from puff to slick

I haven’t looked but the average new car for a cheapie but not thee cheapest is something about 25k with around9% interest and fees from what I see although here too,your result may vary.  I was curious about a term known as ckd or complete knockdown as in one must assemble the product, it may not be wholly dissasembled but the package is “complete”  Ithen couldn’t find much on the subject till I hit upon whats a modern price and? voila, we go to malaysia where you can still get a public whipping i’n you want one for a surprisingly silly offense to say where I’m at…ra ra usa.  well It takes some doing making the minimalist sense of numbers and so the malaysian assembled vehicle minus insurance is 130,888 for a volkswagon sorta like a jetta.  I really didn’t capture an exact price but the usa exchange this instant says that’s approximately 42k dollars a minor bite above my market.  now the point of this isn’t the cost but the feeling of how can one nearly afford in one year a car in the usa and yet in malaysia it is from what I saw 3 years to afford the jetta option… that just seemed wierd.  to the credit side of malaysia though they do have far lower interest rates going. 


I was and have looked up quite a lot on the steam car.  be this a boble e type roadster oo lala with that almost traffic cone side window so very distinctive.  be this an earlier white which was such good steel that most were melted down for the ww1 war effort.  ghosts of tries like the baker automobile based out of of all places pueblo colorado which isn’t exactly home but geographically close wow colorado could have been motown!… the linde hop  aint nowadays beebop moving on.  or brooks being canada’s notable steam car folk… belsseler became what doble couldn’t be but nothing says he did any better as obviously past indiosynchracies steam was dead by the mid twenties and who had money for innovation in the depression…plenty but not for steam.  stanley is the name when people think steam cars and or household carpet cleaning in the usa which sure does make a steam car researching difficult and steam cars as a term links more to steam cleaning the cars than steam powered cars.  modern steam seems to be an embarassment swept under the rug in the late sixties early seventies.  no modern as in 21rst century vehicle past the one offs at soapbox derby clunkers or million dollar speedrecord buster jets on wheels seem to exist.  the most interesting thing on steam and modern still is peter peland and the pelandini cars that are small things from kits…and a whole lot of nothing further on it save he did this or that or couldn’t do this or that…it’s really like reading an obituary trying to read anything about steam powered cars.  yet,without exception there is some development somewhere forever chasing the dream steam.  the cyclone mark 5 is about enough to do the modern automobile thing.  jay leno in an afterbreath seems to have said it best when he offhanded that steams just fine if you don’t mind 6miles to the gallon. that last sentence isn’t a quote just how I left and remembered that information.    and here’s an interesting enough to me segway to other topics.

steam era cars had not the electricity so the gas light was the headlight.  I thought that neat as i still have and always since highschool have had an affinity to a material that with this or that makes fire fuel.  water to fire ahhhh. stirs my soul really.  yes duh it’s dangerous and I wouldn’t reccommend them save in safe enough situation which there seems to be a limit of that.  its a flammable gas acetylene from calcium carbide and thus you can knoc out flames but to turn off the leaking gas must be full proof automatic and lets be fair in the nineteenhundreds it wasn’t.  however as steampunk vintage goes oo lala.  think of that deserted michigan cabin in the woods with snow by the cat load high and the hiss of calcium carbide bubbling up the woof for let there be light…

the really neat thing about being able to tollerate boring things is, I can read long enough into a hempseed  to oil production average with all those if you do it rights heheheheh.. and see that hempseed is about 2.4 tonnes per acre now I hope that means tons because I know there are some words that don’t have the exact measurement as in america…but presuming my math is wrong the idea is not, bio fuel is an expensive proposition… in this case… 2.4 tons per acre is roughly 300 gallons.  I hate to break the new to you that a lot of land area to go from place to place.  now racinic plants like palma christi can be close to this fantasy of biofuel that is 2 acres to every man if, IF he could sustain forever intensity which no land can … that is

an odd thing to remember from jw notions I heard of paradise  by the way that’s an abundance of food and fuel and with hemp fibre pants and paper… it just neglects the earth must rest or be conditioned or it depletes and blows or is carried away.  but anyways the haha of two acres or two drivers  what a lifestyle let down the earth can be… now onto the dreamland of ocean algae oil. 😀



