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from puff to slick

I haven’t looked but the average new car for a cheapie but not thee cheapest is something about 25k with around9% interest and fees from what I see although here too,your result may vary.  I was curious about a term known as ckd or complete knockdown as in one must assemble the product, it may not be wholly dissasembled but the package is “complete”  Ithen couldn’t find much on the subject till I hit upon whats a modern price and? voila, we go to malaysia where you can still get a public whipping i’n you want one for a surprisingly silly offense to say where I’m at…ra ra usa.  well It takes some doing making the minimalist sense of numbers and so the malaysian assembled vehicle minus insurance is 130,888 for a volkswagon sorta like a jetta.  I really didn’t capture an exact price but the usa exchange this instant says that’s approximately 42k dollars a minor bite above my market.  now the point of this isn’t the cost but the feeling of how can one nearly afford in one year a car in the usa and yet in malaysia it is from what I saw 3 years to afford the jetta option… that just seemed wierd.  to the credit side of malaysia though they do have far lower interest rates going. 


I was and have looked up quite a lot on the steam car.  be this a boble e type roadster oo lala with that almost traffic cone side window so very distinctive.  be this an earlier white which was such good steel that most were melted down for the ww1 war effort.  ghosts of tries like the baker automobile based out of of all places pueblo colorado which isn’t exactly home but geographically close wow colorado could have been motown!… the linde hop  aint nowadays beebop moving on.  or brooks being canada’s notable steam car folk… belsseler became what doble couldn’t be but nothing says he did any better as obviously past indiosynchracies steam was dead by the mid twenties and who had money for innovation in the depression…plenty but not for steam.  stanley is the name when people think steam cars and or household carpet cleaning in the usa which sure does make a steam car researching difficult and steam cars as a term links more to steam cleaning the cars than steam powered cars.  modern steam seems to be an embarassment swept under the rug in the late sixties early seventies.  no modern as in 21rst century vehicle past the one offs at soapbox derby clunkers or million dollar speedrecord buster jets on wheels seem to exist.  the most interesting thing on steam and modern still is peter peland and the pelandini cars that are small things from kits…and a whole lot of nothing further on it save he did this or that or couldn’t do this or that…it’s really like reading an obituary trying to read anything about steam powered cars.  yet,without exception there is some development somewhere forever chasing the dream steam.  the cyclone mark 5 is about enough to do the modern automobile thing.  jay leno in an afterbreath seems to have said it best when he offhanded that steams just fine if you don’t mind 6miles to the gallon. that last sentence isn’t a quote just how I left and remembered that information.    and here’s an interesting enough to me segway to other topics.

steam era cars had not the electricity so the gas light was the headlight.  I thought that neat as i still have and always since highschool have had an affinity to a material that with this or that makes fire fuel.  water to fire ahhhh. stirs my soul really.  yes duh it’s dangerous and I wouldn’t reccommend them save in safe enough situation which there seems to be a limit of that.  its a flammable gas acetylene from calcium carbide and thus you can knoc out flames but to turn off the leaking gas must be full proof automatic and lets be fair in the nineteenhundreds it wasn’t.  however as steampunk vintage goes oo lala.  think of that deserted michigan cabin in the woods with snow by the cat load high and the hiss of calcium carbide bubbling up the woof for let there be light…

the really neat thing about being able to tollerate boring things is, I can read long enough into a hempseed  to oil production average with all those if you do it rights heheheheh.. and see that hempseed is about 2.4 tonnes per acre now I hope that means tons because I know there are some words that don’t have the exact measurement as in america…but presuming my math is wrong the idea is not, bio fuel is an expensive proposition… in this case… 2.4 tons per acre is roughly 300 gallons.  I hate to break the new to you that a lot of land area to go from place to place.  now racinic plants like palma christi can be close to this fantasy of biofuel that is 2 acres to every man if, IF he could sustain forever intensity which no land can … that is

an odd thing to remember from jw notions I heard of paradise  by the way that’s an abundance of food and fuel and with hemp fibre pants and paper… it just neglects the earth must rest or be conditioned or it depletes and blows or is carried away.  but anyways the haha of two acres or two drivers  what a lifestyle let down the earth can be… now onto the dreamland of ocean algae oil. 😀


