bait and switch part whatever…

so it’s dark and nasty out.  I’m hungry. there is things to make but as is usual, I’m in a grab’n’go mode.  I’ve a rare gift of cash in hand and start the agony of decision…what to holler after?  I choose Chinese as that just sounds delightful after passing it on the holler with I swear I carry a card saying I cant see – what the hell is your excuse, Driver?… only to find it a different day.  and? I can’t bring myself to call.  I mean REALLY….how to fall flat dead before the goal line.

There goes a plate of the finest hot eggrolls to munch.  there goes the sumptuous Hot and Sour Soup. Definitely no chicken and black pepper sauce.  And Twice cooked Pork is but a dream.  I feel like I should be stoned with stale cream cheese wontons.  BOOOO!

So instead of popping open another can of ye old suds, I did something drastic by way of salvation.  I gathered up things I’d had other plans for and put the whomp on them in a jar. 

oddly, despite knowing it’ll be good….eventually…I am not starting out jumping up and down touting my culinary brilliance.  this one is purely on faith that what voodoo I doo will come out good for me and you.

8 lbs rack babyback ribs nearly thawed.

2lbs yellow raisens

sambal oelek about 6oz

3 caps of Japanese soy

2 tablespoons dry mince relatively fresh garlic.

41 drops of aromatic bitters.

2.75 pints of Guiness…some jerk left last nights can in the fridge

20 oz. water

8oz can tomato sauce.

Pepper -fresh ground to taste

350 F preheated oven, covered for well more than half the cooking time.


I blended the sauce of red pepper, yelow raisens, yellow garlic, black bitters and dark black soy into the tomato sauce…. this is pours over the soyed and peppered ribs with beer poured alongside and water to make some form of level.  this is tented in foil and place into the preheated oven.  as the ribs are icy thawing and the temp’s low, this might take upwards of an hour to come to a slow boil in the oven but remember this is down”” about 7-8 tonight so I’m in no particular hurry.  Hell, I might even paint the sauce/braise onto these and grill them for to say they’re grilled.


what would you call them?

sweet beer, sweet raisens, bitter bitters, bitter hoppy tones beer,  red yelow and black… hmn that last is a current german flag.  guess we just sorted out the Done up Duetsch ribs.  marinated grilled asparagus if I don’t lazy up with a splash of the braise into the packet gravy with insta-mash ala far too much garlic if this makes proper meal status.

tomato raisen is a base for steak sauce…for the record.  as this is pork not beef, I’m not remotely concerned about the fflavors melding later versus upfront.  and let’s just hope I don’t take my sadness from the no more beer out on the glug of wine. 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

7 replies on “bait and switch part whatever…”

considering my grill gave out during the asparagus this is only technically beer braised ribs. however i did a 2 bon loss ‘tween the 3 racks…hint they were thurough well cooked 😀 the sides however aren’t up to snuff. t’was tastey but I’m used to doing better, not saying ‘tender crisp” and praying it leans the correct way. simple foil pack cooked in italian dressing they came fairly close, the potato was instant as specified and consistant 😀 but the 3 : 1 brown to mushroom was not enough mushroom which pissed me the blank off 😉 can you tell yet that my sugar adjusted prior to dinner on the table yet? 😉 in all honesty that was a heap of goodness.

oh as tastes go. this was a hell of a sauce that pretty much disappears. I’m not saying it was bad it lots of silence til plate empty.wasn’t it just didn’t pop above pork tones. which by one model of cooking gets this observation, whats a good meal? where the less talk the more eating happens 😉 this was one such offering.

the change due from the paycheck…sprouts markets which bought out sunflower market and is an organic haven similar to the far more expensive whole paycheck oops whole foods markets just opened a store recently and I doubted the neighbor on the ribs as he said 15 bucks and I’m like but kingsoopers/kroger/citymarket is like 3.99 a pound ribs and he’s like no you don’t get it it’s 2 dollars a pound at sprouts so I went and …ribs 😀

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