I just had about the best miso soup I’ve ever been given.  I didn’t make this and I will give you information updates as pilfering becomes available.

shitake they fresh or reconstituted I do not know  so detail

soy sauce which I do know it’s kikoman lite 3 tblspns

Miso – I would suspect the blond kind and as to the brand clueless detail

garden fresh greens – spring onion and perhaps some cilantro – will again ask

there wasn’t a proper dashi involved as we failed despite a trip to the h-mart *asian grocer mega joint as I wasn’t made aware of the miso or the kombu problem – snaps fingers

and I’me not sure if tofu made it into this or not- again detail the size of white chunks makes me think so but the texture not having that rubber alost to it makes me question. detail

and some toasted sesame seeds.  those were old bulk  but did very much make a note- and quite the yummy one.

previously I have attempted the same and

dashi was murin konbu dried fish of some mackeral kind

miso was red miso

there wasn’t much of anything else give me a break it was late 2007,  I know I made that dashi the color of cheap eggdrop soup heavy handed.

I doubt it but I also remember well I didn’t much care fo it and now I have a funny joke to ruin japanese with the arabic with OPEN SESAME.

again, recipe watch 😉 is in effect 😀

I’m dropping slinging discs as I can more simply here tell you that I pilfered this computer from thegrave.  drive died the first attempt after testing all work failed to run which is disheartening so lamely I tried to redo my steps as I would mail the perfectly good drive out to anyone and tried again for secuss or the third attempt.  I am running linux mint 16 the 32 bit mate version, it will do wine which I’ve never ever tried…virtual windows for those times when it must be windows or nothing..  I got 263 on the knockoff of yatzee. mint came without a single game ?  costs are up twenty percent or more on drives ON SALE talk about pilfer an extra fiver or more from the wallet and worse they had no more cheap screwdrivers and thus the 9 dollar decent magnetized bit hand held with many bit set was an extra ouch, so much for the 10% fix but whallop 17%  it was warrantied but cleverly not for much of anything  that failed in 7 months…more reason again to never flippin buy those damn pilfering warranties…seven months is time enough for the drive to fail 😉 it did.  so, 505 into this was supposed to be inexpensive lowend model. asus.  i will say this in it’s favor, it did come with hdmi and that despite the rape that is cables was a blessing as it’s gang rape for pc cable…which requires and addition fondling for an audio cable.   all in all, I’m not out 300 for a machine costinting 260 plus tax, such a discount out there 😀  beware of a love electronic hobbies and the piffering of time and headache and MONEY.  😉  yay my baby works again!

mattering a damn.

it just occurs to me I am not far from being debt free 2 months up on my rent and a plane fare near most civilized as in cheap places in the world.  near.  not actually but I am working on it.  I add to that that I don’t expect any great windfall of luck at work perhaps nothing at all but more or less of it….I am pleased I look to be able to make my anniversary successfully and past it which refers back to the everything paid and a ticket’s worth anywhere* within reason….reason being a euphamism for budget.

one can also do the same for the united states and help grow organic kona coffee in Hawaii or kick pineapples bean the unsuspecting with macadamia nuts etc.  my literal first thought was oo belgium…fuck I don’t speak Dutch. 


I suppose the line that comes up to me is the best in shawshank redemption get busy livin or get busy dying.  well I’ve been industrious and now I see some applicable opprtunities for same said freedom to move abouts.

all that remains and no, not of the day – that is a different movie! – is the last leg work above to be free and equiped to go.


there is the Peace Corps, as well.