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  1. now the above is this or that theoretical and iffy at that 🙂 life’s hard out there and the “free” oil economy is dwindling and free my ass gas ain’t cheap! anyways, this may seem odd but the fundamental dream of self-sufficient indepant living is fun think and also sometimes to live on. obviously in most places I couldn’t grow industrial hemp let alone marijuanna even here in this marijuanna mecca colorado in the 2010’s as one neglects that to really grow one must do so in dirt outside and not be after this twenty year rip van winkle latest strain doubling in potency next week…it cheap tall and takes awhile long enough for the neighbors to complain or their children to steal. but it’s really the whiney neighbor part that dreams must dash upon their jagged oppinions. but, in a limited way it is proof that while some dreams may pause for new stories within them but they return again more vibrant than ever that is the point of the above. the home is easy stableized earth or other things… the fuels is biologically fully renewable………..and green… the vehicles needn;t be the many ton behemeth on the road for the macdonalds diners as why macdonalds when one can wow that miso soup a few posts ago was pilfering…good. it is possible to grow an acre’s worth in less space and in differing times artificial to nature. the conveyance again needn’t be diesle but can be steam which is actually an easier concept in a way the burner is all that clogs hopefully and hopefully a toothpick cares for that, the harrdship of replacing a closed loop steam boiler condensing system is no worse than the concept of the plumbing of a refridgerator and a happy slap the lid down on the welding helmet and prush! goes the torch. but in away as I said, the magic of the above is little details make the old dream come alive again. be it wwoof-ing as a way of pilgrimage across the world as I’m fairly sure I like things that just ain’t typical like edam cheese what exactly is the milk and enzymes I know about the wax. I like mushrooms and it’s very neat knowing they’re easy enough to get going. I’ve made drinkable wine and cider and look forward to beer. I also look forwarrd to knowing I have the means to get a small small plot to do up these dreams or might real soon with modest discipline. I can also say lately the world seems to be humming along as in I blinked and it was just my birthday letdown of missing a glight and here I am knowing my next big plans are just coming together for this r40th year approaching which weirdly I have to pat myself on the back, crazy it is this midlife notion I must count in physicality with this or that to show for it all…kids, home, wife or gal pal or your version of the same silly normal dream but again I may not own but I’ve kept my places longer, I’ve made my moves wow to slowly edge my old ways of reliance or hope in others to more of my “own” safety nets/practices. maybe i’m nothing but entirely blessed…and obviously suffer a touch of michigan in my birthplace soul as I want sometimes to be out in the middle of nowhere nursing a big fuck you to everyone not doing it the righteous my way. lol oh well crazy middleaged and mnichigan – the dreams still come little glimmers more at a time.

  2. @punkysleek lol, if you ever took a tour I could feel comfortable sharing, you’d see what is my home. the weed eyes as in that green stuff so many like has 3 operations worth of spaces for said, that actually served a bette use this year with germinating a garden in february on with a sunroom and deck for the rest which is where ssome of the clean up tools, a wagon :D, came darn handily available. many beers here and there seems to show with any luck that I too care for the gent mainly caretaking the operation who still plans on moving july so 😀 😀 I will see him but I have a big garden out of the deal.and he time enough to get a second all his going too.l I am glad real work shows in how they all now know it’s a hobby not a cash cow but I will point out that the electricity / gas is about 335 coming into these summer months and I look forward to the july water bill being evidence of this activity too that it’s not actually a cheap hobby either. but one of the blessing ofmy home is that I’m seperated from the man cave of this that doesn’t interest me and better a hobbiest enclave than a faster turnover of people looking for 3-4 months to save up for their new place with their pets. and general high traffick through mine. this has shown the differerence in whom we cultivate – the best choice so far actually is the college student whom have less chances to move and go out often as the young are want to, the worst choice is the single middle aged man whom wants a couch and everyone else gone and put up with jack nothin. the second best choicee is girls but though they stay less long, they sure always brighten the place…and poach more…offer less. the second worst choice isyoung non college kiddos as they are in it only for a hideout. I advise against family eanything as they want authority and seperation too fast and no one seems to get it that a kid is one more mouth and traffic point just like an animal. so 😀 we don’t bring in family units as it’d ruin everything. but back to the tour, if you don’t mind a closet in the washing area, three tents two cabinets and the occasional stain water or dirt so hydro would be only an expense for no gain of safety in home…plus the yield while stable is lower. 😉 such is what it is. I probably should get a beer or wine going too just to add to the ecclecticism.

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