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mint choc.

I’ve a guiness toast this evening to a fine memory.  I have a new flavor of mintiness as in linux mint running upon this computer via dvd.  it’s really rather muted out as in disgusting snnotty wet with slush snow.  I have a feeling I’m finally getting the cold just around again. 

there is brightness.  I happen to like memories.  I enjoyed the debbie downer version of guy travels falls in love and oh what hell it is as in it is unique to know someone would do new york city then chicago and again los angeles and then Denver? and I mean 10 good years here.  I am surprised to know there is something about this town magical that way.  I wont soon forget the I just won about five grand. a gent skidding thin hits it big on the belmont stakes ponies…to me it was like how the hell do you arive at the notion of whom to choose without playing ippi dippi my spaceshippi on a course so true?  I also have never prior to this ever seen a person make a cup of tea in the morning ever…  it was amusing that I went to the effort to do up smothered burritos as in all proud it isn’t a puck from the frozen section but a semi home made beef and beans in a tortilla then sauces and cheesed for a good melt in the microwave.  prision food?  I mean that’s it’s name.  I was determined to do up actual prison food as in a whitecornbread with some tasty water and watch the movie andersonville – one from the american civil war’s pow camps about the only instance where anyone merited being hung for the running of the place….which only now the memory says such is actually quite the compliment for one’s job performance….true but cynical and sarcastic.  but no, burritoes as prison food 😀 in the life is a prison vein of sweeping commentary and upon my better recipes too. lol.  I will say that there is nothing like a tone of grace when I want white castle (damn it) knowing not what the other might order and I thought he knew not to order anything with their cheese and in truth I haven’t had the place’s fries as I’m not in it’s restaurant areas but half a country away and? he order a double cheese and fries….he couldn’t do it… I tried it and I could taste why.  another memory is fair play, I’ve to instances one small and one bigger, the small issue is funds at the time and being done a favor but yet repaying a loan isn’t allowed not because any of us was rich but because there just is something to be said that gifts occur maybe or more properly to my mind that it is a reminder to be careful about how one lives….and all the while a blank face and a shut mouth I still don’t know.  the other is we had a roommate friend neighbor who was and can be quite annoying but it was his dog that took the cake by my count he’d had 54 biting incidences and? well the push was on to move him down the road… however I testified to this and agreed that I may find him our friend a large pest yet I was horrified at the concept of making up reasons to get him…turned out the lawyer made quite a nice gay reference when I said that I had seen the person in question doin his laundry as it was a shared facility….thus a breech of contract if he didn’t share or as I said a gay reference for watching some fellow do his underwear up folded to be put away when like duh the laundy’s by the kitchen and I like food.   again there is many a bright side knowing one literally could make a day of bar hoppin 😀 I never knew really? beware of invitations out with certain people  not that I ever remember him schnookered but I just cant hang with pro sippers.  yes the bright side is also there in how a person can meet so many fast friends and I was party to meeting them…  that brighter side is indeed having memories

if you think I will now share in mock eulogy about this dead puter…nope.

if you don’t get the title chocolate stout or that chocolatiness of guinness combined with how I’m able to put this note of memory out here linux mint as I haven’t a hard drive again. thus officially this computer purchased in september but not used to october lasted 7 months before catastrophic failure duh I can redrive it and such cheaply so as you see I’m not ruined but ouch on longevity.  yes ouch on longevity  today. 


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  1. Due to secrecy, it should be noted that I mention no names and yes I’ve pictures of a fine going away party the actual day of his departing for home was when I had a fine meal on the stove and my mother gets hit by an old old lady in a parking lot… interestingly enough the legal aid both sis who was there and in the car too not pinned to the car like mom both got medical and nothing more of that ugliness. pre-existing conditions. but at another time I’ll do up a different memories batch or too, I just would feel bad I didn’t remember anything now. or troll my facebook if you know how.

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