I’d like to point out I don’t just know how in theory, I’m down to scratch make:

a variety of feed, as in culinary food. wine and cider – I haven’t made beer. I’m interested in enough things from how one can make sustainably grown biofuel for perhaps a steam engine the hottest going is a 100 bhp cyclone mark five which can also run a 55kw generator which is considerably more power  than the average home but more like five from dead start everything modern on. or an automobile. I like the idea of industrial hemp which due to it’s fibers not the get high as industrial hemp doesn’t do that- can mean 250 gallon per acre 3 growing cycles a year 4 technically but we all know nothing works without some important killing lagtimes… that’s hempseed in ideal conditions per year  intensity cycles of racinic plants is half that or 400 gallon at best. solar power is interesting as coupled to an old air conditioner is a hamson lindt cycle cryogenic generator which solves something of how to handle changed enviroments like low oxygen storage which is good for instance for apples improving time to market availibility and an array of etheylene producing crops  (for to ripen) not to mention the halmark of “civilization” ICE if you remember that line from harrison ford in “the mosquito coast 1986. I am trained and experienced in how to last in a cat house of politics – the medical profession… I have lasted I look for the year to occur but the experience is there as I needn’t quit tonight.and even if I did I’d stil be on cycle to make the year next week via the vaguery of paycycles 😉  I’m capable of a variety of entertainments as that is what I do currently for work all the while babysitting those in a protected class. be that brain injuries, special needs or the elderly I have valid experience .  I suppose I lack only a cpr class certification to make this easier.  I’m stable in health only home run left is to quit drinking and smoking which is sadly a requirement for me and my concerns to attempt any of this…DAMN IT!!!

suffice it to say, I have some ideas and or direct experience that can fit.  I have to think this or I’d go mad with depression not mattering a damn to anyone.


mint choc.

I’ve a guiness toast this evening to a fine memory.  I have a new flavor of mintiness as in linux mint running upon this computer via dvd.  it’s really rather muted out as in disgusting snnotty wet with slush snow.  I have a feeling I’m finally getting the cold just around again. 

there is brightness.  I happen to like memories.  I enjoyed the debbie downer version of guy travels falls in love and oh what hell it is as in it is unique to know someone would do new york city then chicago and again los angeles and then Denver? and I mean 10 good years here.  I am surprised to know there is something about this town magical that way.  I wont soon forget the I just won about five grand. a gent skidding thin hits it big on the belmont stakes ponies…to me it was like how the hell do you arive at the notion of whom to choose without playing ippi dippi my spaceshippi on a course so true?  I also have never prior to this ever seen a person make a cup of tea in the morning ever…  it was amusing that I went to the effort to do up smothered burritos as in all proud it isn’t a puck from the frozen section but a semi home made beef and beans in a tortilla then sauces and cheesed for a good melt in the microwave.  prision food?  I mean that’s it’s name.  I was determined to do up actual prison food as in a whitecornbread with some tasty water and watch the movie andersonville – one from the american civil war’s pow camps about the only instance where anyone merited being hung for the running of the place….which only now the memory says such is actually quite the compliment for one’s job performance….true but cynical and sarcastic.  but no, burritoes as prison food 😀 in the life is a prison vein of sweeping commentary and upon my better recipes too. lol.  I will say that there is nothing like a tone of grace when I want white castle (damn it) knowing not what the other might order and I thought he knew not to order anything with their cheese and in truth I haven’t had the place’s fries as I’m not in it’s restaurant areas but half a country away and? he order a double cheese and fries….he couldn’t do it… I tried it and I could taste why.  another memory is fair play, I’ve to instances one small and one bigger, the small issue is funds at the time and being done a favor but yet repaying a loan isn’t allowed not because any of us was rich but because there just is something to be said that gifts occur maybe or more properly to my mind that it is a reminder to be careful about how one lives….and all the while a blank face and a shut mouth I still don’t know.  the other is we had a roommate friend neighbor who was and can be quite annoying but it was his dog that took the cake by my count he’d had 54 biting incidences and? well the push was on to move him down the road… however I testified to this and agreed that I may find him our friend a large pest yet I was horrified at the concept of making up reasons to get him…turned out the lawyer made quite a nice gay reference when I said that I had seen the person in question doin his laundry as it was a shared facility….thus a breech of contract if he didn’t share or as I said a gay reference for watching some fellow do his underwear up folded to be put away when like duh the laundy’s by the kitchen and I like food.   again there is many a bright side knowing one literally could make a day of bar hoppin 😀 I never knew really? beware of invitations out with certain people  not that I ever remember him schnookered but I just cant hang with pro sippers.  yes the bright side is also there in how a person can meet so many fast friends and I was party to meeting them…  that brighter side is indeed having memories

if you think I will now share in mock eulogy about this dead puter…nope.

