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mattering a damn.

it just occurs to me I am not far from being debt free 2 months up on my rent and a plane fare near most civilized as in cheap places in the world.  near.  not actually but I am working on it.  I add to that that I don’t expect any great windfall of luck at work perhaps nothing at all but more or less of it….I am pleased I look to be able to make my anniversary successfully and past it which refers back to the everything paid and a ticket’s worth anywhere* within reason….reason being a euphamism for budget.

one can also do the same for the united states and help grow organic kona coffee in Hawaii or kick pineapples bean the unsuspecting with macadamia nuts etc.  my literal first thought was oo belgium…fuck I don’t speak Dutch. 


I suppose the line that comes up to me is the best in shawshank redemption get busy livin or get busy dying.  well I’ve been industrious and now I see some applicable opprtunities for same said freedom to move abouts.

all that remains and no, not of the day – that is a different movie! – is the last leg work above to be free and equiped to go.


there is the Peace Corps, as well.


I’d like to point out I don’t just know how in theory, I’m down to scratch make:

a variety of feed, as in culinary food. wine and cider – I haven’t made beer. I’m interested in enough things from how one can make sustainably grown biofuel for perhaps a steam engine the hottest going is a 100 bhp cyclone mark five which can also run a 55kw generator which is considerably more power  than the average home but more like five from dead start everything modern on. or an automobile. I like the idea of industrial hemp which due to it’s fibers not the get high as industrial hemp doesn’t do that- can mean 250 gallon per acre 3 growing cycles a year 4 technically but we all know nothing works without some important killing lagtimes… that’s hempseed in ideal conditions per year  intensity cycles of racinic plants is half that or 400 gallon at best. solar power is interesting as coupled to an old air conditioner is a hamson lindt cycle cryogenic generator which solves something of how to handle changed enviroments like low oxygen storage which is good for instance for apples improving time to market availibility and an array of etheylene producing crops  (for to ripen) not to mention the halmark of “civilization” ICE if you remember that line from harrison ford in “the mosquito coast 1986. I am trained and experienced in how to last in a cat house of politics – the medical profession… I have lasted I look for the year to occur but the experience is there as I needn’t quit tonight.and even if I did I’d stil be on cycle to make the year next week via the vaguery of paycycles 😉  I’m capable of a variety of entertainments as that is what I do currently for work all the while babysitting those in a protected class. be that brain injuries, special needs or the elderly I have valid experience .  I suppose I lack only a cpr class certification to make this easier.  I’m stable in health only home run left is to quit drinking and smoking which is sadly a requirement for me and my concerns to attempt any of this…DAMN IT!!!

suffice it to say, I have some ideas and or direct experience that can fit.  I have to think this or I’d go mad with depression not mattering a damn to anyone.

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9 responses to “mattering a damn.

  1. ordinarybutloud ⋅

    debt free is awesome. mattering a damn…who does, really? my dog is so happy to be spending to day with me in my office. so see? I matter to someone! and i don’t have a cpr certification either.

    • you would agree with me silently that it helps someone in medical lines of work to know cpr officially? plus you would like to know excactly how to beat the death from your dog she he/she choke on something like your favorite shoes??

      • ordinarybutloud ⋅

        okay, so technically, I probably do have a CPR certification, now that you mention it. They made me take one when they checked my baby out of the NICU, way back in the day. But it’s probably expired, as he is 14 now. Yes, people in medical lines of work should probably get them. Don’t know that I would use CPR on my dog……??? But maybe? Hadn’t really thought about it.

  2. can you say, WANDERLUST?

  3. @ordinarybutloud lol, I have been certified and recertified ut sadly my relevance is 12 years expired as well. why would you just adore beating the crap out of those in need of a little more chance at living? think about it carefully, you are well aware that the mechanics will cause quite a lot of pain that will last, so you are literally beating the crap of life back into your favorite be it stranger or otherwise. there is a 90% chance you’ll be puked on which is an 90 chance you’ll have to lean away for a quick moment to take care of your own moment. most do not have the courtesy to consider ahead of time to not eat before trying to expire. most also have no chance whatever about bowel control while trying to expire either so its rather a “intimate” experience 😀 clean underwear will be disposed of and it will take more than a shower to recover you or the v ictem of lifesaving intent. but all in all expect a heart f-you! for your efforts which quite literally is about the best compliment ever on earth to hear from one you’ve chosen to annoy with the gift of life. 😀 mind you I paid attention to the facts as presented me…the mechanics change yearly with educational updates whether or not to compressed x long x times then breath or whether even to befoul another’s day with my bad breath which is unfortunately for them quite a lot better than what they’ve got going for themselves. but…why would you not try to expend every ounce of yourself for a loved one? or to be crass on purpose, why wouldn’t you not seperate a kiss of life for to save your pooch with a rolicking french kiss?

  4. All you have to be is able to call a nurse or aide (who should be nearby), for now, while keeping the others calm and out of the way of help. You matter.

  5. I like that line from that movie.
    You matter waaaaaaaaaaaay more than a damn!

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