Pi – Eyed

I bought my replacement system.  Computer.  I bought a Raspberry Pi.  it didn’t cost no $35 bucks.  It Cost $159,xx  WHY?  Because I had very little to make it work. 

The following is the system and something about WHY:

raspberry pie model b. $36.90 – the heart and soul of what I get computer bits-wise.

Gun stock – laser-cut case.  -$10  Birchwood stained old and allows this card to last more than 5 minutes.

Rii ? Wireless Keyboard with trackpad. $18? – because I want to sit more than two feet away using monitor on wall but for the blind if you ever thing bigger is all that’s required, you’re wrong. 

Black: Powered usb hub 2.4amp across two things and overall 35 watts.  – I need the multiple outlets to charge my phone and run the computer and perhaps have room to run things. $14

Black retractable usb 3:1 cords…  – you should note that the mini / micro usb a/b and apple (not required) :   micro / mini a/ is the computer’s power and a variety of phones and cameras as well as a printer or two.  X3 $9

Articulated /tilting wall mount 88/lbs – $25 – this hangs either the 47 inch tv I bought last year or the 32 earlier this year to the wall.  I may swipe MY tv back and have the refuge home have the good stuff…but I am due out november back to a regular room so whatever.  it hangs MOST mid-siZed flatscreens.

Wall mount twin black shelf.  this leaves room for the puter and the probably rest of basic electronics. $29

usb wireless doo hickey $9.  this is good for a/b/g/n meaning it should work on the system in place, and; is good in linux, windows and mac so should work.

black 6 ft hdmi cable $5 – to see what I got!

there is a bugger of a $5 shipping overcharge when allllll should be above the $35 limit BUT I wont sign up for amazon prime just yet and thus, boo, I pay more and may wait a whole month for ALL my bits.


this leaves me to get my splash wall painted black.  hang the shelf and tv.  move the electric from behind my stove to run a plug for kitchenry and a proper over range microwave…black….for to have a nightlight.  to have a stinky fumes fan… and finally a microwave popcorn option in MY space… $175 splash wall with paints…. maybe I can sneak in the sunroom too. $85 plus a good beer and materials for the moving of the outlet floodgetr level behind stove in MIL MY place to facilitate microwave and plug in gadgets – done by licensed electrician.  and $255 for built in microwave with 3 year warranty.  this denies the need for a safety measure of a stop block for the sunroom entry to MIL which should be an Extra good beer and materieals or $15.

this allows me to upgrade my current space to USABLE. and also leave room to get the major next project of buildinding out the bump-out of the main home to be a refrigerator bay with refrigerator…with ICE MAKER DAMN IT. in black which is in keeping with what I can afford and move the symetry and functionaity of my home…. with transferable warranty if we don’t want to try towards rent to own…. or if we do, 5 years to get it paid and have garunteed working NEW good looking affordable… 😉 stuff.  the fridge progect is 1700 fridge/ 300 ice-marker’s / box redo install.  and unfortunately, about 800 in warranty/delivery. 

now, I don’t want MY place to suffer but if it gets no attention its a personal letdown.  if I blow every cent on the main house well I’m stuck in a shit-hole by comparison.  I wish to

washer, front loading with delivery/warranty/pedistal matching dryer = $2400, as well so as to get comforter cleaning 2x loads otherwise done.  

I also wish a common black fridge and electric range WITH self cleaning AND convection fan! for MIL space MY current space within the home. 800 fridge, 600 range 200 delivered/ 400 insured over time.

these are my HOPES within the reality I haven’t that means just yet nor thesed means to pay out if not immediately reinbursed.   I know, yes, I know; I’ve this coming as it’s rediculous to assume I’ll stay in fearful poverty because of just that FEAR.  But, common sense over time says I’ll be working this job madly til february  with no vacation no hope for love or sex or nothing ME that isn’t stolen or appropriated for others if I madly follow this thread of course.  so,  I wait.  I dream.  just like you.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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