if you don’t get the title chocolate stout or that chocolatiness of guinness combined with how I’m able to put this note of memory out here linux mint as I haven’t a hard drive again. thus officially this computer purchased in september but not used to october lasted 7 months before catastrophic failure duh I can redrive it and such cheaply so as you see I’m not ruined but ouch on longevity.  yes ouch on longevity  today. 


What. Is. Happening?

in “The Jeffersons” vain of the theme song, and because I do not know enough idiom, I was graced with some throw-down phrase.  In response to “what’s happening?:”

Ain’t nothin’ shakin’ but the bacon

but the bacon ‘s taken.

Nothin’ moving in the trees but the leaves

the leaves ain’t moving ’cause there ain’t no breeze

Ain’t nothin’ movin’ in the pot but the beans

but the bean ain’t moving ’cause the pot ‘s cold.

– by the lips of Doug. through the stone ears of Josh. *maybe I heard it wrong.


I did have an easier weekend at work.  it was a holiday and I had to finally work them 😀 but, without this I’d not have met and placed names to face whom I otherwise knew only to allow in.  I did get out Josh Carm as in put out my better party energy and today was a lot of smiles.  I am not sorry I went.  I am not sure I should not feel useless as I had to ask to help far too much and much that is my departments gig was   preplanned andge.  Please just arrive.  urgh!  Please also note I’d havew fallen flat on my face if I had to plan that party.  I hope I improved as a conduit of experience but I’m not misguided to think I’d not have to remember some sobering details that were hopefully expressed that I know you did that.  wow.

mother’s day 2014 was spent with mom yay brother made chili and we attended evening services at his church.  the chili was better than mine – I still haven’t made a great chili yet…however I have made refried beans and dip of beans a soup of beans and such… I just haven’t made an actual chili that wasn’t fire water and gravel.  my brother made much softer firewater and lumps…not gravel lumps… he technically beats me.  much cheese and crackers were disposed of as whiskey and beer are typically out prior to attending church.  I gelt generous enough to note by my church judgement standards I was greeted many many times and spoken with which it has occured that I’ve met no one and heard only cash registers ring at other experiences.  I was pleased at the turn out for a disgusting weather prime time holiday dinner service…. people did show up…. I am not disheartened that it was a light room, they were friendly and by appearances fairly devout… I still can not sing and tonight less yowl in meter  modulation than is usual but I was pleased to do so and felt a part.  I also leave work typically dressed to not stand horribly out attending church. 😀

I haven’t done up this years batch of dandelion wine yet – my ;main crop was mowed the morning of intent. bugger :D.


bleeped for my undoing!

blefthe YOYU  I’m off to sleep,. bleep I’m overdue yes fuck-ie  eel the ethanol deep.  bleep  bleepity ep this day,. it is a blessing they’re easily enough survived.   Bleep this day ans so bleep few arrived.  bleep this day asI’m out of  bleep to entertain. bleep alone again with with my musing my thoughts centerstage.  bleep this day I’ve the blessing of money in my pocket.  bleep this day I sometimes fear I’ve no one to threaten with a rocket.  bleep this day just bleep here comes the truth.  bleep this day yes, bleep away I’veonly me to offer away.   bleep this day that asshole mowed his dandelion meadow.  bleep this day as I’ve much less to brew in my imprisionment, my ghetto.  bleep this daybleepity bleep bleep bleep. I swear I face thanking the consumate professional who can me soon enough for all my sins today yesterday and forever my way.  bleep this day and tullie will wash away with coor sobriety’s grey.  bleep this day yes bleep it all to my glass memory etched forever til I’ve some other way.  bleep proper paragraphs bleep education compressed for time and space. bleep this whining as its words of hideous waste.  bleep this day I enjoyed some of it so toasty the fires hell  bleep this day as anything I enjoy isn’t going to end well.  bleepity beep I 



idletry, not idolitry nor idle hands are the devil’s workshop or idle-tree…although a picnic doesn’t sound bad, idletry – a word of what happens when I’ve time to daydream ala internet.

