defrenestrate debianI a

if I misspelled defrenistrate fuck off.  I couldn’t care less.  I’m irritated.  another many days goes on with no working completely machine ala internet youtube because I needed it to do one damned thing more so I can do one damned thing more and… as usual it doesn’t I found it wrecking everything going and oh yeah debian linux is thee best, worthless piece of incomprehensible nothing fucking works shit.


is it this bad? no.  am I waiting for an ethernet pulled not faster wireless pulled version of anything but? you bet.  did I lose a hard drive out of data safe til yes, did I waste days trying simple thing only to find out it’s detail oriented and case sensitive needlessly? yes.  I mean it’s not that big a deal to type out both a user account and a password but to find out both are case sensitive and required is the heart of annoyance as is both seperate passwords for root and user accounts…. it’s thus four times the hassle to get anything out of this machine and of course right on schedule none of the syntax is correct for yet another flavor of linux so all the help is useless past what I already know which isn’t very much hence bummer call picking a good otherwise distro of unix.  it is of course my fault entirely and I just do not have time for this kind of horse shit.


I’m due to work alllllll weekendend again.  thursday through sunday which is nice in that more money fore me.  however such is a pain in the ass having to beg to be more useful because I cant just quit as I finally am working on shit that matters directly to me. and thus I’ll enjoy the usual hardships of it’ll take twice as long as it seems it should to be closer….. but again I can not just up and give up on myself.  I like me and my goals and hopes…or just more beer. whichever you would rather believe.


I will say I went all year as an incompetant by how I was trusted blind person to achieve partially two important things.  not one single incident happened in my department all this year employed.  we achieved a building wide perfect state review…perfect.  thus 😉 I am that good. knock on wood.  just not at deciphering wonky debian uselessness nor hitting the button called enter to excute a comand on my television remote causing me weeks of irritation of it not working 😀  


I made a corned beef roast with yellow flesh potatoes… placing a bottom;s worth of near coriander cilantro flowering in it.  I just ate the last of it.   I dislike the latest couple of beer selections magic touch…no, midas touch which is a muscat and safron bottom taste to cover the barley wine yuckiness… ick, too strong.  I’ve a round or two of mussels to cook up with rotel and red not white whining about it 😀  and I’ve no interest in this red mud river jamaican red lager.  ew.  not all calls are good or executed well.  not all my efforts amuse me.  certainly not admitting I need to step it up at work if I’d like to avoid some annoyance about being constantly valued and professional….about the only way I know of to avoid irritants like worrying about being screwed or hosed or fired because by necessity I know more to avoid more 😀


ick, talabout annoying.  to have to beg to be of more use.  oh boy howdy dxid that get a yes so fast I’ll be wroking alll weekend thursday on, yay my goalsa are closer 😀 😀  ubunutu is downloading it’ll take all the rest of today to do so on ethernet  unless I want to stop and switch computers and swipe a copy I already downloaded but didn’t put on this computer’s disk chip thingy.  and believe me that’s a horrendous hassel because it’s so much harder for me to read a 40 something inch screen than this fifteen.  it’s called visual acuity and it is extremely limited as is no mouse so no easy screen uptick in size so fourty inches of way too small to read and further apart to boot.  I’m enjoying this  moment to whine about it.  really 😀  

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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…I’d prefer you said do you want cracker with that wine? I mean I’m really really worried you’d be cheesy enough to say fromunder cheese and that would ruin the whole joke.

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