the boring puroosals

I’m further investigating as in well past topical to semi-factual and/or provable fact upon these two subject sets:


colonial economy.

Here is why it is not elevating – and thus boring – Its grand fun to here scandal…gossip…and get no further than the stain of wine go sip impolies…. FOR SHAME! on whoev er…  it is not fun to weigh and decide fate and or justice. which implies obligation or duty to be damned careful or fully grey about right/good and wrong/bad whenmuch goo comes of inherantly rotten themes/paths/choices.  

FreeMasonry… liken it’s later membership to that of guilds or trade unions and skip the notions of ritual long divorced from any actual religiousity in particular.  is it common for a trade union to boost its offerings to betterment?  no, it”s somewhat vital to the point.  Why am I picking thus on masons? I have “the brotherhood” by Stephen Knight is it? on lazy thumb-through and we’re on the crime of common scale of abuse of local influence generally not the high profile yahoo.  I consider again the advice I was given to join a professional society upon leaving college which is to mean degreed which doesn’t at present seem likely or upon gain a stable job which possibility for advancement…otherwise known as a career…which I seem to have and I’m simply interested in the mechanics of a choice with a fundamental impact…putting my efforts or good fortunes towards any one source of favoritism .  I’m far more interested in Lionism than freemasonry even if there is some room for my connecting in a hospitally sort of way to shriners – I fit the underlying cause of Lionism and have more of a life impact within their spheres due to being blind not burn.  but liken this feeling of a larger network wanted to something as simple as a pragmatic reason to returning to active public faith in any “religion” – as to be fair it’s six of one or a half dozen of the other. formal secular unionism seems pathetic outmoded and weak at present.

I know at my core heart I’m only of such use and promotion as I relate to my own use and that to others.  thus interestingly I’m favored to be of use and offer short term for me ways to turn a buck for others and or replace myself in the long term now which satisf\ies my honour of commitment a part of a new world of use / value to me of me.  I can actually be counted upon far more than before. I’m dumb enough to try to behave without cynacism and truly believe in this awesome responsibility stuff.  okay, I’m a little cynacle.


the other color to this search of information is not surprisingly blue as in seemingly opposite of the red of conservatism in the way of indigo’s blue liberism.  is it true that eliza lucas helped make indigo a cash crop of south carolina not quite surpassing rice but an indispensable part of our nation’s history?… why yes. yes she did   it isn’t a surprise that both dyes red and blue are principally available from the americas after eliza did her green-thumbing.  the red isn’t red or red lake 40 as in the stuff of m and m’s candy colorants it is however red #4 and thus in use for cosmetics and even food – best example I can find is coloring soy based sushi wrappers pinkish/red… it is no bueno to jewish and muslim dietary law thus eliminates wide=spread marketing to those cultures thus about 1/3 of the world… business folk tend to try to keep markets open not close them….

but again having looked this stuff up it’s not as commonly found in food this ew you’re eating crushed bugs!   nor is this supposed fantasy that because of one person eliza lucas do we have to thank for our nation’s boys in the blue versus them mangy red coats.  such is far too simple just as is the story given a hundred years after the fact that betsy ross was our original flag maker when at best she may have simpllified only the six pointed star down to that of an easier five-pointed one….at best mind you…that’s if she touched our early flags as a creator at all…its very obvious she made flags – don’t get that poortion of the facts wrong!   but in general the price of commodities gets tedious over time… be that tobacco prices which went to pot…well not entirely to marijuanna but largely didn’t rise much from the civil war from the records I’ve seen but the civil war does bring out one neat point that one of the later acts of abraham lincon was to make of removing english made wool bunting to be used in our flags of the usa….it’s rather amusing to think for nearly a hundred years even our flag was english derived….yet we were so proudly independant 😉  but moving along

not much of this is very newsworthy that oh wow the masons might exert inflence and nepotistic tendencies.  nor is it surprising that indigo which is a blue pigment is similar to woad which is also a more old world pigment of the same family- and holy jeez neeto the indigo family is like legumes  that include in family that of green beans! which are a nourishing thing for soil.  I’m not spotting anything ground breakingly earth-shattering, just heh, whoopie. I’m not surprised some souther states  not state state;s colleges have blue uniforms. wooooooowie fantastic stuff that.  so is wow you can make our flag out of naturally derived colors of red from conchineal bugs powdered and indigo’s blue denim blue….and gee golly how well I know the influence of how great our family in the past turns out not likely to be on inspection…I’m used to the feeling of let down by trumped up claims….hence how boring the masons might be good for some but in horrid reality not really good for all the masses but a weeknight reason to escape home and work for fraternity with a better purpose than plain old pubbin’ it….business.  with drinks aplenty…oh god did i see an elks party and even a masonic one or two and nevermind I have and didn’t then have any clue to the significance of them but wow did the booze pour in copious rivers.    


why the big interest in southern colonial trade or pro groups especially?  duh, I have to fill tiime at work with credible crap of a fluff nature but dismissive as it can be serious, I would like the occassional bombshell.  today so far hasn’t produced a holy wow past sarcastic proportions.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “the boring puroosals”

I don’t know anything about FreeMasonry. I shall google it.
I bet you’re good at trivia games. ??? You have such knowledge on so many things.
I hear certain bugs can be a source of protein.
HOLY-WOW HUGS!!! (No sarcasm involved!!!) 😀

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