the earlier year pencil plan is to new hampshire  – early  returning words further says it  it’s this or that bill coming up all fronts.  this could very well mean that there is such a thing as a solo outting.  the cost of such a trip ammounts to precisely the same cost with 2 going to new hampshire and attempting that along with a drive from boston and basic living/lodging to be about the same cost as icarusing over to County Mayo Ireland via Denver to either same said Boston or Toronto, and then to dublin, Ireland with a 2.5 hour bus to Galway Ireland which is the closest major point to where my pal lives. united advanced purchase $857/ air canada $1020 best guess as time didn’t allow a september price point $17 Euros.  


for the potential scenery,

again for the scenery

a wiki search shows a popular dish might be corn chowder similar to clam chowder replacing clams for corn sometimes with bacon…I have seen this before as a kansas corn chowder  I believe and it frightens me as I’m not a cream of corn feller but bacon isn’t likely to ruin much of anything and a whallop of cheese and or sour cream might additionally sooth the soul.

my Irish pal swears up and down that the Irish Lamb is far superior and not lame gamey like it is in the states so I list a link to guinness lamb shank as a offering ala food experience.

the beer section comparison is hindered by a lame check of new hampshirian beer info so murphy’s is the irish leg of the beer.  


for art’s sake! recently posted about her favorite artist and why.  as Iwant to share some of my who’s and why’s too, yet can not be soundbite simple, I’ll blog.

the when is important in art, it must create a reaction love or hate…but when is often that magic moment.  so,  John davis – cartoonist, Garfield gets the nod as my favorite artist as I got to choose him and it was the reason I took joy reading both comic collections and the actual comic in a paper.  I don’t hate mondays as I have never really had reason to, I always figured tuesday as about the lousiest day in the week because one was not any closer to friday and tired out from monday with all the weekend glow faded finally.  sarcasm was important to me at 11 yet Mom disagree/s/d.  Ididn’t really know about warranties much past they existed but to this day about the funniest comic was when everything in the house went haywire and jon arbuckle goes yep warranties expired yesterday… or something to that effect.

Imove forward to terry brooks’ the wishsong of shannara – wherein it is my first big book and it’s seventh grade. up to this point I never read anything past the bible that was bible sized numbers of pages.  I remember it well enough that it happened , not so much the book itself/story and that I had two tapes  duotones kenny G and yanni’s keys to the imagination but somewhere in the millionth repeat 300 pages in after hours of reading, the main character buys the farm and up until that point and never since has a book brought a tear to my eye to wailing sax.

ninth grade sees me into kurt vonnegut and by now this is a pattern that I’m not visually uning in to art as duh, I’m not gifted with a lot of ability to produce art nor the sight to see why….be that figuratively or literaqlly.  but vonnegut is not sarcastic so much as cynical and to me this is a very important new thing. I can laugh at it not going right even if otherwise I’m somewhat the same still trapped by situations.  it may be a fetid breath but it was a breath none the same tofind the value of 2.5 non filter pall mall’s efforts waft whichever words my way.  however there is more to ninth grade and art.

ninth grade art sees me get the usual c’s or f’s in art I’d most often get minus one b on a chalk, charcoal, pencil project in 2nd try college 20 years nearly later….I flunked that class – damn them dried out acrylics!  but I made a silhoet of a pottery vase / face.  I can say this appears later in what limited art I try to produce that shape is very important to me.  I otherwise haven’t any depth perception so things rarely pop out at me… maybe this is why I like them to… but not like a popup picture book…something subtler like it is part of the form yet its not thee whole of form so I can just like it freely.  otherwise art is often controlling to me I have to rave about someone’s choice or I’m dumb.  bah.

