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hi-crule (haiku)

alive, on fire

truth’s tongues lapping up my flesh

Ideal desire

if you read the previous post on “give em the tongue” you’ll see something odd of me to admit in a swirl of feelings as any of us is, that ultimately I like this place of purgatory struggling after the unfairness of what I want which wont come true.  be this an IDEAL romance, a bit of real powerful respect, accomplishment, etc.  who says i ain’t managed it anyways all along the way?  of course that last sentence says the obvious that someone might need to lose a chip on some shoulder 😉  but duh, such is who I’ve become…angry at the piss away unfairness life can seem to be versus the exquisite joy it actually was, is, can be….always.    I invent suspicions freely but not wholly without precidents.  I feel defeated to begin the useless battle that must by it’s stated objectives and vision will end exactly like I put power in it to be…defeating/useless.  this may sound enlightened or on it / my way.  but.  remember….  that’s the joy of journeys,  they don’t really have ending nor beginning or without many many neverending of said….either way same outcome. 


now,  I’m extra hot to begin my week especially with a prayer for the perception a slipped word of eff off” was said likely when I was off the phone towards  you know who.  oooo what would life be like without an enemy me?  now to that charriot of transit…the loser cruiser aka public bus.  to my dead end job on thin ice just when I’m doing the most important and life saving gift of time off.  to my glory of shambles when I’m growing the blooms of achievements.  to my chance at MY aim…which now they occur or could is the time for murphy to make an appearance.  for the reveal of all power and merit I’m worth judged true.   to my glory, nope no toast bread mayybe me burnt but not booze….heaven help a soul after five only.

or, gimme a moment, a rant might turn out artistic 😉  I actually revise.


About Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 responses to “hi-crule (haiku)

  1. Even if you wrote that last bit about the dead end job and on thin ice, I found this article to be very uplifting. Anyway, me too on the job. *hugs*

    • 😉 we all have been shown what is usefull and only aailable to some. this doesn’t mean that “standard way” is even close to our way. it really is proof more that I want not the solemn unwanted proof of command headship etc just that accolade which to those who give them seems about the last thing in my or their interests for me and them to give….haughty people in authority do nothing but be megalomatic. so in one sense keeping me a good boy is rather a kindly backhanded thing to do 😀

  2. I like when you write haiku…of life and love and emotions and etc.
    Your words always give me something to ponder…or they encourage me…or make me laugh.
    Thank you and Happy Whee-kend!!!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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