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for art’s sake! recently posted about her favorite artist and why.  as Iwant to share some of my who’s and why’s too, yet can not be soundbite simple, I’ll blog.

the when is important in art, it must create a reaction love or hate…but when is often that magic moment.  so,  John davis – cartoonist, Garfield gets the nod as my favorite artist as I got to choose him and it was the reason I took joy reading both comic collections and the actual comic in a paper.  I don’t hate mondays as I have never really had reason to, I always figured tuesday as about the lousiest day in the week because one was not any closer to friday and tired out from monday with all the weekend glow faded finally.  sarcasm was important to me at 11 yet Mom disagree/s/d.  Ididn’t really know about warranties much past they existed but to this day about the funniest comic was when everything in the house went haywire and jon arbuckle goes yep warranties expired yesterday… or something to that effect.

Imove forward to terry brooks’ the wishsong of shannara – wherein it is my first big book and it’s seventh grade. up to this point I never read anything past the bible that was bible sized numbers of pages.  I remember it well enough that it happened , not so much the book itself/story and that I had two tapes  duotones kenny G and yanni’s keys to the imagination but somewhere in the millionth repeat 300 pages in after hours of reading, the main character buys the farm and up until that point and never since has a book brought a tear to my eye to wailing sax.

ninth grade sees me into kurt vonnegut and by now this is a pattern that I’m not visually uning in to art as duh, I’m not gifted with a lot of ability to produce art nor the sight to see why….be that figuratively or literaqlly.  but vonnegut is not sarcastic so much as cynical and to me this is a very important new thing. I can laugh at it not going right even if otherwise I’m somewhat the same still trapped by situations.  it may be a fetid breath but it was a breath none the same tofind the value of 2.5 non filter pall mall’s efforts waft whichever words my way.  however there is more to ninth grade and art.

ninth grade art sees me get the usual c’s or f’s in art I’d most often get minus one b on a chalk, charcoal, pencil project in 2nd try college 20 years nearly later….I flunked that class – damn them dried out acrylics!  but I made a silhoet of a pottery vase / face.  I can say this appears later in what limited art I try to produce that shape is very important to me.  I otherwise haven’t any depth perception so things rarely pop out at me… maybe this is why I like them to… but not like a popup picture book…something subtler like it is part of the form yet its not thee whole of form so I can just like it freely.  otherwise art is often controlling to me I have to rave about someone’s choice or I’m dumb.  bah.

I later but exactly when is unclear found I adored m.c. escher.  pen and ink, animation of the classic styles 2d.  I like something of the simple.  case in point the opening sequence to poirot with david suchet is  animation but it’s of a pen and ink/chalk type and I like it!  or pbs mystery had a greayt scene in it then opening of a damsel in distress on a roof.. that’s a neat pen and ink animation.  us paper money is also mutch cross hatching and pen and ink…diggin it…. but maybe because I like spending it too 😉

later I found things like lenticular puzzzles to be a neat combination of an idea seldom seen and yet by the time I was told it was 300 for like 10 puzzles and puzzles were waining about that expensive price thing I was discouraged and yet to this day no one has done fully that idea of a real puzzle of hundreds of pieces that the scene changes or is outright blank… disney type small simple puzzles are out there that’s about it.  later the neat gimmick of abacklighting that is superior  came to my eye as digital photoframes weren’t out yet and thus was and still is expesive but neat  as it still is something of form within function.

if I must be pinned to actual art, I will admit that I like el greco’s toledo, vermeer’s the milkmade and a variety of art that emphasizes lighting and color.  I am a child of the 80’s in visulization in that I like highly saturated colors and that feeling things glow thus even in technology I like thankfully cheaper tv technology 😉  

I can dig things for there look too like valve sound isn’t just nice warm sound but it’s also a pretty eye catcher of a unit too.  I like it vibrant. 

bringing it back to words, I like it when it works that the words aren’t the driving value it’s the magic personality they convey.  I like simplicity yet gimmick too.  I mean to say come on:D for art’s sake impress me!

case in point cant paint for crap but bob ross made it look easy and said nevermind the happy little accidents.  winslow homer I believe made water color seewm vivid reality.  atreus is a beautiful and impressive corbeled dome of antiquity but knowing I can make that or a cheaper copy much smaller made it real to me.  indianopolis may be a city I’ve seen as I’ve also spent time at an indianna farm complete iwth the horrid worry some tick would love me…and yet for all of indianna’s worthlessness to my experience vonnegut makes it sing…hoosiers with gene hackman make it seem as if magic is hiding in that little shed down the street.  

seeing the the closeup of hedy lamar not hedley hedy….in algiers where she smiles catching boyer admiring her pearls…that isn’t lost on me.  seeing peter otoole blow out a match to a scene wip of sunrise also is a moment of lawrence of arabia worth feeling.    I like me some magic moment

one such magic moment in music is knowing eric carmen’s never gonna fall in love again includes the entire phrase theme of rachmaninov’s something or other 60 some years before and no wonder I like rachmaninov! 😉



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4 responses to “for art’s sake!

  1. kaylar

    ah. love this. big surprise. i so wish that they had not graded you in that art class. you so have it in you, starman. anyway, as you wish. thou art wonderful at enjoying life and that is the biggest art of all. oxoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. 🙂 it was murder not having a shorten that list 🙂

  3. Aw cool! I’m glad you wrote this post! It was interesting and fun to read! 🙂
    I love how art and music and authors impact our lives and our creativity! Even cooking can be artistic and creative! 🙂
    I never got A’s in art classes, but it didn’t stop me from trying. I even took a couple of art classes in college…just for fun!
    John Davis is great! I also like Gary Larson. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • if memory serves gary larson was the far side… bill waterson is the calvin and hobbes which I didn’t initially get the far side and came to calvin and hobbes well into my twenties which isn’t the same as childhood :D.
      Iremember a I swear it was yan can cook on how to make vegetable garnish like a tomato rose or perhaps a cucumber swan. I thought it neat later almost required by law for this new world where it’s more food art than a hot meal given the level of competition for the dollar from it. this coupled with that feeling that there is something more required in life than the food but the style delivered to with it.. I’m not able to as easily offer the flash of food so that annoys me when I happen to kick up a new recipe and know it’s cool and all but there is like a real person out there waiting for the real compliment here’s my pat on the head for trying….notice how ssubtley we can undermine what glories we do have? I work on that of course because not anyone and everyone can cook… why not me?

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