I later but exactly when is unclear found I adored m.c. escher.  pen and ink, animation of the classic styles 2d.  I like something of the simple.  case in point the opening sequence to poirot with david suchet is  animation but it’s of a pen and ink/chalk type and I like it!  or pbs mystery had a greayt scene in it then opening of a damsel in distress on a roof.. that’s a neat pen and ink animation.  us paper money is also mutch cross hatching and pen and ink…diggin it…. but maybe because I like spending it too 😉

later I found things like lenticular puzzzles to be a neat combination of an idea seldom seen and yet by the time I was told it was 300 for like 10 puzzles and puzzles were waining about that expensive price thing I was discouraged and yet to this day no one has done fully that idea of a real puzzle of hundreds of pieces that the scene changes or is outright blank… disney type small simple puzzles are out there that’s about it.  later the neat gimmick of abacklighting that is superior  came to my eye as digital photoframes weren’t out yet and thus was and still is expesive but neat  as it still is something of form within function.

if I must be pinned to actual art, I will admit that I like el greco’s toledo, vermeer’s the milkmade and a variety of art that emphasizes lighting and color.  I am a child of the 80’s in visulization in that I like highly saturated colors and that feeling things glow thus even in technology I like thankfully cheaper tv technology 😉  

I can dig things for there look too like valve sound isn’t just nice warm sound but it’s also a pretty eye catcher of a unit too.  I like it vibrant. 

bringing it back to words, I like it when it works that the words aren’t the driving value it’s the magic personality they convey.  I like simplicity yet gimmick too.  I mean to say come on:D for art’s sake impress me!

case in point cant paint for crap but bob ross made it look easy and said nevermind the happy little accidents.  winslow homer I believe made water color seewm vivid reality.  atreus is a beautiful and impressive corbeled dome of antiquity but knowing I can make that or a cheaper copy much smaller made it real to me.  indianopolis may be a city I’ve seen as I’ve also spent time at an indianna farm complete iwth the horrid worry some tick would love me…and yet for all of indianna’s worthlessness to my experience vonnegut makes it sing…hoosiers with gene hackman make it seem as if magic is hiding in that little shed down the street.  

seeing the the closeup of hedy lamar not hedley hedy….in algiers where she smiles catching boyer admiring her pearls…that isn’t lost on me.  seeing peter otoole blow out a match to a scene wip of sunrise also is a moment of lawrence of arabia worth feeling.    I like me some magic moment

one such magic moment in music is knowing eric carmen’s never gonna fall in love again includes the entire phrase theme of rachmaninov’s something or other 60 some years before and no wonder I like rachmaninov! 😉



chugga chugga choo choo rambles TWO

I’m not chugging down the spirits as I again had a no large amount of other swill my beer gone… and idling about the interwebs.

chuno is a freezedried potato of bolivian andes mountains which I found around freeze dried eggs which wow stock up for the zombie appoccalypse breakfast freeze dried eggs can be shelf stable for 25 years! who cares though no one eats powdered eggs for long.  anyways the chuno or freeze dried potato.  I wouldn’t have found this if I hadn’t been updating my knowledge on what the devil is this or that cold cut. for instance I know what genoa salami is… I prefer good old fashioned hard salami, finally figured out what coto salami is coto cooked…still don’t like it.  hard salami not genoa salami but I did look it up and it’s notable for having a fermented taste/smack…that was after black forest ham  and the differences between it and a prosciutto and that and cappacola all of which I looked up after pink pepper corns being banned in 1982 ish as america says heck no to french culinary agribusiness practices with the pink peppercorn which caused symptoms after eating as duh the stuff is like cloves you just dont eat eat it you flavor with.  what do you want a bad trip?….I know as I made psychedelic lentils for christmas once… not use too many spices …hint… anyways the freeze dried potato or chuno which does rhyme with juno or a quicky corruption of did you know djuno 😉  me clever hogwash…but heh.  the stuff is?

