blather with picture links 2

I got the couch, the end tables, the 2 4-drawer dressers – leaving the coffee table, the4pack with stand standard wood tv trays. the 1 or 2 gallon recycled paint – black from green scene as it’s 2x bucks versus sixty something a gallon otherwise 30 on discount, call the sears repair people as my washer is already fixed…. I’ll also need to get a bed going soon but I keep getting the notion I’ll have to have two… whatever, but best of all is this blather with pictures #2! wherein I went to the computer superstore. 

32 gb solid state sandisk brand hard driver

3 us\b hub not powered hub HUB, to extend my usb on the raspberry pi,

dvd – r  blacks 25 pack. 16x or just a pack of cheapies.

proper fitting raspberry pi case.

this is to fix my old laptop which the young man expects is 65 total to put windows 7, and a dual bootable ubuntu to the drive. thus as it’s solid state vibrations shouldn’t be a problem but better than this it’s 3x faster load or about 15-20 seconds versus a minute.  why toss a workable machine?  it still pisses me off that it’s 500 and counting on a cheap laptop but whatever I paid for it might wish to enjoy MY property.

the raspberry pi computer has a case that is allows it to hand from the rear of a television.  I need only a functioning OS which is hopefully able to run the silverlight or NETFLIX access or hulu or etc.  this weighs next to nothing compared even with my laptop. this leaves me free to leave a working machine for internetting interesting  educational information.  I have to leave it free to NOT be foul naughtiness capable or lock log such shite that’s MY responsibility ;). 

I’d love to not LUG crap everywhere.

so  – now for a tomato beer. 🙂

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “blather with picture links 2”

I didn’t sleep which annoys me as it seems so noticable only on work days lol but likely is an all the time thing. Idon’t live quite in a commune or I’d not have so many issues with respect as I’d have a greater sense of position. I’m rather well but love how my associates seem to be trying for sickness #4 this year as they love illness heheheheh. I am rather well, I contributed what i felt I could to my job, spent what means I felt I had to MY wants however technically unnecessary past my own needs…which are harder for people to back as the purpose is lacking. I’m curious about you and your time

to me the language of god comes into it. it isn’t a sad thing that heisenberg does what explains what others just know. certain things are not new and cyclicaly revolviong and returning again and again, the time honoured or dishonoured question asked ad nausium. this or that will happen it’s really unnecessary to know but a bit of who might be the players as otherwise it’s static, this or that murder oooo! will occur for real and or in print/picture. this or that boffing will occur between lovers or one demanding of the other….either way attraction isn’t always quite a choice 😉 this or that person will get this or that lucky turn of their efforts while this or that one wont and it really can trace to who attracts what they do/choices made….be honest would you remember roy orbison and the fact his kids didn’t survive a fire? many more like him have a way of attracting powerful events to themselves not all good or bad. yet without them we’d not have their next offerings or the next lines words letters etc of their story next alongside or whichever with ours. I mean we like the powerful but most aren’t powerful as in strictly good – machievelli’s the prince attests to that. but again to me this is attraction a subtlety it’s powerful but not conscious persay only that we add / underscore the thought with the power that leads it to be action or big acion… chaos theory almost where because i twitched at x time I had a love affair before the week was out…. it doesn’t take very much but a bit of seredipity. thu in a way sure it’d be nice to see history, but it’d not really change much of a damn thing except which winner wrote what. It’s easy to imagine a caligula rampaging through life but how many good people are remembered? some sure but why? pwer often is negative in a world where we must be positive hence the contrast is not as obvious . it’s easy to see that abraham lincoln wanted a union and had to undermine southern values to win by a fight not by making peace…note the north would have always trumped the south’s abilities BUT look how close the south came to making mincemeat of them almost halfway through the war as in more than half of it it really could have ended in suit for seperate peaces. or maybe henri the 8th might have known the difference between sanity and insanity in his thoughts but found it expedient to rage anyways….cult of personality thing I guess. same with napoleon or even my fair lady/society not much is truly different but affectation and that is a rare enough use of affect versus effect.

well anyways I hope i’ve primed you twice for a good old ramble again. or others to read your time thoughts 😀 but lol interestingly you’ve said so few read you yet while i have any number more I believe you get better traffic than I do more consistantly ; and heh what a good thing to have longwinded expiation here in a blog on blathering 😀

It depends on the long wind. I have one loyal reader, and I think it might be his values more than how interesting my writing is that he keeps coming back.

