mathmatically proven.

12 – 2 x 6 + 2 / 2 =

it’s ugly having to be reminded that I was never much of any good at algebra.  it’s answer is Englishman’s BIDMAS, or  PEMDAS for us Americans PEMDAS.. which is tricky enough in a land of logic to give one a lot of choices… 31, 1 -1, 4, 8… etc. but the answer is 1 as 12, ignore as it’s a subtraction for now the last operation dealt with, 2 x 6 = 12, next Addition ignore for now as there”s division 2 / 2 = 1, now Addition, 12 + 1 ??  dink, this would get one a -1 result if you follow it…. so convert each operation as you can 12, -2, 6 +2, /2 ;  -2 X 6 = -12,  now + 2 / +2 is +1, combine 12 and -12 for zero and a plus 1 and voila, after I look the chump, I get the correct answer. 😉

why is looking good first not eventually so damned important?  because, in my little world the face associated with right first is right and listened to or just right… powerful or potential. Eff potential as I’d rather actual?  heck I’d rather sometimes to be wrong and listened to than right and who cares.  Let’s take a ticket to real street and note that it’s the proof in the end that matters.  knowing we’ll al win some and lose some is humble yet true, so why rush to be wrong… sure we all like the limelight of conenctions but it only takes so many wrong moves to be out of the limelight.  lasting influence is trying to be right not rushing to squawk about  hey look at me! 


I’m not very good at my job.  SHHHhhhh! I didn’t say I sucked and whined about my merit as believe me, I’ve SOME MERIT..  Celebrate with me that today Sunday June 1rst is part of the pay cycle that is my anniversary of a year there and as I worked it, you cannot say I didn’t make my year technically.  I do still offer up my own activities, run my schedule given to me or someone else’s influence.  I managed once to be late all year and yet no other in this time of my supervisor’s tenure has done that well.  I have managed thrice to offend caretakers in some fashion directly linking my actions to their complaint…ooopie.  I have managed to offend my building admin director twice….oopie.  my offered employee hired made it 6 months before incident that hasn’t resulted in release or lingering issue.  I haven’t brought a customer to the place yet.  I haven’t dated staff resident (ha!) nor family of staff so my chances of issue are present but overall low.  I am part of a perfect survey by regulatory agencies.  Job Duty spectum and that of the department shows I can do scheduling assisting, I also can and have worked the fill in for illness, unfortunately not the full time off for the department head as quarantine bullocked that…but I am not allowed into the heart of my job of basing known medical orders and issues with a comprehensive activities plan, nor do I work the meetings angle of each resident’s care plan.  so even at a year I’m a temp worker filling in.  now. this is actually fine enough, there is progress and reality enough to be pleased with what I have proven not am simply capable of.   proven.

I interrupt myself to say yay, my tv isn’t broke, I am the victem of about the first huge boob move or ID 10 T error of not pressing enter for my source selection and wondering why I get no signal 😉  my computer is still broke, but my whole system is not. yay.

I thus have to admit as this pivotal moment of change after being down the road it a spell, is not dead in the water, but neither is it a complete dream come true either.

I file my second round of the the current big push towards financial powers growing with the lion’s share due done end of july.  I should be able to be debt free and a paycheck in the bank as I hoped in August.  I should have a chance to travel yet again as well perhaps twice not including about town fun moments like:

karma Asian

22 s broadway


$ – $$

happy hour specials with appetizer drink and a shared entree outting are reasonable at $11 -14 per person otherwise you can let your wallet bedhave like a big 70’s V8 peddle to the metal in 4 low…it will drain the gas about as fast as money leaving your wallet. 

rock collecting

James Peak / Moffat Tunnel

near Rollinsville CO

roadside not actual train-track bed rock is all over the place and I called it free and left before anyone said any different 😀

there is a nice thrill of hoisting a can of beer to the engineer as the train wails past.  the scenery is pretty but finding out the phone camera has no battery is a bit of an annoyance 😀

“Day-trip-pin” to NYC seeing my friend it turns out at the last effective healthy oppurtunity before he passed.

as I say, I have managed to do things I directly wanted to do… even affording a klunker or two of things not going as planned.  I see no reason short of financial goals as yet unmet, not need to be overly concerned about longevity whether or not the review includes a raise or pehaps some additional benefit.   I don’t wish to work there forever offcycle to life and friends day’s off but now is not really the time to bemoan that too heavily.

the other longer=term pro’s coming are october 2015 is 2 years 3 months or a garunteed 8 quarterly work credits just on the off chance I’d ever need to reapply for ssa programs. my december birthday 2015 is a match and extension of the longest big boy job held.  but as you can grant me this, it’s just not worth being so very out there til I’m there or past foot in front of the other repeat.

I wouldn’t mind doing care planning and later care conference sit=ins as this coupled with an entire sceduled month planned and executed is proof I can be the big cheese if I’m good enough at it.  these type of things may not happen within the lifecycle of my current supervisor.  refer to the above as to the lengths of time involved, it’s just not worth the nose=sweat worrying, it’ll happen when it does.

I suppose then the only thing left to medium term is clear the accounts as planned both credit proven zero prior to re-use.  get a set of good appliances, i.e. the main house stove hasn’t had a working oven in half a year, the washer recently enough replaced used has a timer issue of having to be manually advanced til it’s filled and agitating – saianara to it soon enough. I already have a dishwasher for my place but I’d like a microwave damn it….this requires electrical work. 

I’ll want a new bed that I can carry thanks not a 200lb mattress that never quite fits any apartment room.  hint 80=100 no more full sized mattreess with a split box  for smaller/tighter situations…oh just shhh it on the bedroom talk.  of course I currently need a new computing system as mine is dead or more properly going through hard drives in days at 50 a crack.  I’d like to get some stereophonic man-cave treasure of audiophile on a budget magic.  I’d like to travel off the north-american continent. 

all fine reasons to be proud I made it this far; all the more reasons to keep but more carefully taking it in the pants to keep the gravy train rolling.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “mathmatically proven.”

It’s a matter of knowing which operation to perform first, and you, my foodie friend, need an oven first (microwave would be a close tie). Congratulations on the year tenure/anni. I don’t see you as a temp. Even the execs could be out on a dime (though they might get a severance package and some job transition assistance unlike us pack mule schmucks).

Congrats on the 1 year anniversary! I will drink a rootbeer in your honor! 🙂

Yes, be proud you made it this far! I am proud of you, too! 🙂

Ha, it’s no fun to “take it in the pants”…but, yes, gotta’ keep that gravy train rolling! 🙂

I don’t like math! 😉

HUGS!!! 🙂

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