not quite a congealed loaf of meat and starch slice and panfried like the pennsylvanian dutch’ Scrapple.  it is still a soup incorporating root veg and dried ingredients.  chairo char oh which I’m invoking my self-given right to slaughter any language is not what I’ll be making I will only incorporate the the notions of it in search of something I would eat which wont be scrapple either as I cant do liver and I know of only like maybe one cut of lamb I’d ever use in only one recipe which is a mongolian hot pot with those coool clear jelly noodles “sai fun”  which if you ever read akira yoshimura’s shipwrecks, there is a term for this not quite fairly made shipwreck but lest I spoil the book complete there’s a foon sound in the term which leads me to suspect they don’t call them bean starch noodle but something poetic.  but the digression from the chairo is clear it is a soup where in potato starch and a bit of wheat flour thicken the soup at the end which is butt-ass backwacks to the righteous lousiana method of a rux of butter/fats and flour browned to take that nasty starch taste and tame it.  this chairo is also similar to amarillo mole con pollo where the use of corn masa to change what would appear red otherwise down to a yellow outright or slightly oranged “sauce”  amarillo or yellow is the best I’ve got going spanish wise amarillo = yellow, verde = green, rojo = red *also rojas rado as in colorado color red when they should have said amarillo as this place is most often yellow! with dead grass. and of azule for blue because sis could at least annoy us into learning the spanish for what colors to play at least in uno.  one by the way. uno means one.  now the soup is starting out like any shredded meat stew boil the devil into  the meat so it pretty much is falling apart the tastes are added and the affair thickened.  as I don’t care much of lamb I’ll be attempting a style of not anything authentic using mainly that dried beef you might use for fancy chipped beef dip at the party if you’re thuroughly aware of party dips of previous ages in entertaining.  I might include a sausage in this as in my dish as I can see it worth a try but I’m torn as I’m careful not to make just  all ruined with pork dishes as I know it’d never fly in some observant circles and I don’t wish to lose always the interest… but chipped beef or beef jerky as those little jars are murderously priced if you wish by the pound amounts of food…. not that jerky is much better but it is at least slightly cheaper for a number of ounces enough to flavor a stew….and at heart chairo is a cupboard staple available when there isn’t much else about and one is hungry 😀  potato starch I remember from 2004 when I was interested in making sesame balls selecting a sweet red bean and onion/brown sugar DIP recipe to use as the filling and potato starch was all I could find of this or that starch I needed for the dough which is mixed with  PEEN Tong which isn’t it’s spelling but  it’s a brown sugar candy of china thus you have a dough which is sweet/ened a semi sweet oniony/savory bean mixture/filling and these are rolled in white honky sesame seeds and deep fcat fried *ug I hate frying* and while I’ve made the dough….no I don’t think I ever did for lack of the ingredient and haw flakes weren’t the same but icksnay that as I’m diabetic and me and candy are a no bueno to feeling well later…I made bread which resulted in me making spinach puffs with cream cheese and a simple marinara out of a can….home made pigs in a blanket hotdogs and later a scratch hungarian wheat bread cheddarMater pizza which is that cheddar and sun dried tomato which are rather almost bacony.  not as in wow wee a vegetarian breakthrough bacon is now substituted by tomatoes yeah flippin right.  there is a reason bacon is mentioned in religions its that good to be worth it sin wise to some 😀  okay that’s not exactly how these things are determined but whatever…so I get a good hearty stew thickened by grain/starch and that helps with mole making later and moves me into exotic foods which aren’t so far away from home really as again there are only so many ways to skin a cat in the culinary world the right way and yeah we’ll be going to that place forever onwards next.

yes, I hid a soup. an entire soup was hidden in a rambling ramble.  chairo, andes high up what to do stew. coming my way and maybe yours sometime soon enough or not.

