the following is rhapsody! …play your dan seigel right now… about some joint I hit and happily blew a grip on dinner.

I haven’t hit a restaurant in a long while where I didn’t know all the menu listings if not worse some notion of how I can make it and probably have at home better.  I had little choice to stop here as it was about to rain buckets and was gearing up as I stepped.  I stayed for more than a beer.  if fact I returned in the rain to read it’s sign… what got me to stop?

Kirin Ichibon.

Japanese beer.  I haven’t had that one.  I also remember snubbing it last waltz through the area infavor of not even my own favorite which I couldn’t read if it took plastic or not and thus ended up at taco bell….talk about yummy but 😉 not exactly the experience I was aiming for.  beer.  ro0 clams in my pocket and my next paycheck.  now I usuallly can do better than this even in today’s high priced times… but I specifically sat to things I had never ordered precisely.  why not if going broke. haha not enjoy the otting.

I got the chicken satays 3 bucks happy hour price.

a kirin ichibon beer of course 😉 not exactly sweet nor roasty somewhere in between I have no direct european/domestic analogue in mind for it. 4

saigon beer vietnam…hcm vietnam too.  it literally tastes like a st pauli girl my least favorite ever beer in the known josh universe but it didn’t have the same crips grain tooth tone to it which would have made me angry as then I couldn’t drink it. 4

pork fried pot stickers… I’ve had the chicken ones often but never remember ordering a pork one.  the dipping sauce tasted almost exactly like italian dressing and a la choy or foreign soy sauce anddespite how that sound it was sweet and absolutely  work to not lift a condiment for a suck down to my mouth as I know better about the sodium of those things 😀 5

here is where I blew the budget entirely.. I ordered a i cant remember it’s name saki.  it was a nigori. from oregon and “pearl” and absolutely unfinishably strong at 300ml @ 18%abv or? 5 beers in a row. don’t argue the math the shit’s strong and tasty…served in an ice filled bucket like champagne.12

a change brand beer which is like grolsch only darker grassier 4

and a final round of pinapple cream cheese wontons ~3-5 I cant remember…guess why.

now ordinarily I’d not spend 2 peoples dinner on one person ever but I got through nothing I’ve officially every ordered.  it was all sounding and later not disappointing in tasting good. and yeah I’was about to say the damn same thing all over again.  it gets 4 stars on yelp with an empty place it still wasn’t snappy service not rude or ignorative just not snappy.  I was moved from a place reserved for those awaiting dine away food which I couldn’t see at a glance the change of seating asked after but I will point out that it wasn’t again rude just meant to locate me about the only customer to within sight of the door…something I always notice in seating moves and about the only reason I’ll allow one outside of my guests need a different comfort.  I didn’t eaxactly wait long wishing for service either which means they didn’t robotically patrol but watched me for signs with is not a bad second best in service…but again not exactly snappy as in you know I could not mind but another might thing how rude I want something and cant see a soul in the place.  the food was outstanding in that I enjoyed everything I got whether I would get said ever again in this life I don’t know but odds are I have a place to drag dates to impress at..and this place thuroughly warrants that.  by dates I mean the kind where you want to be nice to them not just screw them them dates… so you are serious about them and the choice of experience.  this place gets four stars on yelp and another place 4/5 and it’s fair to say in this picky world of prices and places it delivers at the very least on that  you can trust me and a number of locals upon that.

now something really funny, go to work to a tornado warning and our guest speaker thank the lord was this time the very lady I’d want to talk to or be seen leading discussions with 😉  I still would rather not be seen asking relevant questions.  it’s risky. 😀  I bought a bight of stuff at the booze shack then the lil middle schooler asked where does it says I cant drink on the buss as in gatorade! I said see that he looked someone kindly pointed above us both the same but closer sign for emphassis in pictures no food no drink and my funny was after a drunken debauch of dinner see the yellow above that?  that ‘s the sign for the “loud” people 😉  momma laughed.  I proceed to take two steps off the buss and miss the curb and fall.  sore hip sooooorer pride 😉  I talked to all my couped up residents on the drill time thank god it was a drill one wanted me so much I almsot fell over as he grabbed my hand 😀  his health improves :D. 


absinth ordinaire

straughnahans’s whiskey

woodchuck amber apple cider

emergency beer


watch out I don’t start talking fancy with glasses of unidentified lighter fluid. 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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You sound like you could be a right good fire breather! Awww, on the falling on the curb. I have done similar. Case in point, I was walking backwards and, like in the slapsticks, when I turned around while continuing to walk, a bus stop sign smacked into me. Birds whistled in circles above my head. I hope your hip feels better, soon.

I bet those birds did their lil dances! I hope you didn’t and don’t make a habit of that… as for missing steps 😉 yeah it’ll be better but is mildly sore today funny I have a better issue with the stiff knees as prior to all this frivolity, I took my acid reducer….woooeee! talk about stiff and sore today 🙂
as for the firebreathing, that was a fine outting but as you might imagine I am quite glad to not I do not feel like repeating that exact experience anytime soon. however that was the point I tried stuff I hadn’t and now I know. to be honest, the pot stickers are my favorite memory. those still glow through the other thoughts.

mmmmm. cheers to that 😀 I am glad to know the tastes but in fairness I still adore sapporo and nothing was quite like that icey cold cooler of asahi super dry’s that day either.

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