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at ninty-nine something pretax, this is not quite a five foot long sofa sleeper slash futon.  the current offering is leather look shiny vinyl which is one more factor why I watch it and a twin.  why?”: I’m the limit flat with out pillow thus do not under estimate the lack of length / confort factor as in I’m serious about not offering too much comfort .  I note that the vinyl is also purposefull, do you know how much dog hair I have to get after… it’s like a daily attack from hair hooligans mated with dust bunnies from hell… vinyle like shiny lether which i cant afford is repairable either with a strip of duct tape and or those liquid lether kits.  I’m not saying it’ll look nice forever just that it’ll wipe cleaner and faster than a sofa forever sat on and dog-haired to death of the fabrique far tireder loolking than the maintainer! 

now that we’ve an overcast sky threatening rain and no one home with a vehicles free, let’s discuss the next irritant, new couch means what about the old couch?  here we go another dumpster talk  now again it’s annoying to consider another bout of dumpster-tossing as I h ave to pay full this time as there isn’t any more housefund free for such a project.  and how annoying is it to see the finalizing price tag on upgrading from one level to another and snobbishly knowing it’s k-mart sheek no less.   all said it’s 1500 in appliances to have just upgraded one place to have a dishwasher.  it’s going to be 600 in throwing everyone’s bullshit away/donating whatever is still left donatable. and worse, knowing right up front most of what’s doin is just having an internal fit about not storing yet more trash or stuff I cant clean or carry but with just a little more twist my arm of guilt did actuall cost about as much as the step down technically in furniture values I’m making in favor of stuff that’s easier to maintain with one long hair cat and one perpetual fuzz ball which by technicality is a light shedding canine!    stuff that with wood floors I can move to get after the lurking hair of the dust that bite me.  not kidding this is a lot of work and expense mainly because someone else chose for me and left it in favore of what a hassle to take this piece of shit.  I always did dislike the tash having to be my main chore in this life but it seems it’s a circular life thing heheheheheh and I’m just NO, I’m mad as hell and I wont take it no more!  I’m not everyone’s dumpyard and aww I’m sorry I can live knowing I can’t move anything as  it’s  really this simple I’m left often considering the small car move with furniture? oi.  I have elderrly movers often and thus thrill I b est be after stuff I can carry … I know this seems far reaching and not very thrifty now, but my brother cant lift 30 or more pounds safely with anyone else.  my sister lives finally on the far side of the moon and thus mom is elderly. my main big friend diving is a sports car owner so lol. the nice neiborguy cant actually lift safely as he’s a progfound life ooccurance injury but has a mini truck. so this leaves mom with a car with a fold down back seat and mom is finally last generations retirement age…hmn probably not a wise plan to let her help mich.  so because it’s alllll this raging bs of thought  I’ll just say it’s time to knick a ride and go buy it because it’s a good deal and get that dumpster rental going on my big payday and laugh lol.  the only opinion mattering is mine with my money.  I lwant more reasonable things not for just ascetics but easier disposal and or removal lol.  wrong? probably wasteful twice probably but bugger that, wait til you move next and appreciate the less arduous nature of nicer lighter things.  plus I get a laugh out of the made in vietnam box origins lol…. didn’t we boycott them and cuba excepting cigars?  we might have one this or that ultimate battle but we surely lost the war of ideology.  just as I know I’ll not win the support of blowing cash, but I’ll win that war on not having things I cant use clean or move appropriately.  this world is all about looks and function , such costs people wag about that if it’s not easily absorbed but such is how it goes have and do.  or cry and people say shut up get a job.