I’m curious if you think this is the right call.  I don’t feel secure well ever but I’m talking about work here and I mean longevity via favor….and by secure I mean I’m genuinely nervous about other’s poopinions… but I’ve had my first leave early day and actual day off of a weekend day as in easter sunday after nine months there and now as I’m still not back to writing in our participation book our legal notes without consultation first and or writing my schedule which is not significantly different from what we always do which I didn’t invent…or one good cock up more percieved or actual and usually it’s just a percieved issue not an actual one but still this is my line of work garunteeing favor/ result as a pro…. to being in a capacity of live body.  knowing this when my supervisor calls with that cute way of pretending to ask about something I’ll be doing anyways, I asked to work the mother’s day and memorieal day holidays as well as see if I’m allowed to participate in the public portial of nursing home week festivities which is our window to the outside world type of time.  would you choose this dangerous course of action as remember the actual day of observance holidays I’ve usually had off til now.  by taking this on I’ll be fundementally the bitch who works all weekends and all observed holidays which there is quire a fair number of….thus the mostly monday through friday chance to spend my earnings and recoup will be impugned I will have to remember and again go back to what I always hated about being a jehovah’s witness that I would remember holidays but be ass out of sharing within that joy and now add be working so I forever resent them entirely.   should I go back to gambling as whim takes me hating holidays and a whole host of other isms me that I used to be?  in the short term this helps me obtain a goal of not  getting canned before I get to do anything significantly fun with my means like tour new. england some with mom with a canadian hope.  and the forever usual about my finances being shored up.  or the dangerousness of my age group  ‘s time of seeing impending age and feeling i should have something I don’t already have to quote show for it unquote.  I’m nearly 40.  never married no children, blind/legally disabled and partially employed at least with no particular posessions or savings of note.  it’s easy as all get out to point out lack or not particularly positive to me things…easy as a hot knife through the butter of my ego.  now this goal of remaining employed past the year mark is cleverly designed to appear on paper as training completed satisfactorily in lieau of actual education/credentials… I have little recourse if this job evaporates prior to being able to show reliability and bare minimum skill as people just dont last years being entirely incompetant…yes this is a chance for you to argue that with a funny or tragic story of your own.  but I feel like I’m signing up finally to no life and no hope for one for a spell and it makes an already tough feeling of lack of motivation to show up to work as it isn’t fun anymore harder. but as I said where I lack better arguments like needing to make a living not starving as such isn’t my motivations to stay but personal advancement of internal to myself goals…. you know those dumbass questions they asked about where do you see yourself going in this place so they can make damn sure you don’t get there?  I vividly work to these ideals.  I don’t have to work but if I am working which calls me into question with my logic right away that I actually don’t have to and yet want to and am lucky enough to work even if it’s still a dirty four letter word./chore.  so if I’m going to work, I might as well stretch it to the limits of my needs/wants.  I know life and finances as in something always comes up taking presidence so I leave open not one monthinto the second which normally would erase every debt I have as in two whole payperiod months whams and I only have credit approaching that according to their numbers anyways 2 months it is a huge bill but it isn’t but a drop in the ocean over time… so I have three months to see daylight on debt free because I know shit happens meaning I work to stretch this job six months at least meaning 9 from now my baby will be born metaphorically speaking.  would you suck it up for the goals in your life, you know my situation bad attitudes and circumstances genouinely lucky too…would you risk the annoyance as this is the last gambling point left past becoming unstable…I truly suck at lying and thus creating the artiface I couldn’t trudge on unhappy or not anyways …a useful trait in employment usery, is all I have because we all know it’s never a great time for  whatever it is it’s always a struggle to achieve anything of high value.  in other words I hope you wish me luck as I have 5 weeks til I get my paycheck for working a year.  I have 7 months til my birthday of doom which wont likely minus lottery see me buying my own place, nor internationally traveling like as in europe  or somewhere exotic hence the canada as that exotic too 🙂 3even if it’s a forgeign country…. it’s still canada 😉  note i didn’t actually say anything BAD so don’t you go thinking I did.  or just wish me luck that I don’t bewail and melt into a midlife crisis and try financing a hotrod schwinn as I’ll not ever that I know of be allowed to drive I have so telling me I cant is taken care of I can and have but the legality wont be extended me.