Metaphysical bunk.

Metaphysical bunk.

Warning:  The follow material isn’t either reverently put nor standard Judeo-Christian “teachings-” thusPlease start gearing up how I’m going to toast with warm beer for eternity the best in life.

The secret is a bit of metaphysical thinking that is popular with a distinct set of folks who are largely sick of being less in their lives thinking there is indeed an ancient secret to life and riches.  it’s ;not as simple as you want a life better have riches bahar har har.  it discusses something fundamental about the supposed laws of abudance..  it’s in a sense “spiritual” thus my initial warning ;that this isn’t something the “church” is going to not have something to say.

one of the concepts of life is we are to visualize and actualize what we want and it’ll come true…. but that is in a simplistic way the hammer on the nail dead or not of it’s point.  you ever hear how we’re to throw our troubles on the lord….well I have but we should also come to the lord in thanksgiving.  what we soweth we shall also reap.  three damn fine lines about how judeo-christian beliefs cover the same notions of aiding us in our life’s journey.  now, here’s a thing.  if I pray about what I aint got, I’m not just visualizing it I am also actionably talking about it.  this situation is negative as in a lack and it is also thee most powerful thing on my mind.  thus if I pray about what I ain’t got, I am directly putting action towards negativity and I’m likely to achieve just what I probably tell myself I don’t want…something “bad.”  now depending on your beliefs, this is a mind blower of a point – have you ever heard a public prayer about so and so needing a little extra gifts of the lord’s blessings in their lives ue hard times or illness or death?  think about this, it is a public prayer of visualizing the person and their lack and generously telling you the smart to avoid like the plague that bummer person…. and makes any good preacher look the kindly one for thinking about you.  but in a way it’s publically setting you back with actualized negativity. because all I heard of that prayer is helllllp and avoid avoid and a face to put it to,.    conversely, I could not pray about my trouble just do what it says throw them…onto the lord or whatever…throw quit them.  and then thank the lord incessantly for all the good I got calling just that more joy into my life.  no worries as the australians are fond of saying.  thus if ever I mention a actual sin or anything at all ever negative I actualize it and draw it closer to me…which now has the “evil eye” upon it or me as might be more familiar to jewish culture…. do not say it aloud.  do not tempt it to you.  do not ever in your life focus upon whatever bothers you that may be negative as it will surely be happy to arrive in droves.

now, obviously I’ve mentioned judeo christian beliefs in the context of positive thinking as displayed in  a pop culture piece.  I have just called faith to me and hopefully a powerful reminder of what simple words mean in a context of superstition…. so because I’m happy and wish to remain so I ask you to laugh at me, I knew I’d be pinching to get out of debt these few months.  I knowingly thus said p[inch and debt and that’s what’s arrived 😉 so laugh as the secret is just that a reminder our words count not for their meaning as we mean them but the power we weild them with as freely allowed to return back to us.  and,  cheers, it’s smirnoff black this evening a malt beverage…beer….that has other natural flavors and is thus sweet and clear and tasty.  I work tomorrow and thus such improves my bottom line and twice as it’s directly helpful in aiding personal needs of my person whom sees to it with her grace I improve myself.  it comes at a price as in I’m finally ready to start my rock cleaning project and get more money making choices hahahahahaha. 😀  good for me.  who likes yardwork anyways.


I have some chocolate mint to try and tend some and multiply I like it a lot.    I just took a big punch of my resources and will make movement towards this pay check pushing forward in my plans for being ahead as it costs me means to acheive it as in not just waiting but weilding.  I’m laughing  more as in not ready to quit in disgrace or give up.  I have use and fight left to put forth….and quite a lot of damn it that’s a load of bunk things to say but first hmn your stevie wonder superstition.  when you believe in things you dont understand you suffer.  superstition across the land.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Metaphysical bunk.”

you sound experienced, sir, in that whole ‘focus on the negative and it arrives in droves’. i so know that experience, too. but i’m thinking we’ve learned our lesson and headed in opposite direction. to the head of the class! 🙂 namaste’ star-man.

😉 if I were only so far along 😀 I am on a lil journey of how best to balance this new time where I can survive short blinks of time and utilize this to my advantage for larger goals I’d like achieved. I don’t know how to ignore just yet in my heart little hiccups like I don’t know how and thus rely on old conventions to see me through… like wow I want more means and the convenience to weild it…cool all I know how to do is cutback/save slop and toil if only. this is not the approach I see working for others who ignore difficulties like that determmined to skip the obvious of thinner times by just looking bewildered and anoyed til the good life returns…. i see that work…it’s a touch less stress and disappointment too. I just cant accept in my I must try in my own hand not to call abundance but by the skill and output of myself… rather short-sighted of me 😉 there are gifts beyond merit and little but the belief they can come to me is required. I just have a bit of that problem…cussed independance 😉 speaking of gifts, I have one soon enough by my own hand to remind you I’m slovenly about time but I most certainly didn’t forget you. remind me hand/gift if I don’t mention it soon enough 🙂 a grand day to you .

I think you are going to be rich, but in the spirit of what I hear: You are rich. There’s a saying, Be careful what you pray for (bad grammar ignored). A good prayer is for strength, and if you’ve ever noticed, more and more slings and arrows arrive giving a person lots of practice. 🙂 My take has to do with focus and awareness. Think of it this way, have you heard of when a person wants to buy a certain car and maybe actually buys it, then all the cars on road seem to be that same exact make and model; whereas, before, you never really ever noticed them. Your focus might be something else since you’re probably not in the market as of yet for a car (keep a look out for those self-driving cars — true “auto” mobiles).

It’s not particularly early but I went to bed…early whine whine goes insistant alarm cat for…well damn it it was a valid whine no food. 😉 hence the nine lives saying

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