notes from the soon enough underground

firstly, no, none of my residents are of the criminal sort of the dostoevski novella.  Unfortunately though, they soon enough will not be with us as one doesn’t enter a nursing home to do much more than wait for god…bbc sitcom if you’ve not seen it -for shame!  I am not up on my technology on this computer nor are any of the fixed ones “fixed as my lost another drive and I refuse to chase another drive’s money into it and this 3 day project ish still runs but i cant get after some things like full a/v anymore and nor  am i allowed to update it any longer so like um, I may sadly be out of touch a spell as i’ve no reader screen any longer.  I wont know when you post as I can not remember all of you lot by name and web address.  but now that the announcements are covered, the point.

I didn’t think it was possible for a room with 5000 years experience going to giggle like a bunch of school girls and carry on about today’s run for california chrome favored to be the first  triple crown winner in my lifetime.  but they did.  I tried to be useful.  it’s not often you see interest in my halls and such…. I was glad of it.  Calaifornia chrrome was short a leg for the last installment of history in the not made.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “notes from the soon enough underground”

I feel very sad about California Chrome. It seems like a picture of an exhausted horse. We don’t know if he was worn out from the other races, he had a headache or tummy ache, or maybe he did misstep and his leg bled which was the annoying irritation that made him just not care to pour on his usual steam. I hope they brush and pamper that horse and show him the love a champion deserves.

🙂 I have no doubt he deserved a little song playing… george uetz,”music, sex and cookies” as it has a funny line, “..’cause two out of three 😉 ain’t bad.”

I won money at the Preakness on Tabasco Cat. That was the last time I followed any Triple Crown racing. 🙂

Glad none of your residents are criminals! 😮
Bummer on your reader screen. 😦
I didn’t see the Triple Crown…but I like watching horses run and race! 🙂 Glad the residents had some giggles and fun! 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

hugs santa girl 🙂 naughty or nice 😀 personally more people should put up that henry david throeau quote from walden of ” if there ipersonally 😀 I like that quote as I go about trying s anything I regret it’s my goode behaviour. ” 😀 I remember that as I out the dream of self sufficiency and also how badly the critter lied about that as it turns out. for instance, h.d. had to be bailed out of jail do only a good third of that book as I cared abut the truth of his economy of that dream self sufficiency… I’m only going to point out that a discourse on civil disobedience is during the heart of walden wherein he the author had to be bailed out of jail for refusing a lawful then pole tax we all of course now. know was to disenfranchise poor ethnic voting. anyways 😀 yeah run for them reasons to run. 🙂 ahhh. hug. stay a lil naughty. the nextg blg is boring but real too.

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