now the chairs problem is amusing as I expect a recliner and a simpler chair ottoman to round out proper seating for four.  it’s a one bedroom appartment four is pleanty.    tI have a little two shelf hang on a stud media stuffs and a tv hanger to place on what has to be painted… the wall to this furniture black  that ‘is the aestetic point to the splash wall to save serious space  of my entry and and get rid of old word set a 36″ tube television upon it … I meant this space waste is retarded.  this leaves only my shelf to be fully assemble into the nearly double shelf it was meant to be and tie said to the wall by means of proper anchoring. and thus have enough touch up paint to pull this down and or repair some scratchies.  it’s actually fairly neutral as color schemes go and not to hard to alter to another’s choices.  within a cheap budget.  thus we’re talking arm chair recliners I am oscilating between the glider type with ottoman which ultimately will need a pillow or two in the long term longevity  but are light and easy wipe.  versus a reclining chair  which with side and accent tables looks better than a full on reclinerlounger which bespeaks ultimate comfort and get the hell off it dog…it’s mine!  the reason for this oscilationg is that chairs gliders are light yes but can look chintzy fast especially if one needs a throwpillow armada to consider getting comfortable after two sittings… throw pillows invite naughty doggin.  moster recliners bespeak the same  in cost between accent throw pillows and such yet are cumbersome to move and because of the arms are just a perfect fit for a curling up dog doggin it about the house.  I know this seems odd but my brother’s dog and the roommates dog live pretty much at my house I will always be the animal magnet damn it.  this is all fine but for the only one affordable consideration and if dogs get comfy they spring up and bark at the window or do what kid’s do, jump on mom and dad’s bed til they kill the bed or themselves…due to my sight and comfort this placement would require me to leave it by the window that is the main play window for the dog who would thus more powerfully abuse it more places…he just doesn’t care!  what a dog.  this is where the chintz is usefull because go ahead knock the chair over barking like a devil at the nice oldlady or skteboard kid… teach your dog arse to not like my house for that purpose… cruel aint I?

the end table is up for grabs but the coffee table is a must as I know things get set down. and a floor full of beer to be tipped over just is dumb as I don’t want to clean that constantly up and howl at the dog who doesn’t care.

so here’s some links to the ideas.

the coffee table must have layers for liquids to be entirely away from expensive electronics atop it or just more space for pizza. the wicker boxes seem to add fast hiding but also reinforce the black and tan look and colorscheme of the house as proposed.

chair two is a fine simple reading chair with recline  i like.

the “number one” chair idea one  as who doesn’t  have that male dream of jus t the right chair. and that dickish voiced, “get out of my chair” saying because hey I’m KING of this joint.

option type number one chair version two.  this is what I mean by having a way of looking chintz over time especially if it requires an armada of throw pillows to be comfy.  I like it best but it just doesn’t scream useful reading lounge chair like chair number two not option two chair number two as I’d need two chairs.

well if I get off my ass and go buying this lol I’ll own it.  if not I’ll miss the sale and get nothing done but a long winded first good apartment furnityre blog 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “blather with pictures….liniks”

turns out I can’t see…big surprise 😉 and the pattern wasnot the same nor was the location of boxing the same so the couch I wanted? 3x the price with delivery and haulaway. now the bite of expense is a bite but to know I’m one couch tossed for the same price minus 20 as me hauling away with another to a legal dump was? WELL WO)RTH IT. I do NOT need to by a dumpster JUST yet.
I think that this is the closest I see to what I got. similar patter but I’m not sure about the under tray stoage although I thing I can stor a bedding array there anyways, this doesn’t appear exactly the same and lol I’m not trudging over to find the reciept.
the trick is, I’m disposing of TWO couches not one, it’s a
which ordinarily is fine enough inexpensive furniture BUT this choice just like mine in disliking it and the choice I did make, is not about value it is fine both for value, but how it’s used is a lot more crucial. this current biglots sectional was leftover when sis and boyfriend moved to steamboat as sis’s couch was in far better looks and style shape. the couch looked nice enough and I was warned it’s not going to last if our gernomimo whirlwind got on it. he did and the shape of the furniture is 8 months total loss…no surprise. but remember it doesn’t fit my lifestyle and requirements anyways. just temp furniture.

Did you get the futon? It’s nice. Is it comfortable? I forgot about Big Lots selling furniture. Sometimes I think they’re not all that cheap. I need a new couch. Right now, I also have a freebie, but I finally spent about a hundred and got myself a huge bean bag-esque chair. Sometimes I think about getting about three more and tossing the junky couch.

IT”S GONE 😀 that last sectional taupe, biglots leather/seude look is gone. the one I got is roughly the second one in comments of the first with links thing. jacauiliyn smith futon.

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