right round babies, right round

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I’ve somemeade ala honey wine with pinot noir.  who’s against bribery?

I got a fine salami pizza first.  diavola.  in between on the connecting bus was the nfb blind summer program.  It amusing asking what ya learning blah blah,,, yeah? who’s learned their cooking isn’t quite mommas? (faces fallll many muttered no’s 😉 ) I mentioned I found work, something simple like right behind the driver is a slips box for slips with the number on them  for salient comments bad or good All rtd’s denver that is have them. 

made popcorn the junk master tried stealbng some lol the nice nurse said something cheeky in response to what I said….  I’m outta here hopefully you have the best night of your life…but I already had the besst night of my life…with just the right hinted leer that means I can not respond… done in!

yes, for the rind summer program learning i have a talent for getting grease on the cieling, making bad coffeee  22 years ago at 17 where i could avoid getting ink all over the phone leaving with a good evening with the required style they wanted not buheye, asta la vista.  whatever.. I noticed the line of work was helping those with cerebal palsey get work… stop your belly aching get on your bike and ride so what you had a seizure and fell down full speed get up and move!

….  I am not surprised I started with the high blood pressure then, that was stressfull as if I’d have managed to have gooten canned I’d have gotten tossed out of that program and thus no sex ever as I waited sure but met gal pal of said day and age and mmmm 😀


well tomorrow I will enjoy the deaf cow at work who is my favorite as in if ever there was an instant hint of go eff yourself this lady gives me that look.  most deaf people actually don’t get on with me well. wrong personality opposites or something.  classless loud asshole.  dunno.  we’ll also see if i get it done..

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “right round babies, right round”

Hard of hearing is tough for me too, and it’s something deeper like they don’t make an effort (hearing aids?) and get frustrated when you’re working hard to ‘get it’ (huh? huh? huh?). They get abusive. But it’s cool you have a favorite (assuming you weren’t being facetious). My favorite was a rocket scientist (he claimed he worked for NASA and came up with the math for the trajectory to the moon). That he directly thought I was too old at 36 to be of any use to science kinda pissed me off, though. What a smug little 90-something. Still enjoyed his ideas. 🙂

it’s just an angry ostrich in the sand to the obvious I guess. yes I have favorites. duh 😀 I like the happy addled school teach.. as there’s more than one, 😀 heh none further need naming. by time spent the one I suppose it’s odd is probably the one I liked the least initially. but as needs are needed and i nice plus this one i happen to like one of her kids unfortunately obviously. …. 😀 a fair deal of time spent. 🙂 in truth I can be said to like something of nearly everyone there…now. I can’t say I hate anyone howeverI find a couple supremely challenging as I know I’ve not yet added/connected.l..or in the case of one connected then neglected to notice key details meaning what they tend to and voila impass :D.

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