  classless loud asshole.  dunno.  we’ll also see if i get it done..


freakishly accurate

I just rolled over this add to tell me about adventures!  oooo how would they know?  wait, google knows all my skintimate search history for YEARS.  has anyone ever feared for a moment google wasn’t in fact in league with santaclause? please google, do not tell my government mommy or real mommy on me!

anyways, contrary to my skepticism, i got a fairly accurate of list of stuff I might actually like.  if you’re afraid it’s wholly inappropriate, you’re a big scaredy cat. I’ll list:

Colorado Brewery Bus 420 s cherokee st…. finally a senior citizen type van going someplace worthwwhile!?

arkansas valley adventure 40671 hwy 24 n – bueno vista Co 81211


arkansas valley adventures idaho springs co –


?? Highlands ranch library ?? 9292 highline highlands ranch co (south south denver metro)

damn you google tellin!

clear creak whitewater idaho springs co – just about ahead of the rock climbing

campus cycles 21xx s washington -?? I don’t have a clue why it wants me so close to a burgerking, I know I bitch that my burgerking when off the yuppy grid of plastic which forever keeps me from delicious whopper sandwiches but to show me I’m downhill to a b.k. hungry jacks in australia but the bastards down there put vegemite not mayo on your sandwiches there and brown bread slime  is guhnasty tasting to those of us not brought up on healthy dietary suppliments…downhills b.k. and a bus with supremely easy saunter biking home?  google is now turning past being in league with santa for list’s sake but turning out to be satan himself.

steam esspresso bar 1801 s pearl street – again if not mentioned it’ll come up or is in denver colorado roughly where I live.  this esspresso bar has the blandest looking picture so far excepting the cyclery, but as I’ve said before there just ain’t much like a mai tai latte. almond syrup and orange just a tad less than almond but nearly equal leave a faux apple tasteing product  I wonder if this place can nirvana like that.

manna bakery and deli  littleton seems to frighten me that it might be close to the art school… uh ohhhhh now it might be new fangled!  I don’t know but again with google santa claus/satan knowing I meant to littleton as it’s got a savory spice shop and i then online need to arrive home with rolls… for something mussels be they chillied or white safron creamed.

canvas and cocktails roughly university  just before the mall as in one block north of the devilish route sixty six or zero not zorro limited.  thismeans you might expect the place to have art and seduce people into not being able quite to focus upon that  😀

trompeau bakery just before dartmouth on south broadway zero. is dang close to the shoot what is that theater concert venue… anyways you can get bakery items and go bowling at moe bbq.  I’m not sure that this place is making the rocky mountain high kind of baked good infused with marijuanna products but i doubt it.. but now adays its sadly a fair question to ask gay or straight?

lola’s sugar rush – downtown littleton where if you drive be legal please they camera engorce allll over town for fundraising’s sake.  this  is also a walk it off jaunt from


inside scoop creamery – 5656prince street little ton which is actually a hike from downtown littleton uphill! egads take a sixty six bus. unless you like summer slogging about after hitting a sinful bakery only to return after maybe a mckinner’s pizza then get spices.

a park with a puddle robert f clemment park littletonhint picnic!

another regretably forgetable idaho springs whitewater  company

a-1 aquatics where one can learn some scuba basics!this might be littlton but it’s santefe a major thruway where a deep enough looking little pool with open door that looks suspciously like those cant see through them closed steel ones easily locked for a mob murder…  i don’t know why but markowitz and movies creeped in here or google is saying come on sucker your date will suggest the fate. 😀

salon and spa foushee like kipling or beyond west belleview littleton  where you can be pretty enough and kiss. um I’d rather a massage from that swiss lady in arvada if I gotta travel all over hell and back.

glacier homemade icecream and gelato – on uniersity blvd at just before hampden which makes it the new fancy home area kingsoopers that I avoid as it bores me and I have to hit the pharmacy seperate which means an aspirin and some ice is a major ordeal.

