a sleepless kind of crazy

here it is time to face another work “week” for me

here it is one am me wide awake after a short nap to face all day of it.

  here I sit not with a quart of beer or whiskey.

  here I sit with a bottle of vegetable juice extra hot.


-I did also like the red plum jam on the buttered toast. there!

toasting in the bathroom doorway above that cat drinking from the sink there too

I sat on the dog there.

just a lil of his paws mind as he hogs all the couch over there


here I am send me…is a biblical line, “we’ve got a tank of gas half a pack of cigarettes it’s dark out and we’re wearing sunglassess….hit it.”- is a line from the blues brothers to me roll with how you is. iver tgere is an old line for the war effort of ww1 and also a lil saying for little footstampers  for when they’d like to say things like what are you stupid? it’s right there. so I’m toasted, not by booze mind you just bread.  I feeling juicy…but the v8 I just emptied.  slightly annoyed and yet available for parts of this wee early session of the whole damn day coming.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “a sleepless kind of crazy”

so far 😉 I was rotten! 😀 I had to play sheep dog and head off me a wandering lamb today 🙂 I also was able to get a little sleep after whining enough about it @mikalaa – bears hmn cinnamon? or stuffed? 😀 😀 I’m sure it’ll work either way as sugar will get me a nap near every time and the counting sheep vs counting anything well stuffed teddy’s 😀 that’s just as grand… or even stuff teddys with people if you remember a “teddie” is the same as lingere.
@doesiteven matter3 – when I read that I had to laugh as I was seeing you smile big and perhaps be thinking limburger cheese from toledp ohio….as in jammie farr of m*A*S*H* and the 4077. which brought to mind the speed controlled by “radar” as in o’reilly in the trees somewhere. which brings to mind that sad sad so very telegraphable moment when clinger gets up wine for charles-e winchester 3rd and with sherman t potter in tow they drive off into the comedy of forgetting to have a water jug for the radiator and voila comedy ensues as the best wine is ala radiator by the return home. ah m*a*s*H*

low sodium v8 is extremely good at uppin g one’s potassium counts. liquid bread I have heard of but so have I cereal in a can…breakfast of champions…etc. Yes, I pay money to maintain a cat and even both feed and water the critter. not oddly by cat behaviour he’s finicky but it’s only friskies food…I supposed it’s fair because I rarely find it save at the walgreeens a know place of gouge.

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