zero to hero so long as I or others don’t tattle on me

I was invited to dinner at work by one I find pretty  as I have to turn damn near everyone thing down I felt not onebit bad as I already did that 😀  I enjoyed my allowable coffee 🙂 and fine company.  I think this is from a previous good deed of making the music lady who someone else invited not i as I’m not allowed to but made sure it was kosher with at least a department head 😉  hopefully hat kind of sneaky wont sink me.  it isn’t like the lady makes a habit of staying   this meant I left the clock way early as it rained thus watering isn’t required of my end of day I didn’t give away the place and gave of myself carefully on my own time.  🙂 

yes sad as I am I actually have to turn down dates not technically but fraternizations at a specific time.  that just doesn’t happen all that often.  nor does the chaplain feel uncomfortable encouraging me to be there perhaps on  / in his absense for vacation which mayy occur- if you remember this was a mentioned thing about I’m not licensed to run a bible study.  hint if the liscensed guy says so and I remember the reasons I’m trust when I can be….it is nice to know or here I can try to be of a gathering of faith for others by pros.  I do try to do so respectfully.


in other words, this was quite a lite day for me for which i hopefully do not get ruine over and it was quite affirming.  how often does this happen?  yes, my date was pretty and fun yes all five of them.


I passed on cash attached thanks for one praised by another whatfor and by whom so her boss so saw.  I am not officially allowed to write a commendation . nevermind what the building admin says i’m not allowed to make a fool of myself not knowing what is and isn’t our jobs.  so, fine it’s unofficial and seen anyways as I’m never spending dollar on of that fako workplace goody money.  haven’t yet and am in no rush. as reemember I laughed as I got nine bucks must begin with ten and then months of the best paint chewings ever  so like ten bucks a year if I’m lucky? fuck that noise it’s monopoly money!  I will judiciously dole it out as I don’t get much of it 😀


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “zero to hero so long as I or others don’t tattle on me”

I don’t think I would like that. Then again, no one is asking me out on dates. What do I care? 😀

being as you’ve a permanant date you lucky sod, pardon me 😀 if I hope a night out on the job albeit is acceptable. if not fantastic til your internet love affair has an oh oops with the internet connection even if nada happened no oo lala’s nothing but i got stoned on that damned coffee. 😛 had to get about late and now yay the beer threatens now to show a sugar point that may be troublesome for sleep to make day three be another blade which 2 more after 😉 weee…splat. hope you’re well brother bear.

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