solid grounds on south broadway just north of arapahoe rd. or more sixty six routing.. is close to a bike path that will take you to the mountain as into the foothills directly.  it’s musch of the suburban area.  you wouldn’t spot it tyypically either you just have to know this means grab a car and a bttle of rebel yell or canadian’s finest moosehead beer from the liquor store or meet up at las delicious mexican food for swift mexican…not perhaps thee best but consistant.

denver something sorta massage mineral and south university which is a mile past the furthest i’ve bicycled in this directon or more.  they nmight not suck I’ve no idea what the area looks like

bonsai nursery this is likely kenyon street and southfederal and oddly intrigueing.

that’s the list and in truth I was impressed and amused.  I knew of precisely? none of these places.

ismy boss gaslighting me- do I need to care long.

am I cashiered.

is the a;sldfkj letters  and a fine yes no oracle for the people not quite up to a magic 8 ball  level of divination.



hi-crule (haiku)

alive, on fire

truth’s tongues lapping up my flesh

Ideal desire

if you read the previous post on “give em the tongue” you’ll see something odd of me to admit in a swirl of feelings as any of us is, that ultimately I like this place of purgatory struggling after the unfairness of what I want which wont come true.  be this an IDEAL romance, a bit of real powerful respect, accomplishment, etc.  who says i ain’t managed it anyways all along the way?  of course that last sentence says the obvious that someone might need to lose a chip on some shoulder 😉  but duh, such is who I’ve become…angry at the piss away unfairness life can seem to be versus the exquisite joy it actually was, is, can be….always.    I invent suspicions freely but not wholly without precidents.  I feel defeated to begin the useless battle that must by it’s stated objectives and vision will end exactly like I put power in it to be…defeating/useless.  this may sound enlightened or on it / my way.  but.  remember….  that’s the joy of journeys,  they don’t really have ending nor beginning or without many many neverending of said….either way same outcome. 


now,  I’m extra hot to begin my week especially with a prayer for the perception a slipped word of eff off” was said likely when I was off the phone towards  you know who.  oooo what would life be like without an enemy me?  now to that charriot of transit…the loser cruiser aka public bus.  to my dead end job on thin ice just when I’m doing the most important and life saving gift of time off.  to my glory of shambles when I’m growing the blooms of achievements.  to my chance at MY aim…which now they occur or could is the time for murphy to make an appearance.  for the reveal of all power and merit I’m worth judged true.   to my glory, nope no toast bread mayybe me burnt but not booze….heaven help a soul after five only.

or, gimme a moment, a rant might turn out artistic 😉  I actually revise.


give ’em the tongue.

if one is doing experience by experience sport betting on romance, the title to this blog is rather seedy.  😀  I’m up early for the beginning of my 11 – preepared for  21 stint as fort holder to most likely hear that awww as soon as the mess of vacation substitution is cleared away 😀 ahhh what a great job I did. or don’t count upon any high marks save those down on someone me being there as we alll know it’s ug back from vacation and cleaning up the “mess”  especially when it starts off with a call to complain the evening before with lines like I wonder if you even want your job lately… hint this gift of money you don’t deserve nor appreciate lol buck up!  lol no effin gratitutde for what is really my gift of earned competantcy to cover such a thing as a short stint of holding down a fort.  the flower test was to say 😀 the big boss will be in and you  as in me killed the flowers by letting the worm infested things die on my watch with dry pots in july weather… nevermind I water to instructions from a green thumb.  I mean most of you wont laugh at this as it’s normal work situational b.s. but you really should.  it’s so common that we all want to do a thing well and even hear how we are useful but the best means of control is to deny the ultimate prize til our usefullness is done…..think about the praise we get at the retirement party?  many of us by then smell a big stinky lie of a fish story.  just the same fish story it is to be employee of the month.

now the point of the title is a random look along the map that had me see the den er metropolitan area by roads that got me thinking backroads to towns which my old hometown has one that is the way to laramie wyoming and also lamar colorado  through the ocklahoman panhandle.  I followed this road and similar back road to below casper which has me back on the i-25  til another back road which between x and gillette wyoming goes north to across the montanan border to decker which just a tad north of there is rongue river reservoir.

