Punkysleak made up a fine quiche and I’m not kidding I had some grand soup the other day at yet another place where the signature dishes depress me….the copper pot…where the fish is crunchy glass and such whining and such not.  happy post continues with the to die for clichet of onion soup marsala.  the burger was adequate but so large I couldn’t finish it.  I’m dreaming again of soup and how…pn… soup-er… it’d be to get after some moe.

the following is the early links of reference.  it’s fair to sum up that most add something to the mix of what usually is: onion broth melted cheese over crouton.  one went so far to say it was like a million recipes outt there and yet  he solved only the consistancy problem by pureeing his soup which suspends the onions better than a big ol lump on the bottom.  I’m still looking for the horseradish connection. but as I said links.

I did click the bold on chef billy’s recipe… it’s not bad but summed up, puree then serve which make s this garunteed to be cream of mushroom soup looking not golden and chunky.

also you’ll see something neat about the word restaurant meaning restore – ative and thus you may blame french onion soup for said word.  thus cade is coffee and restaurant is onion.

this adds the idea cavaldos to the pot.  

I’m interested in my spannish come german again roast beef turned into shredded beef within that classic broth to maintain a taste point similar to a roasted beef.  which really is just altering a mexican flavor to that of a bit more northeastern european sensibility.  I know horseradish is that of the similar to mustard  hot stuff…and I do like me some gwertrameiner wine.  so invading the pot with germanness sure brightens my moods 😀

some evience of the connection horseradish and mustard pungency.


and now derailing the whole post, I must say I click unlocked my folding futon couch to perfectly lay flat as a bed now.  I’m also getting off here to catch up my banking bits and? go to pino pizzeria. 😀  or, drink beer in public 😀 gnaw on a pie.  if for some magic reason tomorrow is more of the same jackson pollack art?? then it’s time get after sugar

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “Soup-er.”

if you’d like a funny, thanks to diabetes, I can be what I was at the beginning of life a napper. you know infants to the glee of mothers everywhere take naps? well I had to extend that with seizures as apparently I need to be someone else this lifetime 😀 and that isn’t known as the sleeping sickness for nothing, 😀 so then diabetes so each dinner wrong is a nap. voila, I have a built in coping mechanism each and every day 😀
did I mention mom picked me up with potato chips by the bags? hint, you the kindly one you married and maybe even the kitty cats would let you enjoy a ride about me town….there are many carb devils out

I love quiche, especially fine quiche AND soup, especially grand soup! 🙂
I ate at a restaurant called Souper Salad! 🙂
I am not a fan of horseradish, though! 😮 But, loves mustards! 🙂
Yay on your futon! 🙂
Yay for pizza and beer! (I’d have rootbeer! I am wild and goofy enough without drinking beer! 😛 )
“Gnaw on a pie” as in pizza pie or pie pie?! Make mine cherry! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…I will never look at barf the same way again! I will now see it as art! 😉 Thanks to you! 😀

and some fine british comedy now 😀 rootbeer with chocolate ice cream whipped cream and cherry atop hugs the 😀 yay I have a technicl bed again….watch all the hints and smiles of girls dry right up 😀 mud fish hug it’s alright….I’ve a half case of murphy’s law. sis and mom did a work stint at souper salad… sis swears by the place when picking outtings no one else has any say in 😀 family baby brat privilages I guess. 😀 they all bitch I’m the favorite. 😉 haha on the love of mustard pass on the horseradish 😀 weird! no me not you 😀 but not even arby’s roast beef or better yet arby’s potato cade with the white stuff?? tragedy of taste if so. I can understand the pass on wusabi, mint green lightning…. don’t get me wrong I like it and you’d even have second on the watson jam wusabi from tube you’ll just never believe I need bitters and vinegar more to mix up that chicken confused yummy.

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