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not souping but do a bowl

people looked at me funny all day.    i starteed it off with a fine lobster tomato bisque as  today boo wasnt onion marsala day.  i got a huge order of mushrooms baked buttered and romanoed. went work i’ll see myself saturday…and oddly didn’t get hollered. i’ve subtle suspicion i’m be it.  i explained the otherwise bewildering email about more space quickly and simply.  i think i fogot my meds but i’m really not sure. went to the next metro down taco belled to come home for zins and sprite.  just another day really…save i dreamt oddly of coupons and ended the day putting out the point there IS injustice but prizing what we have acheived in our actions is a beacon for others  sorry raspberry pi computing so crappier keyboard

About Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 responses to “not souping but do a bowl

  1. Forget that you might have forgotten your meds, was the email really that bad? Did you have a good point about space?

    • in a way yes in a way no. there are drawbbacks to the idea and opportunities. just mentioning wow do this is far above my station however having a way to present sucha n idea with a shot at offsetting grant funding/ duh then depending on the offset and thushow such money can do a greasy turn in the background safely enough? now that shows I understand business and relationship rules are off. we’ll see if I feel the waste of effort to research grants and gauge carefully how they can be written swiftly and if that happens then you can watch me aim for a pile.

  2. hey, it’s Friday. I hope you feel better. No more bad things around you. Hugs

  3. HUGS to you!!! Hope your whee-kend is fine and dandy and fun!!!

    • 😀 I shall be….

      working… JUG now off to see about getting out of phase two, I can get most of the plumbing stuff sorting, now to get jiggy about the malaise/sleep 😀 off to TARGET the problem

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