those of ytou who are clever will image search this to see it isn’t always so picnic perfect looking.  It is upon the way to a battle monument rose bud or something… which is likely the big indian whoopee! that they whooped Custer something good.  or in otherwords, stick out that indian tongue to that honky man!  they/we indian/natives got YOU..

now what kept me looking isn’t the place so much is that feeling roadtrip.  I’ve been on a rainy day in near spring to laramie wyoming along highway 287 it’s damn pretty with a bit of fog and weather from homes like scotland…within the beauty of colorado’s red rocks along winding roads 😀   shitty weather but damned pretty country 😀   aww how cute lookie at that little patch of snow.

now, I know I can’t manage it that way, but i am reminded to keep on the lookout for magical experiences i can manage …. I’m hint, not funding an entire trip to places for the lazy driver to think they did it all and woot got paid to do it!  eff that noise everyone pitch trips!

or, if you notice my state of mind, which was preddicated upon a snap after boss’ call to result in icecream and chicken mcnuggets WITH a double handful of hot mustard packets as they’re discontinued and the only sauce I LIKE at mcdonals….save for ketchup. …okay lies I like the not so secret sauce too.  the icecream was a strawberry sunday, coke for mom’s pal and a fries for mom to poach just a couple 😉  which wasn’t enough for being snappy,  so fine wine sprizer juices small! and pricey… came with some more bubbles of dasani raspberry sparkling water in cans. no fake sugars or large salt lick of sodium…. pinot griggio previously obtained with seven up of the diet kind.    you see mom  might like a sweet treat but would turn down lots of here’s a half gallon of juice that causes thrush.  but a little at overpriced is just hopefully the right thing.

off topic but, hopefully you I’m ready to give the world the raspberry here comes my big chance to earn out the means to be nearly out of debt.  and make the second attempt goal of making it on a paycycle of opening september with proof of the work upon the second…. meaning i gain one year of new work credits ala or half of what i’d eventually need if I got successful or unfortunate to have to reapply.  yes quaters funny how some are fake like june 3 to september first  this last year wouldn’t count as I didn’t work june one. … not a full quarter thus 3 months wasted.    or in truth, here’s the bigger fight for the wringing out MY GOALs… not good money MY money.  I did the house crap the tools everyone used lost broke and bought their own, the new appliances to make sure 8 months without them shit was ended, now I’m on MY furniture, and debtfreeness to have MY full power and savings to USE IT, to mabey even wow novel concept, maybe make the next leap forward.  it feel like here I am at the base of them  ountain’s start to make the journey… so, 😀


EFF you, world HERE I COME. I paid for dues and crap do I finally get MINE?  wee shall of course let YOU see, I’m still 😉 blind.


how I improve.

I’m not complaining nor am I whining.  I had a weekend of work not my first nor last where no part of it found me wanting to go.  I lost a typical amount of sleep to start the week, I awoke the next day to a sore foot which now this next day is not a big issue just noticably not fully gone.  I get out after  split sleep for this day only having found that mojo to be ready only to put the paperwork in final order….the book wasn’t ready for this and it took 3.5 hours to sort out.  how in any way does this improve me, you may wonder?

work effin’ sucks save for that magic moment of money being available.  one is rarely prepared mentally to realize this crap rolling our way of steaming fecal matter is precisely why we’re really there so someone else can make a moment at a life just as we make out in instants ours.  I will cover how I have not much of any documentable problem hating going to work and religiously being on time and smiling – I am reminded that the other facets i fall down on still with not having an efficient answer for the rest.  I’m not in any danger with the whole of my attitude which is largely good – I had a sore foot I know what the issue is and as I can walk I’m to work to get after it and let not my problems be entirely other people’s problems.  I am hit with the final test of how to learn instinctual ways of handling pitfalls better or duties I can eventually handle as silly small matters though now they’re challenging like efficient paperwork and if i can’t write faster then I can in moments prior prepare better for anything and wow people with how efficient I am.  I’m thus beginning to be allowed to handle real life and do it proficiently and try to be caught being taught not guessing which is a damning fault of mine being independant which isn’t bad but it isn’t efficient.

