the review is in….pencil

I finished my review while hanging out for the instruction on “her way” day.  I am after a year, a topped out payscale employee for my grade completing an overall stacked B grade  stacked meaning 100-92 A, 92-84  B, 84-76 C…who cares “F” left.  I am about orwellian 84%  war..unh good god y’all, war, what is it good for? absolutely nothing I’ll say it again…..later.  I have this achievement within a review cycle including a perfect 100% state review perhaps every three years ish, and a year with zero incidents within my sphere of department.  I am blind,thus suspect for seeing across a room to spot/correct trouble and have achieved that bit of good fortune.  Iwasn’t the first choice but ultimately beat out 22 other applicants and or employees for my job- should I trust what I’m tol.  this is coupled with the annoyance of not yet able to move on to greener adventures so I had to ask for a training day to cover a hardship of mine which is due to not seeing but in this case symbolically moreso to see a job and do it self-starting probably the largest irritant of hiring me that I am not largely or often that way. thus, I have one thing left to say on the subject – I am no longer for summer and likely forever a six point five hour day sub/weekender I have about the full hours day from here on out.  I can not any longer be expected to achieve my dutiescurrently taking on a tiny bit more of summer gardening “” the current reason for more hours… within the time I have.  thus  there you have it, I’mgraded achieved in a snobby enough upscale job being otherwise new to it in keeping with their standards of a bit better than elsewhere.


I point this out with a minor sense of embarassment to have worried or cared I wouldn’t….and a bit of a let down feeling that I made more of it than I needed to have had.


I didn’t buy a twelve pack but a fourty of mickeys fine malt liquor which is what I remember as about the first neferious deed of trade I made….in highschool oh about 25 years ago….ish  I wonder if that alone seems somehow to be appropriate..  while I top out in my pay range the simple additional duties help aid this being about a 200% pay raise not some sissy 3%  who says i’m not only good but lucky too?

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “the review is in….pencil”

So there. I can say it, then. Congratulations! Your review, btw, is what you carry and know inside that you stay true to yourself. But trite bs aside, it is nice to hear it from those you respect. On another level, it does suck the humanity out of things when a $dollar $ign is placed on the value of a person (hence, are you, in turn, making $money for the $company … impre$$ those potential$!! i.e. put on a good $how that help$ the $ale$ $taff clo$e the deal; i.e. $ign up new re$ident$). Ok. I admit, I am showing my cynical self. My cynicism aside, you are awesome! And keep on helping to make your residents days the last they will thoroughly enjoy.

🙂 one callled me crazy and my opening favorite there was one happy lass after “church” which I’d like to know why I do church… I mean I don’t attend it and otherwise don’t often pick up a bible…don’t get me wrong there is a prayer moment to not fuck up other’s faith but help allow it to comfort. the last activity the last line waiting one minute before they get out time and, the lass this time turns to her daughter in law and says … he’s crazy. 😉 yep.

I think reviews can be tough…but they are necessary. I think it’s always good for us to know where to improve, etc.
Congrats on your good review! YAY! 🙂
I think it is fun fun FUN to have you brighten up the lives of so many people! 🙂 Keep up the great work! 🙂
I like your title, btw!
HUGS!!! 🙂

🙂 I’ll get over the day and day after again days after proof a great review is paper bullshit 😀 but it was nice while the sentiment lastee able to joines me for the alcoholic blisses, join me in some loud music maybe we can agree on someting to shake too.d 😀 hugs since you tend not to b

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