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What. Is. Happening?

in “The Jeffersons” vain of the theme song, and because I do not know enough idiom, I was graced with some throw-down phrase.  In response to “what’s happening?:”

Ain’t nothin’ shakin’ but the bacon

but the bacon ‘s taken.

Nothin’ moving in the trees but the leaves

the leaves ain’t moving ’cause there ain’t no breeze

Ain’t nothin’ movin’ in the pot but the beans

but the bean ain’t moving ’cause the pot ‘s cold.

– by the lips of Doug. through the stone ears of Josh. *maybe I heard it wrong.


I did have an easier weekend at work.  it was a holiday and I had to finally work them 😀 but, without this I’d not have met and placed names to face whom I otherwise knew only to allow in.  I did get out Josh Carm as in put out my better party energy and today was a lot of smiles.  I am not sorry I went.  I am not sure I should not feel useless as I had to ask to help far too much and much that is my departments gig was   preplanned andge.  Please just arrive.  urgh!  Please also note I’d havew fallen flat on my face if I had to plan that party.  I hope I improved as a conduit of experience but I’m not misguided to think I’d not have to remember some sobering details that were hopefully expressed that I know you did that.  wow.

mother’s day 2014 was spent with mom yay brother made chili and we attended evening services at his church.  the chili was better than mine – I still haven’t made a great chili yet…however I have made refried beans and dip of beans a soup of beans and such… I just haven’t made an actual chili that wasn’t fire water and gravel.  my brother made much softer firewater and lumps…not gravel lumps… he technically beats me.  much cheese and crackers were disposed of as whiskey and beer are typically out prior to attending church.  I gelt generous enough to note by my church judgement standards I was greeted many many times and spoken with which it has occured that I’ve met no one and heard only cash registers ring at other experiences.  I was pleased at the turn out for a disgusting weather prime time holiday dinner service…. people did show up…. I am not disheartened that it was a light room, they were friendly and by appearances fairly devout… I still can not sing and tonight less yowl in meter  modulation than is usual but I was pleased to do so and felt a part.  I also leave work typically dressed to not stand horribly out attending church. 😀

I haven’t done up this years batch of dandelion wine yet – my ;main crop was mowed the morning of intent. bugger :D.

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6 responses to “What. Is. Happening?

  1. Darn it! The dandelions are good for bees, too! Who mowed them? Let me at ’em! Sounds like you had a beautiful time, and it was real (maybe the smiles at work were a little long … maybe not). How fun would it be to have some whiskey before church? I remember attending in the dark ages and smelling alcohol on the breaths of, not only the patrons but, the priests. Keep working on that chili recipe. Those spices you gave me came in handy, yesterday. I cut mild Italian sausage lengthwise and sizzled them in a pan with olive oil and white onion (julienne style); made a fluffy omelet with two sausage strips (basically a whole sausage cut in two which made it lay better) and sprinkled some onion and your spices with a dollop of brown mustard a la “egg burrito” without the tortilla. It was actually yum and pretty (my food is not known to be attractive). Anyway, chili is about taste … firewater and gravel? You’re too hard on yourself, but without it, your chili won’t improve. Watch out, brother! ;).

  2. well now 😀 I did pick good on the spice 🙂 now to convince you of the rightness of pink pepper and strawberries. yay on that omelet 😀 that does sound and tends also to look good. I just had to say it that sway as if I knew that trick lol I didn’t thank you for a new omelette idea. as for hard criticism well, I thought I’d be able to cook. I literally thought I’d be doing that this last year but managed to get employed elsewhere if you and you forcing your feller make it this way, you can imagine the treat that is a spice shop at first it’s oh god boring what will we play name that smell? and then for some there is transporting on a smoked papricka breaze or the first time I wrote each ingredient out to make a curry powder or he…. lol sometimes it the staff …. you know I don’t just mean pretty women.although iot indeed has played a part imagine that and a fancy mini picnic by the river side.

  3. Glad you spent Mother’s Day with your mom! 🙂
    Ha! Are those words from a song or a poem?! I like the bean part. 😀
    Glad you were greeted at church. Glad they were friendly. 🙂
    Twas a nice weekend all around! 🙂 Even if it did snow and even if the dandelions bought the farm ( 😦 ) !!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • teach me to get all excited about poaching another’s yard.. 😀 I’ll have to wait three weeks for another batch from it 😉 the saying poem thingy isn’t mine but best guess is exactly what one might say if one asks what’s happening. in essence… nothing. 😀

      • Ha! That’s a FUN way to say nothing is happening! 😀
        Yes, you’ll have to wait to poach! 😉 Isn ‘t that one of the commandments in the Bible: “Thou shalt not poach thy neighbors yard.” ???
        HUGS!!! 🙂

      • 😀 which will bring up the cliche : one man’s trash is another man’s treasure :D… I want that dandelion!

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