Wendy’s, Because it’s Dave’s Way. a link borrowed from the poets billow/wordpress and the ny times… poetry should be but HONEST. BAH.

Satire. parody. POWER. Hmn, it seems I disagree with the premise only honesty can make great poetry. I use the artiface to help a room create their poems. I use hopefully a bit of artistry versus plodding Ernest Hemmingway simplicity. Many times I feel jipped in the face of grandest possibility – so why cant I enjoy the fiction of my existance to share a common feeling I may not feel at the instant of artistic creation?

swimming in myself
the subversion energies
yet I am happy.

I mean that is exacting honesty. I don’t feel well right this moment as I’m not clearing waste swiftly after a sickness or no new sickness but the old ones. at the very same instant of knowing I’m “not doing well AT all” I am ironically HAAPPY. Why shouldn’t I be? I could be in the health soup and all those fears yet ironically I’m finally getting a shot at believing more within myself and my actions. Irony is just as obviously necessary as “honesty.”

yet again TRIUMH
ahhh how none could fail me
VICTORY! Success.

I can say this is obviously closer to what the author asked for, pure emotion, none of the truth just that smear of emotion. yet such denies her request for honesty. I’ve felt losey for for a week. just barely missing the onset of acidosis’ sore tongue to prove no balance of sugar processing food in. so might I note i feel bad but it’s not exactly the “worst” or nothing… but feeling I can walk up the hill or stay awake move outside of of a world of jello somehow should be placed in their. so should the irony of great feeling coming balanced against feeling technically lousy.

but you’ve two poems to read and see what rings true for YOU. Enjoy.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Wendy’s, Because it’s Dave’s Way.”

Those early Greeks had something to say along those lines. My own take would be artifice to evoke an honest feeling (my now deceased mentor might take issue with the word “feeling”; “Now you’re going to have a ‘feeling’ at me,” or something to that effect). And talk about Hemingway simplicity, try dry: T.S. Eliot’s, _The Metaphysical Poets_. Oh, and John Donne satire, timeless.

It goes without saying, but everyone (well, some) would rather it be said and said with poetry, I hope you feel better soon: Long before that bell tolls. You are but a boy in my eyes, but a man to all my other senses. πŸ™‚ Rage against the dying of the tongue! πŸ˜€

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