Dreams coming true

I own a Macintosh Computer again.  it is a new to me leopard era intel based machine and it said saianara to this weeks near double paycheck.  I its so I may do work things on something that might work well might nothing it does and will but I’d prefer not to lucg a lot of computer around.  it comes as I want MY machine which had to go abck to mom or she’d not be able to print….and I had some bad deli food and spent thursday morning throwing up everywhere and squishies too only to go to work as it was either that or no chance to shine any ever and I wasn’t like contagious just do not like the grocery deli which I had to walk by to smell the finally disposed of lame grease/oil that was a lame day of illness.  so yeah i had to buy the other machine not mine I zapped  oh well one should laugh at the chinese fortune cookie saying I’d take care of a financial stress as if by magic!  makes that identifyable sick noise and what financial burdern/ 😀  I don’t actually feel stressed I bought wine for theh helpful ones this week and expect all holy hell from boss about why I didn’t turn into her in her absence. 😀  I have wine – I chose the usual suspepcts 😉 surely it mixes better than the koolaid of I do such a fine job 😀  the lat sentence is tped out here 8 feet aaway so i could in theory pull up youtube and netflix stuff from out here in couch land.  

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “Dreams coming true”

You sound good. Suspect I caught you during sick time and it made me worry. Wow. Mac. Good for you. I am thinking of getting something new, but the way we live it’s more likely to be disposable. 😀

keep in mind mr bear 🙂 first off, you’re right. I was rather ill 😀 this means….I’m liable to be both lightning cross 😀 and or oppinionated. cant be helped. 😀 now second, I am not against disposable income or otherwise 😀 so kep in mind why smarty here bought what I did 🙂 because it can mounnt to behin television making only it’s accessories truly disposable. the raspberry pi computer isn’t going to do it for me which annoys, but I will say I will try hard as heck to make it …maybe I’ll get lucky. I know however that the netflix working is just technically beyond me. wayyyyy beyond me. hence this far more expensive yummy. both mount behind the television. the wireless rii keyboard is a tad more wallet friendly than apple products ever are HOWEVER if you go my way, you can consider such a treat. look for me to try after the pi projects this next month. I have seen just a bit nicer chances at less stripped machinery more liable to be kinder to my ignorance vast of computery things… this doesn’t mean I’m out of the water, I read and execute the english language fairly well. I also remember step by step instructions for others well. Thanks for still seeing if I might not bite brother bear.

Sounds super techie stuff to me. But first, I hope you’re feeling better. Food poisoning sucks (any kind of throwing up sucks) if that’s what it was. Now, back to the fun stuff. More about your Macintosh! I’ve been thinking about getting an Apple product (Mac Pro?) in the next zillion years after I save up the $$. And I want to take classes so I can do half of what it’s capable of doing. Why? Even though I don’t know if Apple does updates, I’m sick of Microsoft updating every other day! 🙂 Well, I hope you have fun with the Mac. Sorry it had to cost so much, but you have the king of kings there expeshially in the picshure department. 8 feet away!! Wow!

I think I’ll get over the irritant of having to go to work anyways but it is very annoying to leave in disarrat not so much me but so very often this job asks I neglect myself- unfairly – maybe i like my floor? that was the annoy I was trying to convey having to replace so much as I just don’t have a domestic slave to take care of the clean up but me and I’m late. I hope the universe is listening as I don’t mind if i get stuck with someone every bit like me but wah. annoy annoy.

I thought hard about sacrificing for something I paid for I may not even use much… the ability to run netflix a pay for service atop the machine at nearly double the cost for again what is old tech shifting to more accommadating stuf. I suely will run gimp a freeware image editor and also it will likely run if still included the axis plane controller for word processing in the old open office now libre office 😉 i.e. a lot can come and go in 10 years since I last looked at things.

you should know enough about mage editing even if you’d often prefer to get it raw. I don’t mean you know the ins and outs of photoshop the leading software out there. gimp is free and the pros using it as in pro tools level image editors say its probably just fine but I don’t have time to learn some new whack system/paradigm of production.

Openoffice which I’m far more adept with is a chance for you to remember some iconic movie titles/credits utilizing fancy techniques. star wars offers the slant up hill into the nothing of horizon. another one far more adept is the incredibles

look at the link and understand in an instant I know how that layout is achieved in opensource *open office* with an axis plane tool. if you remember back to when I ran a presentation for to suck up to doesitevenmatter3 now here on wordpress, some of that should be said to be MY layout. no, I didn’t do the whole project I asked for help with subject content and coding it in actual powerpoint as such works better loading to youtube. but such is my little joys I know my way around an office suite of products in theory. now wtch I bought the machine and it wont have that tool no more. 😛

now otherwise coding picture inclusions and general blogging and in a rare case using an online editor for picture tweaks is all able to be done in a low grade iphone if you talk about apple products or a netbook. next games diversions and searches and video listening tos is also still netbook stuff. unfortunately happyweed 1.2 is such an old game that it’s beneath the netbook so is early atari games 😀 lol but not sega genesis ad above..

I know this too sounds techical but 😀 knowing minimal things I do do and want to do saves me money if i want to try for said. however, if you get a mac book… I will just oo lala how sexy 😀

oh, for the record, this 32″ tv is almost too big to use but 😀 I’m just old enough to remember squinting into far smaller 😀 I can almost envision how to lay this out to be about right at thirty six “” and thus be able to meistro as much as I know how, I have no earthly clue how the voice over stuff/screen orks, remember I gave up being blind effectively 22 years ago. I do love knowing I still knew immediately all the apple idiom of hotkeys for thises and that as it’s like apple key + l for to highlight the address bar in safari … I can give two hoots for whichever software browser… but knowing how to get about faster// 😀 I almost feel more creative already…even if I’m pissed my overhead is so damned high lately.

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