Frank is a good person who, if you read him long enough you might find, is multi-faceted, yet he has chosen a “role” (if you will) to play, and he stands by those values. In that sense, the idea of choice is meaningful.

I avoid latching onto the hokey pokey-ness aspect of the Law of Attraction. It seems to be a fad like religion and misses on many levels. I would suppose that if one hangs around with bank robbers, there is bound to be bank robbery — hence, attraction. Yet, there would be some who, for no apparent reason, find themselves in the middle of one. Surely, something they did invited the attraction?

I don’t know. But if you’re asking why I comment you, I might also have this sense of duty. I found you to be very out-reaching in the X days, and in learning about what you shared I saw you as intelligent and persistent in the ways of “making it work” regardless of, let’s say, your blindness, for one. In that aspect, attraction is tempting to warrant further study, for, my husband is blind (to a degree, one eye, and very, very near-sighted in the other). Also, I have a brother who is blind in one eye, and another brother who was blind for nearly the first two years of his life (which delayed his learning simple tasks like feeding himself) until corrective lenses.

How much of what we’ve had to adapt to in order to make it (i.e. yeah, yeah, “survive”) in a world run by others has to do with how we end up 40 or so odd years later? According to all the literature, Helen Keller grew to be an amazing person. What’s the difference between her and others who become defeated regardless of 20/20 vision?

Attraction, for me, has been part of my observations. Corners of walls bump into me. Knobs on cabinets grab my clothes and pull me back. There’s more, but then there are those times of being in The Zone (not the diet), when everything clicks along in a nice groove of harmony. That feels wonderful.

As far as affectation, it depends on who is doing what appears to be so. Considered dignity and acknowledgement and respect of another’s (corny as it sounds) life force has its place. Expecting the same consideration in return might be reasonable.

The North took off due to a full steam ahead taking charge and embracing the Industrial Revolution. The South lagged behind, so-to-speak, by wanting to cling to the old ways. Mistreatment of humans was exploited. Necessarily, it could be argued that low wages and long hours do the same; hence, the rise of labor unions. I digress.

Why didn’t Lincoln let the South go? The Gettysburg Address probably says it best. Let’s hope it wasn’t like the campaign speeches of today — full of empty rhetoric.

Nevertheless, all this fighting is a move at galacial speeds toward the realization of human equality.

Think we’ll ever get there?

aww thanks, if not for the comment on reader alerts page I couldn’t reply anymore as you get only so many. not jumping on the science cult bandwagon…aww for shame. there is quite a lot of fun to be had with the john denver opener country roads take me home take me home to a place where I belong west virginia mountain momma…etc which is quantum foam so I roam right along south of france history’s chance and so it goes….perhaps not exactly in either case in the book or movie timeline by michael chriton and the movie has some neat aspect to it filmed in eastern canada but I’m not sure did the quantum foam thing well. books can be so much more. yes, we all can have our aspects orpulll up our plate of choice and sip a lil of our dichotomy.

😉 I comment for now it’s like shite everyted anyways 😀 it weird knowing I haven’t cheated lied or stolen anything save taking advantage of the oppurtunities I have been graced with and still for a spell risk as I have to pay for it :D. I saw the big man pick the whole box up and carry it mostly in second to last delivery of his day. I still have to put it together lol but that with wait til power cleaning oi what a horrendous mess now :D. the soon enough departing second as I waived bye bye to the first last night brought beer after I was done lugging the old sectional out minor ding on my record but I did it myself. make muscle face pose and grunt.
I have to collect the computer discussed above which is tomorrow’s bank outting with beer and soccer to watch rah rah usa against whoever’s going DONWN. it might be a hug of a week so, 😀 hug wish me the smile to continue through the reorganizing and assembly of my “new” little life. I’ll be after a char or two this wee and a coffee table but that’s just bewcause I like the masochism of assembly required 😉

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