this is a small diagram with no hope for you to get to read the materials list and such of an idea to make a flag of rings from dyed pipe-cleaners. this design uses the legal ratios as set forth from within the bounds of simplicity of materials and skills to have some fun. once size of ring is set – mine is approximately 2inch rings I can as you can develop the methodology of finals dimensions which for me is 26 x 50 height to length. there are approximately 70 blue rings 10 x 14, 140/2 70. and 7 of the stripes of which 4 are red and 3 white are thus shortened from full fly length of 25 rings down to 15 rings… thus 60 red rings and 45 white. the six remaining full length stripes 3 red 3 white are thus zdding 150 total more rings 75 red and 75 white. thus 135 rings will be dyed cherry koolaid red, and 70 koolaid blue-razz. pipe cleaners total 70,60,45,75,75 is 325 two inch rings. or 32 a packet eleven packets pipecleaners in this area 1.69 a packet $18, one packet red koolaid and one packet blue ~ $1 set of chopsticks free with story to chinese place or grab set with dinner, flieclamp to hold chopsticks together to allow the less dextrous to twist together ring gratis with great story to office manager or ~ $2 a pack at office place of which you’ll give remaining to happier office manager 😉 empty tube of toilet tissue roll for form… ~ $1 discard tp. this can employ many for short bursts who’ve no idea or interest in the grand outcome but are bored enough to help. this tests dexterity and sequence. the tail ends can be tucked into the circle later as can the rings be undone to interlock them into final design which may be beyond 3 year old capacities… thus handled by the program runner. if toilet tissue tube is too short for anchoring, use paper towel tube which can be held by persons legs or helper – it is also roughly a dollar. Joshua Seyfarth Activities Assistant 2014

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “ring-flag”

Sweet. This reminds me of my time in activities just prior to 9/11. Makes me want to go back into it. Anyway, after 9/11 I tried to buy a flag, but they were all sold out. So, I researched and discovered what you said about proper ratios. Wow! I’d never known. But I still made one off dimension with crayons and taped it to my car window.

I used up all the fish I ate this year concocting this and it occured to me I still might fail to sell it. oi 😉 I have to write that stuff up this weekend and print it for consideration.

Funny thing is im not a big flag guy 😉 just curious to have neat enough +1… activity as the pipe cleaner figurine ideas are boggling to me. paper origami stars which i remember enough to make are 19? STEPS or how would you expect a developmental level kindergardener to follow? so this which is 800 ish “1” step at a time which requires only me to know the math 🙂

since the phone wouldn’t let me respond it seems, I swear you’ve sent me this before… totally deja vu. I know the concept and I blame you in other words 😉 yes, in an ideal world, this is actually where it’s at and should go.

😉 I sure am trying to be both busy and usefull 😉 I’m not yet fully usefull but I’m encouraged to keep trying which is nice.. what is nice is a few did actually try with me and NOT the few i suspected ;D

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