A Shy Cliche

For the sheer amusement of it, let’s play a game called NAME THAT Cliche 😀 By naming I mean explaining and cliche’s seem to mean what they do but we allllllll know people think they know alll the answers to what our songs of our times mean which – let’s be fair – means precisely what WE think they do…when we want them to. Today’s offering is the 1974 appearance of the dark light of the stars in THAT song by that group…. or, I’m yet again out to make what was esoteric even more so.

a haiku about the subject at hand. name that song, name that band and! name that cliche!

Think 70’s Band.

Let’s sing about fate,
Ocean-Coloured Hors D’ouvres Gang.
Tonight’s drunk B.S.

it’s (erotic love’s offer..not offered butstated as if a fact) in the stars!

OF coursE I’m full of crap as the band’s then producer wrote the lyrics and did a lot of interview-hogging after to PROTECT his baby of meaning. But golden rule of good salesmanship is that I, the consumer get to make thing’s mine 😀 and…. everyone can whine whine whine about how wrong I am and I teflon hand gesture oh no no no no wont allow you to interject your tepid proof of my wrongness to your rock righteousness. BAH! which heh if one knows Blue Oyster Cult’s BOC acronym hints BACH – your choice, JS or JC.

Now let’s us decode incorrectly what the song so doesn’t mean officially 😉

The clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst
what person of their 70’s come alive time newly adult doesn’t remember a disco ball light up a dance floor? what person of that time doesn’t know then as we similarly know now that time when all the players took their prey home already as that is near midnight and the place is now a tomb for those ready to become the look of tomorrow’s death warmed over by tonight’s alcohol’s fire?

Out at you from their hiding place.
as with above, crystal disco ball…which most often in mood lighting doesn’t burst like a sun of sparkling light but often seems to look invisible almost…at least in my opinion.

Like acid and oil on a madman’s face – his reason tends to fly away.
I’m first going to say this is mean but has everyone everyone ever seen the girl wants to dance NOW face? it is cartoonishly that of a madman…with acid …oh yeah howllllll..and oil? what like a madman with salad dressing on his face? bastard was trying to be smart and funny at the same time! shame on him.

Like lesser birds on the four winds… like silver scrapes in may
little bird birds flitting about trying after theirs as in getting some family up.

now the sand’s become a crust…most of you have gone away.
again as I say the big birds the real players have left. now it’s just the real bar patrons of the night.

a dead tomb of a bar.

Come Suse dear, lets take a walk out there on the beach. I know you’ll soon be married and you’ll want to know where winds come from.

I’m not so sure that this doesn’t hint at an older Everly brothers song Wake Up little Suzie….but hmn its obvious enough that it’s a dark enough typical offer of hey lets get it on…if you aren’t catching on that my enthusiasm is waning then you aren’t listening as in 😀 but it’s worth a note here that wow how deep man! a prior love affair’s thought can drive a person throughout all their life… how deeeeep 😉 oo man, diggin’ it…smell a bit of actual seriousness within DRIPPING SARCASM

well it’s never said at all on the map that carrie reads behind the clock back there YOU KNOW at the four winds bar.
good luck getting a picture of a place that is legend of it’s time or the author’s experience 40 years later. yes, good luck with that. but 😀 what’s BEHIND a clock? something we rarely see til we need to reset a clock or put a battery…again heh mr smarty is trying to sneak in some fancy lines!

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Four winds at the four winds bar
Two doors locked and windows barred
One door let to take you in
The other one just mirrors it
Hey, hey, hey, hey

(the lyrics were fund in this site… )

let’s chant together like we allllll Get it…either as in obtaining sex or understanding….
romantic winds at a romatic bar oh golly gee do i smell some cliched kind of fart. I come in and Icome out just like a door and then a miiror opposite fancy line oh hit him with a car. YEAH!

well, I used to love the song but I went and tried to analyze it for sounding so deep and cool….but now it’s a tired oh please girl eff me even at this lame barscene. please let me tell you it’s fate when it’s more like lame-oh! fete accomple ‘s hope. Thank you very kindly for reading how my thoughts not unlike a flushed toilet swirl. Imagine though poetically how it feels to be a band person or that of those working for a band to just stand apart from the scene watching… the same swirl of birds flocking to the watering fountain however mirage-esque fantasy perfect or no-name lame when even what little excitement went on home.

I know that face and that feeling.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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