my computer is due for me to buy the harddrive after i said no freaking more! tomorrow as a different type of drive, a solidstate one which is less prone to touchy mc no-work0no-more problems should be lessened.  I know, why fine nomenclature!  Ihave a paint house project of a splashwall which while now is dumb to try as in everything tells me I’m choosing in a way with long ter consequences 😉 yet, I must, it’s core to my dreams.  I just tested my arrived thought it wouldn’t raspberry pi computer….I am upfront not able to run a variety of internet dealy-bobs critical to my personal experience, but they’re not entirely unresolvable..  What is to follow is more on these topics Undead as is my love affairs and “minor” projects.


By Minor Projectss I mean simply I am a steward of my health and my last appearance at judgement day was damnation again with 2xx over 12x something bp and i felt as usual fine if pushing it a touch.  i.e. I was a bit tired and reading wasn’t particularly easy…yet before you scream check your sugar, that wasn’t really off.  the jury of my own opinion versus medical science is coming tomorrow.  my last a1c or three month basic window on sugars was 16 and I was dying for energy hated my job and life and was sick twice through that period… this last period I showed 134 mg/dl sugars AFTER the fullest impact of eating 3 hrs in was at hand and prior to this check I hadn’t seen a one hundred anything unless I was crashing violently praying a few kindly words like I love you as in me and you’ll be all right…again with the the fine words of literary impact… to get myself through a bath door open so finding me wouldn’t be even a challenge.  so as i say, I don’t expect 7’s or under which is reasonably controlled, but i do think i ‘d earned at least 10’s which is significant proof of my sugar resolve so to speak which hadn’t entirely failed by blood-draw.  of course I had about a cherynoble of a perspective breakdown serving up slow braised ribs which was me snappish and then later despondant of hope – where are you nearest cliff?  this is easily explained by I started up my meds in prep for doctoring.  one is levothyroxine or thyroid hormone and when that is low to non-existant – ooo cliff come to me baby.   proof it’s not i did wrong however I feel is a simple logic test of whether i invent my guilt or it’s previous to the feeling.  I was well after this feeling before I figured my love affair I would hope do not test that hope against reality please, was useless 3 years down the drowning swirly.  interesting non-me proof is that while I’ve legit concerns on that subject, i am cared for and about…perhaps not to my fantasy’s delight, but proovably so.  However the point of minor as in impact i can make is the point.  I can’t do very much about failing kidneys other than to enjoy the life i choose with mine and hope i’ve proven i can borrow another’s.  Ican not stem the flow so far of diabetes/age.  this doesn’t mean I haven’t seen another gain, by eating peanuts I swear! bible stacks! I reversed overnight instantly the sugar problem but lol unfortunately it didn’t last.  I’m only a week into needing 12 hours of rest so that’s why i think I’ve a prayer at that 10’s a1c.  maybe.


work?  well if you follow, I work on charming 3 year olds… cranky old fuckers three year olds.  i cuss on deliberate purpose.  they’re bored and pissed, they must choose against this as otherwise i sing and dance only so much.  I have not made it in to make a flag of pipecleaners and I’ve til monday to reveal this demonstrations to see it highlighted in our july puplic party things.  nevermind the actual activity is opening through mid july… timing is my line of work.  maybe this idea is just that kind of neat.  i’ll find out when i arrive to see nothing scheduled for it nor anything more done on it to know it’s place is the usual you’re so CREATOVE! which in passive agreesive is stop thinking idiot you’re not any good at it.


I’ve my east facing wall of my place to paint as a splash wall in my main space and my bedroom  as well entirely black of with art of a silhoette dutones stop humming kenny g immediately! type of approach.  I plann on procurring the two not one sofas sleeper/futon letherette style affairs tomorrow along with two 4 draw 3 ftt high dressers also motor oile coffee colored.  these all only the problem of disposing of my current couch as in here weeee go ooo dumpster  here wee go.  as if this is the first time! heh. not. and I did point out the great health evaporated and thus I’m back to normal… too damn tired to do much for long…ically storong enought to pedle up a very steep hill without stoppping even at turtle pace.  I’m ready to put this splash wall up with the japanese flag on this eastern wall in black and tan…beer reference….cant be helped even if I didn’t actually like it.. black is the boldest I’ll be allowed in a two tone scheme.  this with matching letherette furniture is for to allow a wash cloth wipe down of pet yuck and hairs to allow me a shot at a cleaner home when I cant nuclear bomb the pets out of my life fucky you yuou disgusting creatures with no human cleanliness standards! habits.  don’t get me wrong I bought my cat food today.. I was sad i did it late making kitty suffer a delay… but I tried a petco mbut happy I’m hystop in and was surprisedx they don’t carry that brand. then got mean and drunk making ribs so didn’t walk for not just my safety but other’s peace and my laziness to the walgreens in time…not becasusecause I well….forgot.  what a surprise I’m not a mental allstar on sauce.




other than this, not much is new as per usual.  I oscilate between the lower ebb of health facing just in time the worst of my work season this year. 😉  I follow the idiom that you have shit to do…you do not have pity from anyonawww I’mmm sooo sorry but wait till you try calling ie so get to work… oh they’ll all say n sick before their vacation.  just watch how fast you’re fucking up their lives how rude. lazy liar is the words not aww poor sick baby 😀  I actually funnily legitimately am.  I’m hos until I’m there who cares and even then what a grandstanding jackass I’d bunwell again now. but hmphpitalizably e purposefully lying up some ill health for to get out of work.


well anyways, you can see the touch of the blues remains haunting but never you fear, I did something over due.   I bought a coffee maker.  I haven’t had more that one day’s coffee real style in a long time as that fucking cool but useless waste of a mr coffee as in bargain brand keurig broke months ago.  I chose not to get the silly ass warranty.  yet another bargain I bought! 😀 😉  and don’t you worry, I will get over myself.  wether I get a date or love affair or wife or none of the above.  it seems just being a bit of a selfish assshole isn’t a stand out color of my    peacocky plumage so vastly different from anyone else also looking to charm. so 😀  lets see if I get the houseing, the job the lifestyle, the better luck in the kitchen back and then be thuroughly astounded girls get enough lying tjbu;;sjoteru tp biu ,u mpt sp s[ecoa;;u mew bramd therewith.  but,

in any even, I’m undead. as in not dead but not exactly at full living vibrancy.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “UnDead.”

Yay for the new coffeemaker! I got one recently, too!
Well, I don’t see you as undead…you are fun…always thinking, working, cooking, writing, linking, hugging, etc!
But, if you are undead…I love zombies! 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

😀 lol you’re so nice. hug. I’m not zombie=ing today I have got me couch and rest too. t 😀 lol hopefully I didn’t cause a mess but I c I am hopefully not hosed dicking about with other’s they keep putting their card BEHIND ATOP MINE assholes… but alerted on myself…. hopefully it’s no more than another green paper to sign.

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