my highlights are:  I visited everyone but in some ways I didn’t do so in a markable way…save one which I am reminding myself here I’m asked to not visit as it is their request but, I must ask how to approach this when I must cover their care and yet I cant do so exactly directly.  I was able to remember too late that I have been told how to handle some things efficiently or at least faster lol….kick kick.  I haven’t killed our young adult’s rent’s worth of pretty plants.  I haven’t resolved a way to keep my phone charged and I’m on needing my 13th $20 typically phone charger/cord …thanks dog able to reach every placement/plug area I have… there is only one horribly inconvenient place set left.  I have a paycheck to collect if not two.  I am paid just enough to cover my push this main 3rd month into the big 2nd push with 2more after this to really hit that zen place of power within freedom.  I have to reschedule my doc recheck as I’m not able to make it due to a changed vacation setup.  I’m going to be on it this second year to work towards not being able but professional – I still have this shot at a fundamental shift in approach proven.  I’m far more able to bat off sillinesses 😉



wood in the durned foot

lovey animals

oo you pests shoo! oh like ow!

good morning! wood foot


water the livingroom floor for furnitures sake

no, please do not spill water upon my floor that will grow things but I’m not a fan of fungis universally.  I speak of watering as in caring to help my poor empty room gain momentum of furniture profoundly different than ever put there.

we discussed my need to not make my home too too comfy as in that leeds to surfers of the  couch has a lump on it kind 😀 yet also I must insist that these  items be easy light two people or manageable one people moveable things….this coupled with cheap just nice too 😀 etc.  so the couch, it’s comfy enough and is cleanable so 😀 now let’s chair the chair picking event. this is the couch, it still isn’t checked to roll out so I’ll get to that this weekend and if it dont it might go back.  but it is comfy

now I have an old green hand chair like this but darker green.

now I adore papasan chairs as soon as I saw one which was roughly fourth grade same guy’s house who broke my arm for the second time …his daad at least had taste. 😉

with this red on black, the idea exist  but as I love red it’s not a christmas scene I’m aiming for with the green chair but as i like the red green show I’m not particularly against being that overt with my choices.

now i love rocking chairs too and hence a pause to show you the first row on the right if you read this in a relevant time frame, is a nice rocker oo lala cant wait to hear the dog howl as he’s an underfooter… so love them yes getting one unlikely

now the nicest yet asin affordable african watchman chair

now I know shit about african culture so I don’t know what the word ekrusi means, I do know what egussi is, that’s a melon seed for thickening a traditional to there vegetable soup, both of these words are of the west african area .  now for a blast from the past, I have this one loan chance to spot that mozambique chair just for reference sake.

Ididn’t find a good angle of it but here”s something for a few of your zombie apocolypse preparers with a biblical theme you’d just never guess.

okay I fibbed, I did at least find a similar  looking piece to the one I remember and it’s search term is google/ mozambique viking chair.

now, I’ve no tie to mozambique I’ve never even read a book of a story from said, whereas i have at least read chinua achebe’s thing’s fall apart and thus can tell you why I might find the mali stuff timbuktu and all that to nigeria kinda neato.  but I remember when I picked up trying to put a look to a place we as in me and my favorite internet fantasy should visit for food adventure and yeah that other hanky panky, so i remember it being a poem instead of a specific story of meet me in mozambique.  so you’re guess is as good as mine why this ecletic imagry still touches me  years later, there’s just something cool about the woody things artistic as it is exotic to me.

I’d like two watchman chairs but if i were to do the fancy viking mozambique one, I’d only want one, something is about that symetry and notions thing one of each clashes.  just as the dog hogof a papsan chair also is a thing.  but why this over traditional recliners? well it’s my little chance to do up neat and novel while I feel I can.  I may have other wants soon enough.

oh and note, said something like $20k for that fancy viking chair, that prices it just beyond my budget at present.   well? the above is ideas, anyone have search terms of other affordably nice things? chair wise?



Light’s out Haiku.

adrift in the normal

captivating paper plans

why’d I want the…heaven