sweep the house? get yelled at.

I sweep the house and I get yelled at.  why, why din;t I call the repair person over a $125 washer?  because, it’s $60   or more of my money if i CALL- to what, put + $175 into a $125 machine?  f- that.  especially since3 it’s not capable of washing what is being washed queen sized blacket/comforters thruough.  nevermind obviousnesses I live with idiot males who would never know how to do their woman’s work if they paid cash for it.  they do not want to know.  they  do not want to read a manual.  my washer is sitting with standing water six months perchased fairly new broken because it isn’t a shovel and start machine.  I  just investigated a shovevel and start machine it’s 1400 dollars delivered 5 year warranty.  however, I haven’t any reason to expect to provide thise  under the current lack of respect.  but  why didn’t I call over yoiur pice of shit not adequate machine on my dime whoopie maybe I’ll be reimbursed soon enouygh for it??  I’m buying a poroper washer as I bought a proper stove.  I’m not playing this better fuck me over later cheap ass games.  I will reinburse the launderers upon reciept of spent money and basic taxi agreements. that is it. f this cheap ass noise. this place promises premium living and that is what it  is getting.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “sweep the house? get yelled at.”

…hmmm, transparency seems to be the opposite of passive aggressive. In the end, it’s about communication if one cares enough, and the potential for abuse is minimal to nil. If it gets the job done, hoo ha! Dirty laundry, indeed. 😉

I had a fine day out. I have numbers according to the doc’s viz… 😀 I got through the bloodwork and 😀 walked half the way home 🙂 probably just about the same amount if I’d just walked from there and? got a nice beer. my hug is that our washer’s fixed… okay, I’m a tad snobbish and neglected to notice how new the machine was… I’m just however pleased it’s fixed and not out of MY pocket awaiting reimbursement. I just have a plan and I’m rather a tad rigid …fancy that noticing I’m not cool anymore like 19. the rest of MY hug is a fine last of my book – finishing lake wobegone days as I’d stashed it somewhere i rarely look so missed it for a spell 😀 I may share that the best place it seems to hide things is my meds bag. oopie. I gained 8 pounds before the good theme disappeared I’m returning to good behaviour. I hope the number thing shows that. it’d be nice to see that on paper. hope with me it am in the clock range of sugar history.. as for the severity of this tone, heh. I get the point across sometimes. oopie.

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